Goa Archbishop Rev Filipe Neri Ferrao’s recent call for zero tolerance to child sexual abuse is laudable. But he needs to explain his own inaction in the 2004 Ribandar case where the then Parish Priest of Ribandar Father Newton Rodrigues was allegedly involved in the molestation of a 13 year old parishioner just before midnight mass.
I had personally met the Archbishop in 2004 and sought his intervention. As requested by him I had also submitted a written complaint to him with all the facts. He was also fully aware that the Moderator of the Ribandar Parish Pastoral Council had resigned over what was going on at the Ribandar Church. But for reasons best known to him Archbishop Ferrao chose not to take any action and just look the other way.
Nobody can be above the law and we are doing more damage by trying to keep the illegal and immoral acts of those erring Priests under wraps. If our Archbishop had cracked the whip in time may be the Ribandar and even the Macazana Church horrifying events may never have happened. These may not be just isolated instances but a part of the bigger malaise that the Church one day or the other will have to come to terms with. So if Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao puts into practice what he has just preached by cleansing his own stables it may be in everybody’s best interest.


Shambuswamy said...

A person who is a polygamist and a well known crook and extortionist should be the last person to comment on religious heads. Whatever may be his reputation and history I must admit that Aires is doing a good job of exposing and fighting corruption almost on his own and hepursues it vigorously... well mostly. But he does it selectively and never finds any fault with his paymasters the Sangh Parivar and its uncivilised goons in Goa led by Manoo Parrikar.

So morally speaking Aires should not touch the Archbishop even with a barge pole. It is only because the catholic religion is so forgiving and all encompassing that Aires is still considered a christian. Any other religion would have ex-communicated him for his immoral transgessions which shame the community.

So Aires should stick to doing what he does best, exposing and fighting rampant corruption by our mostly illiterate ministers and MLAs. I only request him not to do it selectively. ONLY then he may be able to convince people that his crusade is genuine and not just to extort money, going by his record so far and his general image in the public eyes.

Perdro Lopes said...

Aires, are you an incarnation of the Devil?. Your eyes and mouth which belongs to the BJP, your divine Masters don't they talk about Indian corruption in GOA!!!. That we were Invaded on the 19th of December 1961, and it's high time that the invaders pack and leave Goa for Good.

Are you blind folded to see we're being indianised?, which should be the highest crime on any mankind. Today SUDAN is divided into two. Two independent Sudan. We could also be independent but traitors like you won't allow that. You people and all those who support your cause along with sang pariver are a pest in Goa.

dlp said...

Shambuswamy is right. Although Aires is a good fighter of corruption and corrupt politicians, by being bias he has lost lots of support from his followers and makes others think twice who is right and who is wrong.

NIZGOAN said...

My friend Shambuswamy, Aires is no more Christian. Since he joined Sangh Parivar , He had converted himsef to hinduisim/Parrikarism. 
He have become so sameless and Greedy, I am scared that he will sell his Wife and daughters to Parrikar/ BJP/Maharastra. I am sorry but this is his present state.
Adv. aires is a big Dukor, boddva, Dog etc.

Emediavoice said...

Bishops holds the keys of heaven or hell, we mean they have the universal authority to make or break laws and so are the lawyers of the land.Priests follows those rules or else they are subjected as " missionaries against their will. Wished if the Niz Goenkar has any previous examples with the Bishop Abode in Altinho and see whether its hell on the hillock or heaven in the panjim city.

S. Gonsalves said...

Is he a fighter of corruption or an extortionist? Can't figure it out! I had heard a rumour from a reliable source in Rohit's rape case. The Monserrates may also spoil his name, the same way as he does in Fr. Newton's case. If he can do much more than touching in Oshio and in Portugal than he needs to practice what he preaches.

Joe said...

Dear God.. please forgive Aires as he does'nt know what he is talking & what he is doing..that's the only thing i can say...
Hey Aires are you out of your mind? it will be nice & better for you and your family that if you go on the ribandar ferry and just jump in the mondovi river.. what a shamefull fela  

Sanjay said...

I can see a Anti-Aires mob here, some of them all in one.

Mario said...

Aires, what about German girl rape case which you actively played double game? Do you practice what you preach? You should have little shame for denying justice to German girl by accepting money from your Goonda friend Monster Monserate.Crooks like you,Radarao,Anacleto,Auda,Tara Kerkar,Norma Alvares,Clauda Alvares are responsible for Goa turning into criminal state.You need Desmond D'costa to reinstate to loots your clients and win cases against your politician friends.

GOBOR said...


Mandovi said...

And I just wonder why Niz Goenkar is giving him so much Bhav by publishing his articles on this blog. He should be discarded just like Bebdo.

