Today a new nation is born the Republic OF South Sudan. Congrats and best wishes to proud Sudanese Do our Goans hearts yearn for the same?  Do we want the same? To live free there is nothing like it.... There are certain demands to be met
1) Withdrawal of Occupying Indian Army, and Navy from Goan soil
2) Eviction of Indian Governor and the Indian Bureaucrats from Goan Soil, the same posts to be filled by Goans. CM to move in the Governor mansion.
3) Elected Representative and parties must not to be forced and coerced to sign the pledge to the the Indian sovereignty. It is illegal for Indian Occupying to hold the sword on our head.
Its more akin to a thief or burglar who breaks into household and demands or forces your loyalty.
4) Royalty from the mines to go into a trust fund and all Goans to receive monthly checks, Goan Mine owners have right to mine in Goa provided they are diligent to protect the environment and maintain work place safety and under invoicing has to stop and dues collected.
5) Indian Government to refund the Income tax collected from Goans since the occupation. There was no income tax during the Portuguese Colonial regime and a occupying power cannot impose income tax on Goans.
6) Indian intelligence agencies or through their spawn must not interfere in Goan affairs. We will do it in a prudent manner and if our detractors think we will waver, think again.
– Victor
Best of Luck to Republic Of South Sudan
May God’s light guide and lead our Homeland -- Goa, Daman & Diu


dlp said...

Tunisia started it and succeeded, followed by some other countries which were not so successful except Egypt. Now Sudan did it. If there is determination, we Goans can definitely do it and salvage ourselves from this corrupt ghantti raj.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

I wish and hope one day Goa will see the light of Independece from occupied India just like South Sudan attained today. May the almight shower his powers to lead peaceful revolution in the right direction on the people of Goa release us from the bondages of occupier India.

Diogo Fichardo said...

I pray one day we will be free from the clutches of India, but to do that we will have to be united. To achieve our freedom Goans have to stop supporting Non-Goan parties regardless who the candidates are. It is the Non-Goan parties that are anti-Goans.

S. Gonsalves said...

Whether it is invasion or liberation, each person has its own way of looking at things. We have a democracy and we need to be grateful to our genuine freedom fighters. A new nation of Goa will not solve the problem. We can bring the change only by participating in democracy

Peter said...

Which Democracy are you Talking About ?

India is a Pseudo Democracy Country. Voters are buyed in Money and Ghantti Voters have become Majority in Goa.

We Goans have no Control over Goa today. Goa is ruled by New Delhi not by Goans.

Goa needs to be Independent like South Sudan.

GOBOR said...


Anonymous the VIII said...

If Goa becomes Independent from Indian Invasion, things will not change much.
Yes, the only thing that will change is the Ghantis will not be seen in Goa.
But the corruption, crimes, looting, indiscipline, garbage, etc. will all be there; as Goans are the main culprits for all these.

Perdro Lopes said...

S. Gonsalves  you are a traitor or a chor speaking in behave of the Indians.

We Goans are not Indians. I don't mind if we are robed by the Goans. Not robed by Goans through Indians.

In Goa we've a Constitution written in Delhi by one man called Ambedkar that too in one day. Latter with out the consent of the people of India the constitution was changed at will. Do you think this is democracy?. In India there is no democracy, all votes are won through Vote banks, do you think this is democracy?

Idiot by participating in Indian democracy we're being indianised, are you blind? don't you see that!!

Idiot which freedom fighter are you mentioning here, is it karmali?

Are you a Goan or a Ghantie with Goan name?

GOBOR said...


Lance Dias said...

Are we going to get what south Suban did? I await the day !of a sunrise and clean air from Goa!

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

I think you  are one of the crumb eater of one of the corrupt politicians. Which Democracy are you talking about?. Currently what Indian has bestowed on us today is not democracy but rather autocracy. This is Ghanti raj imposed by filthy Indian, Indians are crooks and cunning. And freedom fighters you are talking about may be one of your family members who survives on our tax payers money.

S. Gonsalves said...

I am not talking about representative democracy. A person is elected and you leave it to that person to decide what is good and what is bad for Goa. When I say participatory democracy, I mean we participate in Gram Sabhas, form group of like minded people, oppose policies that indirectly invite migrants, check those who distribute money during elections, the list can go on...

Goa is ruled by New Delhi and New Delhi is ruled by Washington. We will always be ruled by somebody, unless you we think constructively and act prudently. 

