MARGAO: The ruling Margao Municipal Council was on Thursday hit by a fresh round of dissensions with agitated Councillors complaining to Chief Minister, Digambar Kamat over the style of functioning of Chairperson Sushila Naik.
The councillors also briefed GPCC General Secretary Sardesai on the neglect by the chairperson on all issues concerning civic affairs.  The councillors conveyed their sentiments to the Chief Minister when they called on him at his residence this morning to thank him for arranging last week’s study tour to Jaipur.
Taking opportunity of the audience with the Chief Minister, the city fathers drew his attention to the host of complaints against the Chairperson; though they stopped of saying they will dislodge Sushila if she does not mend her ways and functioning.
One of the councillors is even believed to have told the Chief Minister that they will not cooperate and support the chairperson if things do not change in the positive direction.  Surprisingly, sources in the know said the Chief Minister sounded noncommittal and declined to give any indication on his stand vis- à- vis complaints against the chairperson.
The councillors later called on the GPCC General Secretary, Sardessai and conveyed their sentiments against the chairperson. While thanking Sardesai for using his good offices to arrange the study tour, the city fathers brought to his notice the opposition brewing against the chairperson in the civic body on the developmental front.
Meanwhile, vice- chairperson, Gonzaco Rebello has refused to take charge of office in the absence of Chairperson Sushila Naik.


Dalia said...

Political prostitution at the cost of civil society. What did they learnt there? Why was this tour not declared as a pleasure trip at the cost of Goan exchequer?

Gobor said...

Ok she wasn't arround. I saw her official car dropping some  kids to  school.

Anonymous the VIII said...

These are aspirants of future MLAs and CMs. Same as Digu!

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