I am sure many of us when young, were much impressed by the intrigue and the escapades of Robin Hood and wanted to emulate him, even though he was barred and outlawed by the then selfish and self centered Prince John who ruled in the absence of his elder brother King Richard the Lion Hearted of England. Robin Hood use to rob the rich and help the poor. Robin Hood was our childhood hero.
In contrast what should we call our police in Goa who actually should have been our heroes but somehow end up robbing even the loved ones, of the dead and the survivors of a tragedy ? Pathetic and gruesome ! In the days of the Wild West shooting people in the back and robbing the dead was considered to be the worst crimes, which were unacceptable in society even then, but today our very own protectors and the adjudicators of the law do the despicable.
I am sure the tragedy at Cabo-de-Rama last week, must have rocked many a minds, swelled many eyes and shattered many a hearts, tragic as it indeed was our police could only think of how to induce pecuniary benefits, instead of consoling and easing the pain of the loved ones of the unfortunate dead and the horrified surviving friends, it was torture and anguish that they were put through by our greedy and corrupt police. Just because many of the police had to pay huge amounts to get into their uniforms, does it justify asking for bribes form the grieving and the anguished ? Were the Authorities bribed to fleece the unfortunate ? Homes, families and neighbourhoods are shattered, life will never be the same for these surviving children and the parents of the dead and all that our police can think of is money ? Disgusting and repulsive indeed !
I request the Authorities in the police and the home department, to infuse and implement the code of conduct that hangs on the wall of every police station and the Law machinery, let it not be a show piece for the visitors to read but for the inmates to apply and follow, and the motto “to protect and to serve the land and its people by upholding the law with honesty and dignity” be the weapon of goodwill. If our police can be our heroes why would we need a Robin Hood ? Only then can we “Dil khol ke bol Satyameva Jayate” !


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

From what one reads and hears, police know the Code of CONDUIT. Those in the lower rung are taught to be the conduit for the illegal collections - how to ensure that what they collect from bus drivers and others reaches the higher echelons.

It is sad that the motto "to protect and serve the land and its people by upholding the law with honesty and dignity" is hung behind the officer's chair instead of being placed in front of him, so that he can read it and act accordingly. Man does not have eyes to read what is behind him, though some men can sense what is going on behind their backs.

Of course, the police force does have honest and upright officers as well as men in the lower rungs. All cannot be painted with one brush. 

Dalia said...

Goa Police only know how to connect the illegal CONDUIT to their pockets to feed their families the food of curses from the common man, don't know how they digest it.

GOBOR said...

They don't understand English. They can write complaints only in Marathi.
So they think they are ROBBING HOODS.

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