CUNCOLIM: A police officer attached to the Cuncolim police station is alleged to have made demands for money or else frame the innocent into cases where he will not easily come out. It is being notified to the senior police officer at district level for enquiry and action against the extortionist cop. It is a case of one of the survivors of the Cabo de Rama picnic tragedy.
Our correspondent said that the same police officer was allegedly involved in extorting money from the survivors of another tragedy at the same beach more than a year ago after threatening to implicate them in the drowning death of their colleague.
In the instant case, a mother of a survivor approached Margao SDPO, DySP Umesh Gaonkar and narrated how his son was being harassed by the police officer under the pretext of recording statements on the incident. The mother approached the police after she received a call from her son that the officer is demanding money from him.
When contacted, DySP Gaonkar confirmed that the mother of one of the survivors approached him and complained of the demands made by the police officer. “ No sooner, I heard the complaint of the mother, the police station in charge of Cuncolim , PI Nelson Albuquerque has been directed to conduct a detailed inquiry into the episode”, he said, adding that PI Albuquerque has been directed to submit the inquiry report by Monday.
Incidentally, it is reliably learnt that the same police officer had demanded Rs 50,000 from a group of youngsters after one of their colleague drowned at the Cabo beach over a year ago. The survivors collected the money and handed it over to the officer after he allegedly threatened to book them for murder. When this was brought to the notice of DySP Gaonkar, he said he has no such idea of the incident. Meanwhile, the Cuncolim police on Sunday recovered the body of Noel Milagres Pereira from Cabo de Rama.
NIZ GOENKAR REPORTER ADDS: The Cuncolim Police station is famous for extortion and several police officers from this station have been suspended in the past those were caught red-handed whilst accepting bribes. The Industrial Units coming under the Cuncolim Police Station are allegedly paying a huge 'haftas' to this police station for settling disputes with the locals and protect them. The station is beside the main NH-17 highway going to Karwar, this has brought bliss on the cops to stand infront of the police station and harass motorists, extort money. At the moment, the station is manned by none other than controversial PI Nelson Albuquerque who is normally found camping at a hotel at River Sal with Kennedy Alemao, brother of Churchill Alemao. People allege that PI Nelson acts as protection shield for many nefarious activities of the criminals; they also allege that he was the ex-lover of PI Sunita Sawant who ditched her after a long affair.


Don Quixote said...

Nelson Albuquerque, Nerlon Albuquerque are both brothers in criminal uniform. Nelson is Senior to Nerlon. Anyone remembers Nerlon was dismissed from service in the famous Scarlet keeling case? Now he is back after turning the case in his own favor.

Woh! Cuncolim Police Station is always in the news. Then PSI Bossuet D' Silva was also caught red handed accepting bribe of Rs. 50000 at this same police station, was suspended for a while. Now he is DySP. This shows that corrupt criminals in uniform are rewarded. The infamous case of lockup killing or custodial death of Datta who was killed and hanged to a tree outside the police station. 

With the help of Nelson, Joaquim Alemao has been successful in troubling his opponents including Dr. Jorson Fernandes. There was another ASI now retired Tony Camara, was collecting money for D'Silva and other police officers. Cuncolim police station is a haven for police officers in extorting money from illegal forest contractors, matka and industrial units. 

Afedupgoan said...

Are we all helpless? I think yes.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

What a dirty concious ruscal this criminal in police uniform. To demand bribe and harass inocent and that too in case of death of one of their colleague. Shame on these bas..rtd, even God will have no place for such people to rot them in hell. These officers will have curse on them and their family.

Gurudas Lotlikar Panjim said...

Will the Goan police corrupt image ever be cleaned? We have criminals in uniform pretending to be our protectors. It is a war that we have to win against the Corrupt police and politicians.

Diogo Fichardo said...

It is a shame the corrupt criminal police have have given the entire police force a bad name. Weed these criminals out of the force.

GOBOR said...


Anand Desai Mopa said...

As our politicians are crooks police think it is right to match them rather then fighting Crime.

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