This episode has no timing, no season and no shame. The actors here are the richest in the World with no limit to their ill-gotten wealth. The story goes thus:  Kingambor, the local dirty guy from next door suddenly turns out to be a little politician of the neighbourhood. Finding nobody as dirty as him, he tries his luck at the Municipal Council elections which favoured him with his white lies and dirty tricks. Slowly, he made his way to the Zoo of Porvorim, defects from party to party.
From Bhaji party to Konkress barring FUGDI party that is run and controlled by Lady Ana Cleta and Grassless as a home business.
As there was chaos and riot in Konkress for leadership, the Colonialists of Goa camping in Delhi took this opportunity as the best moment and appointed the King of Slum Dongor as the head of dangerous wolves. Kingambor was well known for his abilities in appeasing multi-racial communities with his usual dialogue of No Problem, Go Ahead.
No sooner Kingambor was appointed the CM or locally identified as Chor Montri, the other similar flock ran to his feet. The first one, the opportunist and extortionist from Narka who looks like Narkasur wasted no time. He ran and fell to the feet of Kingambor and then rest followed; each one of them introduced themselves of their daring and criminal abilities, the first one:
“Kingambor, I am Chachill, some people call me Chorchill because of my qualities. If you don’t give me a chance to hot-mix all the roads of Goa, I will not allow you to drive smoothly around, make your life miserable”
Wasting no time Kingambor said No Problem, Go Ahead.
Chaachill being the extortionist demonstrated his abilities and immediately asked the other favour:
“Kingambor, you know my brother Joking who is as good as stinking garbage therefore, I order you to leave all the garbage for him so he can feed himself, invite HYQUIP from Hyderabad and milk them royally which we can share. And you know him well in the mining areas of Sanguem where both of you possess illegal mines”
Kingambor, as usual said No problem, Go Ahead.
Next followed Pee-jai Chordessai famously known for cheating the farmers of Danvodem, started in his usual way.
“Kingambor Saiba, you know how hard I work for the Konkress to supply ‘maal’ to every Konkress fellow from Delhi, our colonialists. And you know your capability, without asking these Babus, you will not be able to take any decision. And if they are not happy, they will not adhere to your demands. And if I don’t do proper pimping, they can’t be happy either. Therefore, I expect you to make me the Chairman and Managing Director of all money making government organizations, am capable of swindling any amount”
Fearing reprisal and knowing the capacity of the guy in high profile pimping business, Kingambor said, No Problem, Go Ahead.
And followed one by one whom all got the same assurance of No Problem, Go Ahead until the last one, Ambush Monsterat approached and introduced himself and said that he is the husband of Lucifer Monster, he demanded Education portfolio.
Kingambar, annoyed and revolted, demanded to know his qualification and arrogantly asked:
“Are, do you know to read and write? Your demand is so high, the Konkress at Delhi will not be happy if I give that portfolio to someone uneducated. Moreover, you have a trend record of crime”
Ambush Monster immediately threatened Kingambor of buying all the MLA’s (Melle, Loz-naslele Aanadi) and changing the Kingdom. He also reminded him that without the track record of crime and corruption, one cannot be in Konkress.
“You know my name is Ambush and in the past, I have ambushed the Funjim Foolish Station”, said Ambush.
Kingambor fearing for his throne immediately felt his dhoti wet deep inside, agreed and gave his command of No Problem, Go Ahead.
And since then, Goa is reeling under the rule of a corrupt Kingambor Kingdom that rules from Delhi. Since then Kingambor never slept and is either in transit between Goa and Delhi for opinions from Madam Sun’nem. The people or “Mango Aadmi” is crying for justice and livelihood. The police are busy selling drugs, law is overtaken by the criminals. Police personnels became murderers. The future of our children is dictated by uneducated bandits, Batatawadas….Oops….Marathawadas and useless priests like Fr. Boozinho who is not under the control of his master.
As usual Kingambor keeps on saying No problem, Go Ahead. And Goans are still crawling ahead ‘susegad’ in the hope of next elections to overthrow the Kingdom of Kingambor and his corrupt subjects.
Therefore NG request all our Goan brothers and sisters to GO AHEAD and get rid of these corrupt monkeys. Then only, there will be no problems in Goa. NO PROBLEM, GO AHEAD, throw the garbage out, clean Goa.


Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Well written true to the fact article.The only way to stop these criminals from ruining Goa further, is to be united and fight crooked politicians and police. More over do not support Non-Goan political Parties. If we do not fight these crooks now Goa will be the next crime ridden Mexico.

Don Quixote said...

The kingdom of Kingambor is the most corrupt and ineffecient to the core. Goans should wake up to all these marathon calls and throw the scoundrels out. Can't Goa go the Egyptian way? The days are nearing. Goans wake up, we are living in the Crime Capital.

Don Quixote said...

The kingdom of Kingambor is the most corrupt and ineffecient to the core. Goans should wake up to all these marathon calls and throw the scoundrels out. Can't Goa go the Egyptian way? The days are nearing. Goans wake up, we are living in the Crime Capital.

D.JUSTIN said...

 Dear Goans if you love sleeping , go on sleeping, no problem. When you wake up, you be in the gutter.

Gobor said...

 Dalia we are just venting out our anger on this blog. You  language spits venom just like mine. But this blog should also be used to ORGANISE and agitate and confront these monsters in real life without fear.

Papa Razi said...

Let us be responsible and teach those supporting corrupt politicians that they are supporting CRIME in Goa. We cannot turn the World upside down but let us dig out these corrupt criminals in the future.

Shyam Sawant said...

This article in all its humour has brought the real facts of the animals who are ruling Goa right now.  Good work Dalia and you come up with more articles like this in future

Dalia said...

@GOBOR, myself on this blog is actually organizing minds same as you through your comments. Let us unite our minds and the rest will be done. As you mentioned elsewhere not to respect the Police, also do not respect the politicians. As i drive on roads of Goa, I alwasys made sure to ignore the CONVOY of VVIP Politicians by not hurrying myself to the side of the road to give them way, I had confrontations on this with the police dogs making way for these criminals speeding with sirens. Where are they going? How late are they going to be and for what? To loot? As you wrote, I am never afraid and they never could do anything. Let us et the mind frame of the people in one get rid of this mess in Goa. Thank you.

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

Dalia what you have written is true, I had to educate many of the youngsters from Navelim that Crime does not Pay Unemployed Goan youth are easily drawn to these criminal politicians thus ruining their entire future. These unofficial jobs with politicians do not come with pension or Unions attached to it. They are used and abused and then discarded to a life of drinks and drugs. It is better for the Goan youth to unite and fight for their rights then joining corrupt politicians.

dlp said...

As I was going to comment on this article, my eyes went to the right side of the screen. Edino Carvalho on top, below him the Pimp Chandrakant Salgaocar. Between the two, I would support, and even like the looks, of Edino than this Monkey Chandrakant Salgaonkar. His parents made a big mistake by namiing him ChandraCunt. Now, this dog is running after every "C" and barking at his smaller puppies who cannot do anything. If this arsehole is reading this, and I am sure he is, or at least his chamchas are keeping him updated, I challenge him to meet me face to face any place any time. I am a great trainer of dogs and if they start barking at me, when they look into my eyes, they start shitting. So welcome Chandru (I don't like to add the cunt". This is a challenge from me to you.

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