CANACONA: Rain has played havoc in canacona affecting schools, business and most government offices. Most parts of Canacona remained submerged in water for last week.The only people with a smile were the farming community.
The figures provided by the irrigation department which measures the rainfall in Canacona in their observatory located in front of the Mamlatdar office at Chaudi Canacona were as follows.
last week recorded a downpour of total 21 inches of rainfall in Canacona,and till now Canacona has recorded a rainfall of 85 inches. However the seasonal total rainfall should be average 120 inches. The farmers have just finished transplanting the rice crop and expect a bumper crop this year.


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Rainfall in Canacona has crossed two thirds in less than two months. I understand the reason for flooding is silting of the two main rivers of Talpona and Galgibaga, including silting at the mouths of these two rivers, which prevents or obstructs the free flow of water into the sea.

Diogo Fichardo said...

Yet Goa will find itself with limited water supply in the summer season. What is the PWD doing to harvest this water?

Romulus102 said...

Diogo, A good 10 years ago, the officials from Ela Farm had demonstrated rain water conservation techniques to many schools in Goa. 10 years down the lane, I have not seen a single technique implemented. Conservation of water during monsoons will alleviate our water problem to a large extent. But main issue is wastage of water. Inadvertently we waste a lot of water with the main culprit being leaks.I read an article about a water harvesting project at Verna. A great initiative, something the industry should have done long ago. I believe the next step should be to set-up pilot projects at panchayat level. It would be great if the Goa University, and technical schools in Goa join this effort. The lethargy of the present govt and the opposition should not deter us, the Goan people to take up this issue.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Diogo:
The simple answer is nothing.

The PWD Minister requires the money to perform innagural ceremonies, along with his daughter Valanka.

While many people go thirsty and hunry, this father & daughter duo , enjoy consercrating themselves.

They have replaced the images of God,Jesus and the Saints with their own blown-up  photos.

You can be sure, following the death of Churchill, a huge Statue will be erected in Varca and Navelim. 
This Statue will be covered and made to look,deceptively, like one of the Holy Crosses dotted all over Goa.
On the Head stone / obituary  will be a etched, "Saint of the Masses".


Gobor said...

Yep! and the people there are also fighting like "Sunnem-Mazram" amongst themselves.

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