In a Democracy everybody is considered as equal, treated equally and jobs are given based on merit. Then in Indian democracy why is the system based on inequality still going on thereby causing harm to the real educationists. Based on this I do not think that the BBSM should fight against grants to English MOI schools.
Where do we end up in this system? The system of reservations was created during the independence of India from the British rule. This was done with a view to give justice to the backward classes of India, who inspite of being educated could not get jobs as a very bad system only prevalent in the Indian society. But those times have changed now. The world has modernized and people are getting more educated. This system was defined in the constitution and was supposed to last for a period of only ten years after independence. Nearly sixty years now but this menace still goes on and infact increases in size and value.
Why is a difference and division in human beings created in Indian democracy? This system has caused a lot more harm than done any good to the so called out caste people commonly known as Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes. These people who used to study hard in the olden days have given up studying and going for higher studies as they know now that they have priority over other citizens.
They know that they have ready made jobs whether they did their studies or no it does not matter. They are aware that the government will give them jobs giving a priority over those who genuinely take pains to do their homework well and get highly educated.
It is not only the job but even the promotions are given based on these reservations and as such the working standard and the output of these workers has diminished to such a level that if any government office is visited it looks like one has entered a market.
In Goa even non Goan SC/ST gets preference in jobs over the local Goans. Where do we stand then? Where do the democratic values stand? Goa which was considered as a most westernised society in the Indian peninsula has now gone to rots based on this system.
The BBSM is fighting against grants to English MOI. Why? When it is clear that the so called non SC/ST citizens however they are educated will not get a job unless a JUST MATRICULATE SC/ST candidate will be preferred and employed, I think the BBSM and others who oppose grants to English MOI should stop that so that at least one facility will be available to the non SC/ST citizens, who genuinely study hard, to learn well the English and go out of an improper democracy to a proper place where they will be employed based on their merits and not their caste or tribe a system which is non existent in the western democracies.
This injustice to the genuine hard workers in the education field, who break their heads to get good education and knowledge which must be stopped at once. This is nothing but a breach of Democracy where it is mentioned that all the citizens in a democracy are equal. If the Indian democracy really believes in true democratic values then this menace of reservations should be stopped at once, so that all take pains and study hard to educate themselves and get good jobs based on merits and not casteism.


Gobor said...

Yes menino you are a computer progrmmer. So am I. Its only people who  can understand logic in its true sense pose such questions to the society. And all must understand that these are no questions, but pure RHETORIC.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

This happens and will continue forever only in corrupt, dirty cultured filthy Indian society. Not only education and job reservation, whereas in other sectors as well it continues. Take an example of tenent, house is mine I am allowing to someone to stay as favour with self respect and dignity, but as the years pass it becomes property of tenent and that is the law of this CHOR Bharat.

Dalia said...

Reservations specially to OBC's, ST's and other backward communities is a huge backdraw. Just because he or she belongs to these communities should not be allowed to occupy the chair. The person should be competent enough to discharge duties. Why not the Government allow these communities to avail totally free education, airline tickets, free housing and free food or atleast at concessional rates so they live like our Freedom Fighters?
Now they want to reserve some constituencies for ST's in Goa. This is vote bank politics. At the moment, there are enough ST's in our assembly of Chors including those from came and settled Azgaon.

AR said...

Am happy this finally came up !!!
I always wondered, why do we have the 'RESERVATIONS' when we talk equality or democracy? Can this not be abolished?
People belonging (purely done by the government, instead of abolishing) to OBCs and ST should feel insulted for being put under this kind of classification.

Under the tribes classification,
- does one receive a different kind of education ? - NO
- does one have a different pay scale? - NO
- When if office/ school are they treated differently ? - NO


I do not believe in this kind of classification, especially, when in todays world Women demand equality, but the tribes are happy to exist by being classified as 'SCHEDULED CASTE AND SCHEDULED CASTE ' and OTHER BACKWARD CLASS

Lance Dias said...

The reservation policy of the GOI only proves that they do not want bright sparks to come up In life.Reservations only crumple those who are brilliant at thier fields and can make a difference! If they dont stop this reservation rubbish how will the state and country develop ?we have to rethink of our priorities or it might be just another scientist/innovator /social reformer who might walk out of the country and dawn colors for some other country !  and you bullshits take the slap pttttt of ST/ST reservations  :)

Diogo Fichardo said...

