Dear Senhor Valmiki bab,
I waited patiently for your reply and the others whom I questioned but there was no response on the facts produced by me (THE TRUTH & ONLY THE TRUTH)– you can TRACK THE FULL CHAIN OF FACTS for records.
Many have written to me and are upset that I copied so many in the email and may be you expressed it in different words. Some were too scared to admit that this has hurt their masking effects however I stick to my stand of truth and facts and I won’t ever forget especially the NRI ded xanne ‘’DOTORS’’ or rather ‘’SPIN DOCTORS’’ and the likes of Ramesh Koppa or zoppa, Louis Rodrigues, Melvin Ferrao etc. They could not digest the truth nor could they LIST OUT the SURGICAL developments in Panjim as they express in their forums but all that they could say is Manohar Parrikar has developed Panjim. Some are fools and pig headed. A prestigious English Medium institution like IIT does not award degrees for destroying Storm Water Drains and cutting down age old trees that provide shade. World over the developments are pre- planned and are INTEGRATED into the existing ecology and not by DESTROYING and building ADDITIONAL concrete STRUCTURES.
So did IFFI of 2004 bring any development or Destruction? No one has answered me how much was the REVENUE generated? How much was the expenditure? How much profit? I am not aware whether the Local Tiatrists benefitted in any way from IFFI?
My truth has made them worry because they know in digital world everything gets forwarded and information spreads faster than gossips or rumors. In addition to my previous facts, the hype behind the words ‘’GOOD administrator’’ is apparently being unlocked and the face behind the mask can be seen clearly in the mirror.
They have realized the dark clouds that are returning along with the monsoons which will wash away and expose hidden communal agendas.
They have heard me talk; they saw me walk between them. Now I got the moves that will make them move.
Guys, this is the truth. ‘’ all the forums and mailing lists have been infiltrated with people from communal backgrounds AND WITH a purpose -……..’’.
Explore the people behind the names and don’t believe The Marketing and PR Managers probably some with Cristao/ Catholic names who will be very quick to dismiss the facts as ‘’Collective Insanity’’ and sometimes strive hard TO build image as a Clean and Good Politician. One can run but not always hide behind re-Baptized names of louis or pintos or desouzas or ferraos or rogers or ramesh koppa. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t share any confidential information in your posts but mail it to the people whom you’ll personally know. All the people are counted and who stands for whom.
A spade is a spade and there’s no denying about it and they cannot have a heart.
I’m sure by now this revelation has sent shivers down their spine.
Valmiki, My question to you in addition to my previous questions where in you said we can talk what can be done next, isn’t it? But till now there is no solution/ answers to the infinite questions thrown about the Manipulation and destructive forces that will arise from the Axis of Evil.
Now Valmiki coming to your idea of proposing a Parrikar-led coalition govt for Goa’s Good is more of a hypothesis and these postulates don’t have any practicality.
What Good will it bring to Ethnic Goans? I can only visualize the horrors of Godhra, Kandhamal or another Bosnia or Crotia or Herzegovina or German Nazism happening in Goa. Fundamentalism and fundamentalist ideas can never be justified. It only leads to creation of ideologies similar to moditva or Taliban.
It will be like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry going all the way from US toMoscow and telling the Russian President to convince India that Pakistan has displayed unquestionable and tremendous efforts in the fight against international terrorism. Having fundamentalist and masks ruling over people will be a terrible mistake and a bigger disaster than Germany or Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Ideology is one thing and moral principles is another. Some ideologies will see the destruction of the people of their own community and sacrificed to meet their objectives.
Why are people misguided that only Parrikar can lead a govt for Goa’s good? If at all a tainted candidate contests on BJP will you support to elect to give Parrikar a majority led coalition? How can you practically achieve say A TARGET OF only 8 seats for BJP to lead a coalition? There was hooliganism on 6th June 2011. The Bundh which was wholeheartedly backed and demonstrated by all elected and defeated BJP elements, so do you still vouch for a Bharat JALAO party? Tell me whether Damodar Naik or Sharmad Raiturkar’s acts on 6th June are of the civilized world? Should Goans elect them?
So who are the clean candidates in BJP? Do you need people to reelect the defeated candidates like Suresh Amonkar and Ramrao Dessai? Does anyone know the past of Ramrao? Or take the example of Rajendra Arlekar and Dayanand Mandrekar whose disqualification petitions were filed in the HC. Do Goans want to elect such people again? This is BJP’s DEMOCRACY OF majority with Speaker and Dy. Speakers post occupied by BJP as good governance and the eviction/ disqualification of Filipe Neri Rodrigues by Narhari Haldankar/ Vishwas Satarkar who probably became 17 and 18. Goans should be greatest fools to elect such people to give Manohar Parrikar a majority.