Mandovi said...

Anti-Aires MOB Sanjay??? MOB??? Think, before you say such words. Maybe Aires is your lawyer or godfather but he should behave himself first and then try to educate others/

Anonymous the VIII said...

Looks like most of you have rabies. You don't  understand what you write.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Sure anti - Aires propaganda !!! Possibly paid for by someone who knows that Fr. Newton's case has backfired. Now trying other methods of discrediting Aires.
That wont work among the learned. To the ignorant and sycophants, they get their crumbs, as this group above.

Perdro Lopes said...

Gregory / Vincent E. Do Rego / Navelkar ###

With due respect you're right, after reading my own comments written on answers to the Article from Aires Rodrigues, I too feel I've something against him, although I don't even know him. The same I don't even know who is Gandhi, but we all know Gandhi spoke and wrote many articles on Satyagraha (Non-Violence) but we were still invaded on the 19th of December 1961 Violently.

This Aires is now attacking the Archbishop, I personally don't think it's with your blessing!!, but with the blessing of BJP / Sang#parivar.

Now my Balls, my balls they are still hanging like that of a bull from Spain / Pamplona, ready to fight. But fighting does not bring you no where.

It's not easy to go to the UN and say we Goans are not Indians. Give us freedom. Many tried and failed unfortunately. Many letters were written to the UN. (Unfortunately all their hard work and sacrifice went in waste) This is a very serious matter. We've to ask ourselves, why our predecessor failed? for me after a lot of investigating and reading NG, I've come to a conclusion that we went to the UN without involving the common Goans. We've to have an awareness drive, we've to make the people of Goa aware that Indians besides Ghantties are outsiders ruling us. That India invaded us and now trying to Indianise us. We've to get rid of the Indians to be free, then only we can have self rule.

Whenever I get an opportunity while travelling or meeting people from any part of the world. I make it a point to let them know that Goa was invaded and we're not Indians. Goa was 450 years old India only 14 years old when these Invaders Invaded us.

I'm sorry I can't go to the UN, but the least I can do with the Balls that I've knock every Goan door and make them aware, we Goans are under Indian occupation. Just like the MOI issue where every Goan household was involved. I pray to God and our Goencho Saib that this miracle should also happen and the start of Quit Goa Movement should come in place. Once the fire is lit in every Goan heart, I'm sure there will be no pulling back.

Tucarama said...

@ Sanjay. This mob is sponsored by the Moster-rat. Now that his son is acquitted of rape, this mob has been paid to get back at Aires who was fighting the case. He tried to stop him by employing people to assault him. He did not manage to dissuade Aires; so he tried all possible to dissuade the German mother, which he succeeded.  This is the typical reaction of the uneducated.

GOBOR said...


Goenkar said...

Adv. Iris is not recvied any money from Fr. newton to settle the case outsdie the court so he is trying to bring the religios head. If he is unsuccessful in this case. Iris bab bring you wife and doughter into the court.

Nizachogoenkar said...

Aires. Please. HAVE SOME SHAME. IN THIS ARTICLE THERE ARE MORE COMMENTS AGAINST YOU than whom you writing in this Article.
I remember People from My Village saying. "AIRES? THO CHOR, COLLIGACHE DISANI THO EK VHOLDO CHOR"




Dear Nizachogoenkar,

You can always debate an article and its contents among yourselves (all commentators).  As an Editor I just cannot stop Aires in sending his articles to us and have to publish them.  But it is you readers and commentators who have to judge the wrtitings and debate them in the form of comments.

See I respect your right of freedom of expression.  Likewise commentators can always debate them and give your opinions which the writer of the article can answer back to the commentators if he or she feels so.

We have to set aside our differences and unite and fight those out to sell Goa and Goans to outsiders.  Our internal fights we can settle among ourselves.  Likewise I also say that traitors of the Goan cause should not be forgiven.  They should be exposed for their deeds against Goa and Goans.

Best regards

Perdro Lopes said...

Menino you are doing a great job, due to you we Goans know a lot of truth which was hidden for decades.

Mog assundi

renoir said...

A Befitting Reply Niz Goenkar, Your spirit is great!

Shubash Raikar Panjim said...

Menino you have given every article a place on this site, and for that you have my respect. The author of any articles understands the negative and positive comments he or she  will nave to take. Hats off to You Menino.

Dalia said...

