FROM ALTINHO, THE ROAD TO EUROPE BY Keith Xavier de Herédia, Divar

When the Portuguese left Goa in 1961, they could not just leave behind a legacy of susegad, siestas and sorpotel thanks to the cheap tactics applied by Indian Republic to invade Antigo Estado da India to which Portuguese did not have the forces required to take on the Invasion. What could a minor force of 3,995 Army, 200 Navy, 1 aviso, 3 patrol boats do against a force of 45,000 infantry, Light Aircraft Carrier, 2 Cruisers, 1 destroyer, 8 frigates, 4 Minesweepers, 20 Canberras, 6 Vampires, 6 Toofanis, 6 Hunters, 4 Mysteres not much I suppose.
On December 19, 1961, Antigo Estado da India didn’t cease to be a part of Portugal as it was considered India’s illegal occupation of the Portuguese state. The Portuguese didn’t abandon their people as all born in Antigo Estado da India were Portuguese citizens therefore they were given the right to apply for Portuguese nationality and passport. As a matter of fact the citizens of the former Antigo Estado da India should have been able to claim citizenship until 1975 but due to pressure to establish its diplomatic relations with India, Portugal had to backdate the recognition of Indian sovereignty over Goa to 1961.
Today the descendants of the citizens of Antigo Estado da India are in desperately trying to attain their Portuguese citizenship mostly to migrate to the United Kingdom & not to Portugal or any other European state as the majority of them can only speak English. They do not look up to Portugal for the culture that they have received from her that makes them unique in the entire Indian sub-continent. How can one make their future without any knowledge of their past? The people of the former Antigo Estado da India only want citizenship as it gives them the opportunity to travel across the world without hassles as the Portuguese passport holders enjoy visa-free access to 181 countries and territories, including all countries in the European Union. Portugal joined the European Union in 1986 & Portuguese is an official language of the European Union.
The people of the former Antigo Estado da India are desperate for their Portuguese citizenship as they know that there is nothing much that India can offer them as it has only been taking from the former Antigo Estado da India. Moreover only people born In the former Antigo Estado da India can call Portugal their motherland for the generations that were born after 1961 Portugal is their Fatherland but that should have actually commenced from those born after 1975 as it was only recognized in that year. Antigo Estado da India was an integral part of Portugal.
Yes today people from these places aren’t interested in Portugal although it may be their Father or Motherland not because it can’t offer jobs but because they can’t communicate in Portuguese. Today they run to learn English as they know that that is the language that can help them work any place in the Anglo-sphere (places where English is widely spoken). It is the same in any place in India, if you can’t speak the local language you wouldn’t be able to work there that’s the main reason why many people from British India are flooding into other western countries as success in India is Measured by power in ways of political or economic. Corruption is so high that the Indian’s are trying to flee their motherland in search for a better life.
The people of the former Antigo Estado da India have the best of all which was & still is envied by people of the rest of their country. The people of Portuguese India have a difference in mindset when compared to any part of India. We are much relaxed in our way of life as we don’t carry the burdens of the world on our head. The reasons why people of the former Antigo Estado da India go in search of a better life are well understood but they don’t really leave their roots they always stay connected. The Overseas Citizens of India (OCI) status isn’t good enough for the people of the former Antigo Estado da India as it really doesn’t help them. It is to keep a track of Indians holding another nationality.
It is true that the European Union has reportedly pressured the Portuguese government to pull the plug on the passport facility, to the people of the former Antigo Estado da India but Portugal will stand by as much as she can it is for us to decide if we wish to stand with her since we crave so much from her. She has kept the door to Europe open to us.
Be good children and honor her.
Viva Portugal! Viva Antigo Estado da India!


D.JUSTIN said...

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I'm one of  them from the former Antigo Estado da India . I'll be always grateful to Portugal for a better and decent life in the west.Hope the European Union stop pressurising Portugal for the passport facilities to their forrmer colonies.

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