PANJIM: If the tourism department has its way, you would soon be able to touch down in Goa on a seaplane and then whiz around the beach paradise in a helicopter or hover above the beaches in hot air balloons.
Helicopter tourism and seaplane taxis were just some of the initiatives being taken by the Goa tourism department to diversify the Goa bouquet of experiences as well as to attract high spending tourists to the state, Swapnil Naik, tourism director, said. “We have already received proposals in this regard. There are already two helipads in Goa and we are trying to add more to facilitate this kind of tourism,” he said.
The Goa government would not be spending on these tourism projects, which would be funded 100 per cent by the private sector, he said.  “The government will only play the role of a facilitator. We are trying to work out a single window clearance for these kind of projects,” Naik said.
“We are already in talks with the Indian navy for clearances to promote hot air balloon tourism,” he added.
Naik said a golf course in north Goa was also on the agenda and that the Goa government had already asked an interested hospitality sector player to submit a project report on it.


Dalia said...

Hot Air Ballons? Why don't someone blow the BIG LIPS up?

Tulshidas Shirodkar said...

That was what now left for the Goans to turn poorer.  Swapnil Naik and Nilkanth Halarnkar should be hanged publicly to a tree.  Both are topmost pimps of Goa, worst than Mickky Pacheco, Mathew Kentukee and lyndon Monteiro.  These two idiots should be castrated first.

N.Fernandes-London said...

All these Grand Projects seem great.But there will surely be an infestation of scams & corruption in the execution in them.There will no doubt be a few Court Cases too in the offing.The "Man of the Masses"-Chorchill & his "Dynamic Lips Daughter", Valanka will no doubt, want their finiancial cut.
What is most amusing,is that the Goa Government cannot solve the garbage issue /menace,which is a basic human need & of utmost urgency.
The 40 MLA`s must have all been born in or near  a dustbin, that they feel comfortable around it or in such enviornments.


Anonymous the VIII said...

HEY! What about the SKY BUS?
Why is it left behind?

dlp said...

Instead of a tree they should be hanged to the hot air balloons and flown all over Goa as an exhibition for the other PIMPS to see. Choppers and Sea Planes. There will be plenty of more Atallas entering Goa by Sea Planes with Choppers in their hands. They should come and slay these Swapzero and Nilcunt like the Narkasur.

Emediavoice said...

Use these facilities to transport drugs, prostitutes or pimps in Goa.Tie the sky bus to your Goan politicial Ghantis and tell them to drag it or tell them to Dig the existing helipads like Ghantis.

Romulus102 said...

Technically speaking, SkyBus was never a viable project for Goa. It would have looked fancy and modern to have it, but it would have been expensive, wrought with disasters and maintenance would have been appaling. It would have also affected the private bus owners of the routes they were planned on.
This helicopter tourism, Hot ballons, sea planes are good ideas. Given Goa's infrastructure, Govt attitude and reaction of people, it will create more problems. Goa cannot control watersports efficiently, these other projects are much advanced. No harm in conceptualising such ideas, but basic things have to be in place place. as the saying in konknai goes " antunn polounn paiyen sodunk zai". A 150 km X 100 Km area having so many issues points to grave inefficiencies.

Papa Razi said...

Romulus, good technical evaluation but who will understand. We don't have footpaths for us to walk and some of those existing were built by the Portuguese. Those are also places for the migrants for begging in the day and sleeping in the night.

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