Parrikar’s assurance to settle the issue of regularising the houses at Indira Nagar in Chimbel is cheap, disgraceful and is a mind of frustration of a desperate and disillusioned CM-in-waiting.  Can Goans accept that their land be taken away and given free of cost to outsiders?
These acts are more worst than even the prostitution and murders. The areas will only be another breeding ground for slums, thrash and crimes to flourish in the social environment.  Parrikar knows how to change the rules of the game and has been the master of it which is now taken as a precedent and a useful guidance by some of his successors vis a vis the Navelim farmers protesting against rehabilitation of migrants on their agricultural lands with another anti-Goan from Varca calling the shots.
Parrikar’s image is waning and with the rise of Axis of Evil and some lunatics from Bedxellolem Bharatiyancho Saunstha, his cosmetic image of Good Politician and God Governance has been unmasked and exposed. An old octogenarian is a PM- in-Waiting at the Rape Capital of the world but everyone knows for sure that the day will never come and RSS will have to write a chapter in their Ideological History glorifying an ex-dy-PM who remained forever-in-waiting.
Ethnic Goas too will be blessed immensely if they keep Parrikar forever as the CM-in-Waiting & as a chapter to remember for he could not change and prevent the takeover of Goan land by outsiders despite having ruled comfortably for over 4 years.


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

This Marathi manus is depserate to rule Goa once again to succeed his hidden remaining evil agenda against Goa and Goans. Goans be smart to keep this communal party BJP away from Goa forever. Not only BJP, NCP is also Pro-Marathi party with Marathi manus at the helm of the party.

Neville said...

Goa is his fathers property so that he can dispense it freely to the migrants. Wake up goans, you will loose all your ancestral lands soon if you allow such criminal, communal politicians. We must throw out all these central political parties in the next elections. Their heart bleeds for the migrants  so much that the spineless CM is even building AC toilets for them and the sewage water is let out in the fields, the sewage treatment plants are in operative & a waste of taxpayers money. It was good for their commissions for sure

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