S. Gonsalves said...

Dear Pedro,
You have right for your opinion and I respect it.
For your information I am a Goan and an Indian too. I am staying in Goa, and doing my bit.
I admire Ambedkar more than Gandhi.
Hanv 'pension'acher vo 'interest'acher jienam. Goyam zolmola, Goyam xinkla ani Goyam vavr kortam.
I can think for myself and have aright for my opinion...

S. Gonsalves said...

I have neither taken money from politician nor do I subscribe to the present breed of politician.  
It is not that all Indians are crooks and cunning and all Goans are frank and open.  
Mhoje purvoz 'Freedom fighter' asle zalear khobor na  punn hanv konnachea 'pension'-ar jiena.

dlp said...

I support the views of S. Gonsalves, but that does not mean I am against Peter, Pedro or Vicenete Rego. We are all llike minded grown up people. Our main concern should be to free ourselves from the clutches of these so-called True Goan politicians who have infested Goa with ghanttis by buying the votes. If we get rid of these ghanttis, the current politicinas will be nowhere. In fact they will have to leave Goa and settle in some ghantti's territory. But, after all is said and done, who is going to do it when we ourselves fight amongst each other???

Perdro Lopes said...

Sorry brother, how can you be an Indian?, how can any man raping his mother ends to be his father?. Any man raping my mother in this case my Mother Goa is a rapist. To think you're an Indian you are spitting on your mothers womb. Shame on you.

Aum pun Goen Ribander zolmola, Bombaim escoll schicla ani Bomabim vodla zalla, atta aum baiergaonk majea pott bortham. But I will never forget or forgive the ones who raped my Mother Goa. You are unfortunately indianised by the invader indians, I pray and advice you to read a lot of NG. (NG made me feel Goan again) Sorry to have called you an idiot before, it was a mistake on my part.

Ambedkar copied the Constitution from other countries. The constitution was written over night and changed as per the will of Congress (Nehru and Indira). The constitution was never written for the Sub continent of india, India never existed before, the Sub continent of India is rich in Culture which can't be disputed. This culture is destroyed with baiya hindi and with baiyas. Every state in India should be an independent state, then only the culture of every state with their language will be intakt and preserved. Crooks are running the Sub continent of India.

Ask yourself why the Cast system still exits in India and now imported to Goa. It's only for the Vote bank.  Please read the comments which I wrote on this article if you have the time.

Mog assundi

GOBOR said...

democracy is only on paper, which means that people may speak anything against the goverment. The democratically elected reps say "ULOITA TUJEM THOND AIKOTA MOJEM BONK"

Romulus102 said...

Well said. Regarding South Sudan, The government and people of what is North Sudan are predominantly arabs or a mix of nubians and arabs. They never liked the blacks of the south. Apart from loosing territory and few oil fields ( which are going to be a issue of dispute) the north lost nothing. Infact they are relieved. Regarding Goa, who is going to meet the 6 demands mentioned above? This type of rhetoric is akin to what BBSM and BJP are doing with the MOI issue i.e ignoring the real issues.

Lance Dias said...

Yes Sr.Pedro Lopes ! e Sr.Vicente ,you are right and I too support the cause .But then on a serious note the question does arise :WHO WILL TAKE THE LEAD and tie the bell to the cat!?
Is there any one in the Vidhan sabha who has to guts to speak of a UN referandum?out of the challis chor?or they will rather sit and eat than be concerned about the people and thier development.It is evident that from the comments on this blog that Goans are really fedup of this Ghanti raj and so am I ! we need to support those few in the 40 who can be foward thinkers .that shall be the begining of a new ERA of Amche Goa Amkan Zai ! Keep up the good work Sr.Menino you contribution is immense on this platform we are able to express ourselfs .Viva Goa!

Shenkoralmeida said...

The independence of South Sudan has strong significance for me as a Goan born at just south of its border in Uganda, and where my late father occasionally ventured on official duties in the service of then Uganda Railways.
The independence of South Sudan has a direct comparison and lesson for Goa, where a part of country decided to secede from a larger part of the country for political differences and dissatisfaction to rule for themselves and their resources and contain their population
What surprises me most, is that even every backward or primitive people in the world has gained their self dignity but Goans who had advanced highly in the previous generations have been non-starters for all 50 years all along standing like bunch of dud children or naked ‘baijons’. Look at Maldives across our shores when its then illiterate population was only 8,000 at the time of their independence. Look at East Timor a typical duplicate copy (Xerox) of Goa in same political sense. So, with these open lessons why have we Goans are like ‘baijons’ yet again. So, lets strike the same independence chord in Goa and celebrate!
Viva Free Goa!

Perdro Lopes said...

Independence can only be gained when each household is involved.

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