Goans are in this predicament because we do not change our politicians when they do not deliver on their promise. Goan politicians are like kangaroos jumping from one party to the other to protect their loot.  

Navelkar said...

RESERVATION was welcomed and seen as a blessing during those early years after Independence of India as there were many poor people in some States in India where in the rich and affluent has taken upper hand. However as years went by there came lot of improvement in that status and many downtrodden under SC/ST/OBC under reservation has gone from the lowest status to the top positions, at study level, job level and other profession level. This has put the poor to rich and unfortunately the rich and middle class to the lower position and to utter poverty.  There is no control over this trend and the opposite has already happened and the question in fact come how long more this RESERVATION will continue to go on?  No doubt there are very few States now, people in these states are still kept deliberately poor by Politicians, perhaps there the Reservation was not applied and not implemented by the Higher ups.  Should this be an excuse for rulers of India  to punish with this so called RESERVATION  all other States  which have already attained the fulfillment and purpose of RESERVATION? How many years more the developed States will continue with this policy of Reservation? Just because the Two or Three Rogue States ruled by some Rogue Politicians are deliberately keeping the downtrodden in their states at the lowest, the Center should not apply the same Reservation policy to other States which has come out of the evil.  If this continue still further there will be chaos among the people who are educated yet remained unemployed or underprivileged and the people who journeyed to the top under RESERVATION.  Therefore, there should be a stop now at least in the States where Reservation has already attained and served the purpose.  This Reservation has been blessing to some and a curse on the others, it brought justice to some and done injustice to many. The equality at least now that is brought by this Reservation has to be prevailed without damaging further the relation among the people with Reservation and the people without.  This Reservation in Goa has brought many changes both good and bad too.  The bad is Goan labour force which has been brain drained and totally disappeared from Goan soil, as a consequent we have large army of migrants with many uncertainties on them.

In Goa we have  migrant ST/SC also who are reaping the Goa Resevation facilities (under Vote Bank privilege) which were meant for Goan ST/SC.  Are there anyone who can stop this? You need a revolution and may be a violent one as the present Politicians do not care and understand a peaceful one.


Lance Dias said...

The reservations is one of the reasons why Goa is behind compared to other states.I don't say there are no reservations in other states but then just imagine a bright spark is refused a seat or a job because he does not belong to SC/ST and could have made a big difference ,YOU so called freedom fighters will you stand up for the betterment of the state for which you people sold your souls to the Great democracy and out us in this shit ...

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi AR:
Very interesting topic.
How many years and how many Governments do we require, to finally give OBC`s & ST`s previleges.
I can bet in 100 years time ST`s & OBC¬s will still be given special allocations & places in every sphere of Goan Life.
At what point in Goa`s History ,do they finally be counted as equals? 
There seems to be no cut-off point or equalisation of this previlege.
I say this because even after 50 years of Goa`s  Liberation ,or ,as many people think, Invasion,Freedom Fighters are still being found and feted & given pensions.Recently 50 new FF`s were found,.. out of Goa`s Government "thin air" or magically and have been given Pensions.

There does not seem to be any special credentials required.Just tell your local MLA I will vote for you,Cry in front of the Panchyat Ghar,give the Mamlatadar a bag of Bhajias or Pedas and you get things sorted.

One just has to register and claim that they are Freedom Fighters,and BINGO, they are given previleges.
Strangely in 100 years time , Goa could still have Freedom Fighters as they have a special Government given life span of 150 years, even though, NATURE dictates otherwise.
Strangely it is the Goan Tax payers who have to foot the bill.
There will be a claim...I am the son of the son of the son  of........or daughter etc, & hence I am entitled. 

Strangely it may be Government of the sons & daughters of : Alemaos,Kamats,Naiks,Ranes,Kakodakars,Parrikars,Madkaikars,Narvekars,Godinhos,Faleiros,Sequeiras ruling Goa that will still grant this previlege. 

Perdro Lopes said...

Only with independence we can get rid of Indian mentality rule, we are getting indianised day after day. Hindi has become the main language in our city.

Congress is the founder of this Vote bank. (ST/SC)

Anonymous the VIII said...


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