Will Goans elect again MLAs who are building a vote bank at FukatNagar? Can anyone spell out the developments done by Francis Desouza on BJPs ticket other than hearing famous stories of Braganza’s hotel at Mapusa? Tell me is VANDALISM justified for Giving grants to Education in English medium or are there more critical issues listed above and below that people and particularly Opposition should be solving? This is what Devils stand for by depriving school going children from attending classes on the day schools reopen. This is democracy and freedom of movement/ right to education which was prevented and denied by the communal Axis of Evil.
Think sense and preach sense. And I hope Dr. Oscar copied here and his cronies from PINC too will think in the same way in the interest of Goans and not cobble up another bunch of jokers to side and support communal parties.
And so from this day forward, all the Hindus, catholics, all religions and disunited and ignorant literate Goans who have studied history of the genocide and persecution of Jews by Hitler should think for themselves and enforce a CHOICE with unimaginable force and unity just as FORCE enforced and achieved their CHOICE.
01) Either they are with the Goans or they are against Goans and are equal partners in crime if they are going to support masked leaders of communal background. Cristaos do not understand the person behind the smile and bragging
02) Either they love God that built them and their church or they are against the Holy Church if they would like to see their own members face another brunt of communal Nazism.
03) The Hindus have to decide that they are NOT going to be fooled and sacrificed to the opportunist communal forces in the shadows and they should be unified Goans. I can never forget my dear friend Satish Rivonkar, who was sacrificed at the alter of mining industry to fuel further the growth and greed mania and everyone knows which MLA did the trouble shooting for the mining industry. And what was the reason? This only proves to what extent people can go to satisfy the corporate world.
04) Either the people of Goa are patriotic or are they anti- Goans?
05) Either they love Goa and its Goenkarponn or they wish to see the creation of a new Bosnia or Croatia or Herzegovina or Gujarat/ Godhara or Balli or Kandhamal?
The rise of BJP has also seen the growth of Demons and Axis of Evil in parallel in Goa. If BJP can convince me and all the ethnic Goans about their good virtue (if at all they possess any) or if they can SURGICALLY remove their foot from the mouth, still there will be 11 people rubbishing their claims and only 1 person speaking for them. Can Parrikar stop schemes on minority appeasement and focus on key critical issues? They don’t have to wait to release their MANIFESTO until May 2012 WHEN elections WILL BE DUE and they need to show the results NOW. Goans don’t need people to fool them by raising issues only in the assembly. Don’t bullshit Goans and particularly the middle class gullible Cristaos.
Can Parrikar prove actual results NOW on
01) If vandalism and closure of business establishments was the consequence of Bundh by BBSM on 6th June for trivial issues then agitate to dismiss the incompetent well known Cops and anyone found guilty/ responsible for Cypriano’s death. I know they will never do that. Review the competencies of all police personnel recruited and dismiss the controversial and inefficient especially those appointed during 2000-2005. Goans are aware of the appointments done during the peak stages of 2000-2005 which plainly explains the facts in very simple words. Puppets and stooges are always well rewarded who are happy to live as THIRD CLASS citizens.
02) Goans have only seen superficial noises for incompetence displayed vis-à-vis Scarlett Eden Keeling, Nadia Torrado, swords seizure case which till now has no conviction, Jivba dalvi, Nelson, Goa customs Tony etc etc and no efforts are done to go to the crux of the problems be it the drugs or shoddy investigation or the prostitution if these are really happening and close the issues once and forever without allowing them to resurface. Today people of Cansaulim are agitated by alleging incompetence displayed by Jivba Dalvi in the mysterious death of a 29 year old Melvin. Agitate to provide justice to aggrieved families and people.
03) Agitate to speed up cases which involve the alleged rape of a minor German girl and not take double standards when it comes to Rohit or Warren Alemao or use issues only when there is threat of losing the assembly seat to the arch rivals.
04) How does their proud Indian culture accept the continuance of Casinos and its gambling dens across river Mandovi. This is the INITIAL development of Panjim which everyone talks about. How about the discharge of sewage from them and the spillage of diesel while refueling? Is the Captain of Ports aware of any environmental or SOCIAL POLLUTION?
05) Agitate and strike out the migrants from the electorol rolls especially the illegal migrants.