Most of us can see an agenda here in personally attaking Aires. As the Editor said, this forum is for a discussion, positives and negatives but not on personal lives of individual but on issues those affect Goa and Goans. Aires may have his own personal life, each one of us have our own and our own privacy. As long as someone projects this through a public office to shadow his or her misdeeds, it is questionable. Therefore, one can see a group of writers or writer, on a single moment that indicates timing of the comment says that it is a malafide interest from a single mind. I don't care who Aires is or what is his religion but I do care about the issues he has floated. He might had his failures those compared with his achievements are tolerable. How many of us joined in his causes? Then why should one want to shut his voice?

SPY 13 said...

Konknin boroi re! Tuka Inglez sarkem einam boroupak.

Zuarikar said...

Dear Nizgoan or Nizachogoenkar, I do not see your reason of diverting the subject and jumping on Airesbab. A fair debate is good rather than attacking one individual. The debate is about public office be it in the government or in the religious institution. In the case of Ribandar Church involving Aires and the Church, it was Fr. Newton who initiated the proces of law. Now he has to be answerable to his own call, Aires is only following what Fr. Newton initiated. There is now way that one could initiate, run away and hide in Canada. If the Bishop allowed him to go pending the case, then Bishop should be responsible to stand for him in the court. When Atala ran away, we are holding the government of Goa responsible but when it is Fr. Newton, why not the Bishop?
I know, it is hard for us to allow our religious institutions to come under attack. I admit but are the persons guarding the same institutions above these institutions?

Nizachogoenkar said...

Look At what You Write Your self. CHECK The Konkani You write itself is Improper that too Just one sentence tells

GOENKAR said...

Actually this site is not for Adv. Aires and BJP-BASTART MANOHAR PARRIKAR
This site is only for Original Goans  / NizGoans 
 and not for Bhayman Goan or Boddva Goan.

Afedupgoan said...

Excellent eye opener Mr. Aires  keep on writing, even Jesus had enemies.
there will be thorns on your way, we cant remove each and every thorn, but of course we can  bye pass them.

Afedupgoan said...

I fully agree with you madam Dalia 
What Aires has written above is true.
I myself has accompanied so many delegations to Bishops office.
The only answer is come with a proof.
Now Aires is come with a proof.
Some times i feel that most of the priests from top to bottom are involved in sex or other wise
people don't complain as no body wants to have a bad name in the society.
I myself have seen a priest coming out of a beauty saloon whose owner a lady is  of shoddy character at 8.00 in the evening.
I dont know if he had gone to change her or to get changed.or for confession
You can draw your own conclusion
At last I think one pimp is Trying to misguide all of us.
people are smart my dear friend.
god is watching!

dlp said...

Mr. Nizachogoenkar,

Anonymous the VIII-hannem Konknin boroilam tacher kitem tuka sarkem lagonk nam??? Tuji Inzlez sarki tarvotteanchi. "Red English" ou "Tambddi Inglez" mhuntta poi tosli. Tuji Inglez Konkani Tiatran bori sobteli eka Comedianank.

dlp said...

Ar're mojea Nizachogoenkar bhava, naum ghetlam voddlem "Nizachogoenkar" mhunnon, punn sarki Konkani boroupak tuka matui kollonam ou gomonam. Zait goddiek tum ek ghantti zo amkam Goenkarank dakounk sodta apunn Goenkar mhunnon??? Hi tum Konkani boroita ti tuka konnem xikoilea?? Chorchillan, Mickey Undran our Parrikaran? Sarko xik baba, sarko xik ani maguir borounk lag.

NIZ GOAN said...

Now these are just commets  Adv.Aires get.

Hope someone, very soon do the remaining needfull  deed.....................................................

Be aware ..............no mercy for  ANTI-GOAN, ANTI SOCIAL  animals like Aires ETC.  

Before he was saved for he was trying to rob his catogrey brother thief,

Now Fuching  Our Mother-GOA- is not tolerable  

Andy said...

Is this the way the Goans are??? Like the Indian Crabs story??? Molestation is Molestation .. Period.  Since the Bishop help Fr Newton escape to Canada Then what about the Others and the Rapists??? In this and many other cases The Bishop is in partnerhship. And we Goans know Under the Umberalla of Religion what goes on??
 Some Mad guys are talking will fully of a independent  Goa do they understand what are they talking about?? Guys think carefully... If you cannot slove the problem of waste n garbadge Then you better be where you are.

N.Fernandes-London said...

I fully agree with your comment and that of a few others.

I too feel the negative comments on Aires are not in the greater interest of Goa or Goans, and are unfounded.
There seems to be a personal vendatta or promoted by "vested interests".

Unlike the MLA`s,Ministers or Goa Government officials,Police etc , that transgress & impacts every aspect of Goan life, I do not believe Aires`s private life has an impact or transgress`s into our lives.
It certainly does not affect me or my family.

I have never heard Aires state that he is a "PARAGON OF VIRTUE".

