Goa was Invaded and Bombarded during Invasion by Indian military in 1961 destroying Dabolim Airport, Emissora de Goa (radio station of Goa), Government buildings, Bridges, etc and raised Indian flag on Goan territory. Deceived the United Nations and the world community calling that was the Liberation. An aggression uncalled by Goans of the soil.
Followed by Invasion of Goa looting, pillaging, and mass rapes of Goan women by Indian military.
In Contrast the United Sates of America and Britain liberated Iraq from a ruthless tyrant against the wishes of the United Nations, Iraq was liberated and Iraqi flag was raised. Coalition Army of the United States and Britain did not pillage and raped Iraqi women unlike Indian military.
United Nations now is an inefficient world body made out of Nations that refuse human rights and allow occupy other nations of Goa, Daman, Diu, Tibet to Invaders like India, China, Libya, France, Russia, etc. Millions of dollars are robbed by the nations of the UN's, for example in Somalia. United Nations has lost its charm unless it practices the law and order forcing rogue nations of India and China to liberate the occupied territories and follow transparent Democracies.
Iraqi people looted Government buildings and museums. Goan people were civilized and respected the Invading Indian Army although discontent with the Invasion.
Democracy in Goa installed that people could vote, only later allowing politicians to rob Goan assets, setting a new regime of looting by Indian IAS Babus and Goan rogue Politicians. No checks and balances allowed on ruling politicians. Followed by exodus of Goans leaving for Diaspora, letting in influx of Non-Goans across the borders to settle.
Thousands of Goan Youth are now unemployed, in the occupied territory of Goa since 1961, where people are afraid to speak up against the Indian regime controlled by Indian Governor, Indian Administrators and Indian Police force along with corrupt local Government.


D.JUSTIN said...

You said it all Agnelo Bab, but  some hypoctrates will tag you as anti-Indian.  We can take a horse near a pond but we can't make him drink water.Some see blindly and some helplessly our Goa being looted by bloody Indians with the help of our rogue politicians.

Diogo Fichardo said...

It is not anti-Indian to fight for our rights, The invasion was not the favor of the masses it was a few criminals who called themselves freedom fighters. Goans were not tied to shekels to be freed. We were culturally free. The invasion was forced to stop Goa becoming a free Country.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

I second your comments Diogo!. Crook Nehru thought exactly the same, though by geographical region Goa is within Indian region but lawfuly it wasn't. He feared Goa might become Independent country and he had the vision in his mind and exactly after Indian liberation he illigally invaded Goa and imposed it own rule and culture by force. But did he lived to see his dirty-concious  act?.

Lilygabeer said...

Well, today the Global Goans Convention opens in London. The main theme is celebrating the "liberation of Goa' Golden Jubbilee. "It being the golden jubilee year of Goa's liberation, the opening day session will stress on this and two of the state's best known historians - University of California, Los Angeles professor emeritus Prof Damodar R SarDesai and Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias Lisbon's history prof Teotónio R de Souza will make presentations on the subject. " Please see:- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/goa/Goans-meet-in-UK-to-focus-on-mining-issues/articleshow/9316546.cms

300 people mainly from the U.K. and India and 30 people from all over the World will be attending this celebration. I shall not be attending.

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