PANJIM: The cross examination of Police Inspector Braz Menezes in the 2004 Ribandar Church case will resume on July 12th at 10 am before Panjim Judicial Magistrate First Class Mrs. Sarika Faldessai. Mr. Braz Menezes has already faced over an hour of cross examination by Adv. Aires Rodrigues.
Inspector Braz Menezes is the last prosecution witness who while at the Crime Branch had investigated the 2004 Ribandar Church case against Adv. Aires Rodrigues and 14 others.  Adv. Aires Rodrigues will then commence examining seven defence witnesses which include Archbishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao and former Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Pratapsingh Rane.
The government has over the last seven years been aggressively pursuing this case against Adv. Aires Rodrigues with the State having even challenged before the Sessions Court and later in the High Court, Adv. Rodrigues’s earlier acquittal in the same case.
The Prosecution however now finds itself in a dilemma with none of the prosecution witnesses having deposed against Adv. Aires Rodrigues. Infact with some of the witnesses going hostile the Assistant Public Prosecutor has had to even cross examine the prosecution witness. In the charge sheet the prosecution had listed 37 witnesses out of which 27 have been dropped after the trial commenced.
The Court has already issued a warrant of arrest against the former Parish Priest of Ribandar Father Newton Rodrigues who is now in Canada for not being present in court despite being summoned. It was on Fr. Newton Rodrigues’s complaint that Adv. Aires Rodrigues and 14 other Ribandar residents were charge sheeted for trespassing into the church corridor and disturbing a Parish Pastoral committee meeting.
In 2004 Adv. Aires Rodrigues was leading an agitation demanding action against Fr. Newton Rodrigues for having allegedly molested a 13 year old girl from Ribandar. While Adv. Aires Rodrigues and others were charge sheeted for confronting Fr. Newton Rodrigues, the case filed against Fr.Newton Rodrigues by the mother of the 13 year old girl who was allegedly molested by Fr. Newton Rodrigues was closed after then Governor of Goa Mr. S.C Jamir reportedly intervened to save Fr. Newton Rodrigues from being charge sheeted.


Afedupgoan said...

It is disgusting for me to read that  Adv. Aires Rodrigues will examine  Archbishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao. All the Catholics in Goa have to hang their head in shame.
Why bishop is not coming clean on this?
Is he also involved in confession in his bedroom?
already people have started deserting the church.
time is not far when there will be church, bedrooms, priests, but no one to get molested.
shame on you Filip Neri

Anonymous the VIII said...

This case is unique in the sense that, even after knowing that there is no evidence against Aires & 14 others; the government kept on pursuing the case in Appeals right up to the High Court. In the High Court presided by (retired new) Judge Nelson Britto, the Appeal was admitted and remanded back to the Judicial Magistrate; even though the Appeal was kept was Arguments, the Order was passed that same day without Arguments being heard.
It clearly shows that this case is only to harass citizens by politicians in power,who are ignorant of the Law, and using influence to get their way.
I do not blame the politicians, they are illiterate. I blame the educated who hold positions and buckle under their influence even to do wrong. It is obvious that these educated are given the posts in return for favours throughout their employ.

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