MARGAO: A case was filed against Lucas D’Silva, a resident of Betalbhatim, for the attempted murder of Thomas Pereira, a resident of Majorda, on Sunday night at Betalbhatim. Police sub-inspector of Colva police station, Mr Anand Shirodker, informed on Monday, that an offence has been registered under section 307 of IPC, and that previous enmity is suspected in the case.
Giving details, Mr Shirodker said that on Sunday evening, Lucas (35) saw Thomas (41) on the Betalbhatim beach, and asked him what he was doing there. This led to heated arguments between the two.
Police informed that later Thomas went to a bar at Betalbhatim, where Lucas too arrived after some time. Thomas on seeing Lucas approaching the bar moved to one side of the bar; however, Lucas came to where he was and stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife. Police said that he also used a broken bottle to assault him further and later left the scene.
A team of Colva police, headed by PSI, Mr Anand Shirodker went to the site and rushed the injured Thomas to the GMC.
The police after recording the statement of Thomas, registered an offence under section 307 of IPC. The alleged accused could not be arrested as he is presently absconding. Police said that they are in the process of recovering the assault weapon.


Salvador Seraulim said...

Was the police incompetent or was the accused slippery? Any way if Lucas was brave enough to stab Thomas then he should be branded a coward for absconding. Only a coward uses weapons in a fight.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I wonder if Lucas D`silva is emulating & imitating the Betalbatim thug Mickky Pacheco or Mathew Diniz.
I am sure he must be one of Mickkys "BOYS".
Like Mickky , Lucas too is absconding & evading justice.
I also wonder if Jivba Dalvi & Chandracant Salgoankar will save Lucas and convict the Victim Thomas. 

Gobor said...

shame on his father and mother 

Neville said...

Possible, recently there was an incident reported on NG whereby the police registered a case against the dead rickshaw driver for hitting the police jeep, goa police are more like Ripleys " believe it or not"

Diogo Fichardo said...

As cases are handled in Goa Lucas will be freed while Thomas will have his hands full.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Lucas must be one of Mickky's henchmen, Give it a day or two Mickky will walk with Lucas in the police station.Shame on Goan Politicians they have turned Goa into a lawless Country.  

Silvestor Bethalbatim said...

Cops can file many cases the want, the only cases that matter are the beer cases. Goan Courts are drunk and wobbly that is why cases filled in court slip  away.
 Lucas sure is one of Mickky's Boys .

renoir said...

Double standards in the open here. There are cases against their own kind which need immediate arrest and lock up, yet these very men in uniform serve arrest notices to others. Under no circumstances should any person irrespective of his position or status be treated in a different manner then what the law stipulates, but here we see different sets of laws playing at different times for different people.This is the plight of our transparent so called Governance.

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