His divorce has no impact on my day to day life or that of any other Goan.
From my experience, the divorce rate in Goa is gradually increasing and quite often leads to suicide or a fatality.
Even with pre-counselling for couples,by the Church,which is now a condition before a marriage, Divorce is becoming a fact of life in Goa.
It is experienced by all religions.

Every commentator here, I am sure ,has a "Private /Personal life".I doubt anyone can say that it is more than perfect.

Aires`s has a right to comment on the Archbishop, as both have been involved in connection with the Ribandar Molestation case.This case was not an isolated incident for the the Church.The Church was involved in it, & other cases,quite HEAVILY to its detriment.

The Church or Archbishop has not made a clear stance on the MOI issue.I have never heard one yet.
Instead we have a Fr Mousinho Athaide, that has become a controversial figure on the issue.
Fr Mousinho has stated his case & Aires states his case.We should be debating on the merits of the case not the private lives of the individuals concerned.

Many will ask what is the difference between the "private lives or sexual lives" of Monseratte,Mickky Pacheco,Chandrakant Salgaonkar,Jivba Dalvi ( and perhaps a few other ) and Aires. The simple answer is that Aires does not formulate a policy that affects each and every Goan, nor does he execute them.He purely brings to the attention of the Public, the drawbacks and corruption of the law makers & UPHOLDERS(POLICE).

The question I will ask all the negative commentators is :

1. Does Aires`s personal & private life affect you & your families on a day to day basis.

2.Would you be aware of the corruption that goes on within the Goa Government and its varions departments.

3.If you became or were a a Victim of a Church cover-up & injustice, would you sit by quietly,while your good name was muddied?

4.Are the various issues Aires, has brought to the attention of the public of no concern to you ?

5.Could you name any other person or individual that has highlighted the wrong doings of the Goa Government & Church?

6.Aires has proved and keeps proving corruption, in Law Courts.
Can any "negative commentator" here  prove "with facts and not hearsay",his corruption?.
The newspapers or Goa Government haven`t done it, can you?.

nilesh morajkar said...

should be dumped of to your bankrupt portugal so pack of your back these forum has become a proganda ground for anti national s please conduct a poinion poll as wass done in 1968 and see you will come to know of youer value

Afedupgoan said...

N Bab exactly right

Gobor said...

Bab menino  can you provide all the info you mentioned in you article           " Nehru's Aggression Condemned! By P J Mascarenhas brought to you by Menino Fernandes"   and the  other news cuttings  that were give to you by you friend on the website "www.nizgoenkar.net"   Please do so. Others may also contibute with whatever they have . thanks

BabushValpoi said...

Yes whatever I get on this issue I publish on the Site. Plus I keep on collecting and gathering as much information as possible. I am also presently studying everything about this so called Liberation of Goa. It needs time and it takes time to get the pieces together.

Perdro Lopes said...

We're with you, you can count on us. You've opened our eyes, we see Goa differently now.

Perdro Lopes said...

You quote "God is watching", we know God is watching, we also know that God will punish those who sin against him. For the past 2000 years there were many crooks in the church and out of the church. Nobody has manged to bring the church down.

Gobor said...

This is our one point agenda. i am ready to shed blood. let everybody else know. I cant disclose my identity but I have even told Carchill about this blog. valaka nay browse.

Perdro Lopes said...

Dear N.Fernandes-London

I just wish this thing Aires writes an article on the illegal annexation of Goa on the 19th of December 1961, how India is looting Goans of it's wealth, (Mining)!!! How Congress and BJP are Indianising the people of Goa.!!! The Army and Navy enjoying nearly 20% percent of our land. Our Airport belongs to the navy, we know it's all spoils of war, but I see it as illegal occupation on part of the Indian Navy. Does this thing Aires think it's corruption?

Hindi is not a language of the south sub-continent of India, nor Hindi has nothing to do with Goa. So why should we learn Hindi in Schools or have Hindi ever spoken or written in Goa. This is corruption, this thing Aires should write on a subject on Hindi and on Baiyas.

There are many corruption taking place in Goa. But this thing Aires only targets special individuals, Catholic MLA's , the Church and the representatives of the Church.
(I know we catholics are corrupt, but we still don't miss our mass on sunday nor our rosary), This site was not put up to show us or prove catholic corruption,
 but to prove the illegal invasion of our mother land. So that we could proudly say "Amchem Goem amkam zai"

This thing Aires never answers to any comments, I ask my self why? if this thing is not a traitor then this thing should debate on this site as we all are doing. Why just write an article and just keep dum / quite!!, I've never read this things comment on this site, or maybe I missed it.

Mog Assundi

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