HEAVY RUSH FOR FREE TANKS IN CANACONA – Niz Goenkar Reporter in Canacona

CANACONA: After announcement at the churches in Canacona about the free tanks a heavy rush was observed to get free tanks at chaudi town
Braving the heavy rains Canconkars were seen standing in long serpentine ques as early as eight in the morning to get stamp papers at the local stamp paper vender at Chaudi, After geting the paper all had to run to Mr. Isidor Fernande's(a strong contender for congress ticket) office to pint an affidavit and there after to submit to BDO office to get a free 500/300 Lts tank.
And you thought that you got the tank then you are mistaken, At BDO office the concerned people tell you to get an income certificate from panchyat and water connection bill and resubmit the file.
People were so much troubled that there was not even drinking water for the people in the ques. All were found complaining that it was not worth the trouble. when the tank itself cost not more then Rs. two thousand.
The business community especial hardware shop owners were heard grumbling that one day this government will give every thing free including the undergarments and they will have to starve to death for want of any business.


renoir said...

The people are Stupid , Idiotic to say the least disgusting. Nothing in this world comes FREE as claimed to be. For every deed the Govt claims is free, the government is screwing you a thousand times, making your life miserable by the day. Our is a Govt of evil minded  'Citizens".Every politician plays his cards well, especially when election time is approaching, they will do just anything for you, but once elections are done and they have taken hold of that unworthy seat of power " YOU & ME" are just trash. The people need to remember this and open their eyes wide enough and walk this journey with care.Has the past not  taught us this lesson ?

N.Fernandes-London said...

"MY vote  for your " TANK, but still nothing in my "BANK."!!!!

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