MARGAO: The elections to the executive committee of the state Youth Congress is turning out to be quite an eventful affair with two contestants - the frontrunner for the president's post, Valanka Alemao, and another candidate Jitesh Kamat - being slapped notices by the election commission of the Indian Youth Congress.
While Valanka, daughter of PWD minister Churchill Alemao, has been issued a notice asking her to show cause why she shouldn't be debarred from contesting the elections following charges of her seeking political support for her candidature, including that of chief minister Digambar Kamat, the show cause notice to Jitesh is for airing his complaints to the press.
While Jitesh said that he was yet to go through the notice, as he was away, sources close to Valanka said that she has already posted a reply to the show cause notice. Sources said that the junior Alemao has denied charges of her having sought political patronage for her candidature, while declaring that the chief minister has pledged support to her "on his own".
However, the PWD minister, apparently agitated over the show cause notice slapped on his daughter, vented his frustration at the outgoing chief of the state Youth Congress, Sankalp Amonkar.  Amonkar said that Alemao called him up and abused him. He said that the PWD minister even threatened him with a view to pressurize him to support his daughter's candidature.
Alemao, when contacted, flatly denied that he ever made any call to Amonkar. "What's the need for me to contact Sankalp? Valanka is contesting the elections on her own strength. Even the accusations of Valanka seeking political support are all lies. I have not asked any politician, even (state Congress chief) Subhash Shirodkar to support Valanka. This is all false," Alemao said.


Nisar786 said...

mr aleamao you are a born liar,you are the person to ruin goa and our goans.valanka if you win the youth congress its a shame for you as you have not won with your own merits but with the help of pimps who will make good use of a fat goose.
but i think you people are shameless for power sake you can do anything.
you are not goans but a shame on goans.
i hope this elections sees the end of aleamaos,kamaths,naiks,ranes,and musarat mangoes.
long live goans viva goenkar
this elections lets all come together and show our strength not in money power but our votes.

D.JUSTIN said...

The present scoundrels of the congress party should be thrown out to make the way for the young and honest candidates. The toad of Margao DI GANDU KAMAT and THE PIG of  varca should be the ones to be kicked out  first from the congress.

Suresh said...

churchill almeo knows only doing goondagiri extortion smuggling taking  commision from contracters he got any plus point in his whole life he cheated innocent people of goa the real truth he and his family contesting election just for their family benefits no love of dear mother land or goan people the time is come to  count his days he is the greedy corrupt wicked politician of goa. people of navelim and benaulim constitution will answer him in next election what brain he got for the development of our dear mother land his brain is only looting  public money alemeo brothers are the greatest robber of goa dont think goan people are foolish now they become more smarter now this almeo brothers finished goa and sold for cheap rate  

Salvador Seraulim said...

If one believes in the liar Churchill, then we do not have to be religious. The family have siphoned Goa of its wealth aided by the CM and other politicians.  

Gobor said...

 Election commission is poch-pochit.  Have they ever nailed any one?

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