06) Agitate against the mega housing projects of anti Goans like Abu Bakr Sheik & Mauvin’s alleged promotions of hill cuttings at Dabolim. Agitate to protect the people intimidated by the goons of the developers at Sancoale, Dabolim and Cansaulim-Arossim. Ask their former cabinet colleague Mathany Saldanha too since I feel Mathany’s ideologies are compliant with Parrikar’s vision and governance. We now have Social Entrepreneurs which in other words is as good as a business which requires compromise.
07) Agitate, close down and dismantle slums that flourished during their rule at motidongor and stop pointing out that these are vote banks of rival politicians. Can Sharmad Raiturkar and Damu Naik do it?
08) Ask Damu Naik to agitate and show his prowess of hooliganism displayed on 2 occasions as reported in various media. Use this clout to close down the slums in his background at Moti Dongor.
09) Close down Goan land grabbing by migrants/ outsiders and slum dwellers at zuarinagar and fukatnagar and Merces
10) BJP is proud of their Indianess and culture. I also note India has witnessed excellent display of terrorism against its own people vis-à-vis demolition of Babri mosque, Rise of Moditva and Godhra, Kandhamal and burning of innocent missionary in cold blood along with his 2 minor children.
But I don’t see the hypocrites bloody Bajrang Dal, ram sena or RSS to show their tolerances on Casions. They are COWARDS only to terrorize innocent people. RSS are too good to preach morality and won’t dare to question Singanhia in the casinos when he has his arms around so many gullible chicks.. Are RSS bootlickers or are they scared?
11) IMPORTANT. Agitate and kick out the FAKE freedom fighters and vandals who are a disgrace to Goans and are beggars thriving on taxpayers’ money. Recover all the money and imprison the fake ones under IPC acts of 420 cheating and robbing.
12) Agitate and protect the wealth of Goa, its mines. We don’t need a trouble shooter for the mining industry. Nor does Goa need innocent Hindus and Catholics sacrifcised to meet communal agenda and corporate greed. I have high regards for Satish Rivonkar and and the innocent tribals who lost their lives and their families. Looks like even people from the majority community are not spared.
13) Agitate to scrap all govt. job appointments from 2000-2005 that did not meet the merit standards if there are ANY applicable merit standards and rules for seeking employment. Also take into consideration the statistics of people still unemployed and registered in Employment Exchanges in Goa prior to the employment secured by the present chosen lot. I’m sure there will still be many deserving candidates still registered in the employment exchanges and who will not be eligible after some years due to AGE RESTRICTIONS AS STIPULATED.
14) Sort out the drug menace once and for all which has been painting Goa in bad name. Agitate to seek trial for drug dealers like Atala. Just seeking explanation in assemblies may not be enough.
15) Clear the stretch of filth AND MENACE in Calangute, Baga, Candolim, sale of land to outsiders and the alleged Russian menace at Morjim.
16) Implement ONLY Konkani as the official language of Goa and remove the equal status to Marathi. I have not come across any state under the Indian Union that has 2 languages as the official language or correct me if I am wrong.
17) Fight corruption to the core and get the people dismissed from jobs. What has happened to the power scams of the 1990s? I don’t hear anymore about Mauvin or TICKETGATE. Is it that I have lost touch or has someone compromised during the time Francisco Sardhina was the CM with BJP’s support as I am not aware if any cases are withdrawn? I can’t recollect now.
18) Pass special status for Ethnic Goans and NULLIFY all leases and sales of land to outsiders with immediate effect. Pass laws which will drive out non-Goans occupying properties in Goa.
19) Agitate to secure above 98% employment for Goans in every Industry.
And finally till now nobody has CONTESTED my facts in the continued emails before including Electricity Dept.
One can build a very GOOD PUBLIC IMAGE OF ONESELF and still it is said that DEVIL can quote scriptures from the Holy Bible just as Jesus Christ himself encountered and there will be many Catholics and Cristaos who can easily get hypnotized an believe that there is a new Messiah for Goa, a CM in waiting. And with the marketing agents infiltrating, people will be completely brainwashed to believe and accept the concept of GOOD GOVERNANCE and fail to understand the reality of MANIPULATION for greed as mentioned in earlier mails.
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Before the PR and Marketing Managers try inventing a glue to stick Humpty Dumpty again to the wall, I hope these issues will be settled and if not then all of us will be reminded again of this email before the filling of nominations in 2012.
When will our conscience grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?
The Wave of the future is not the conquest by a single Dogmatic Creed but the Liberation of the diverse energies of free nations and free man.
Obrigado - Rupert Coutinho


Anand Desai Mopa. said...

The 6th of June will be remembered how Goa and our children going to school were terrorized, in the presence of Goan Police. Goa was held to ransom by the right wing thugs and yet the no action was taken by authorities in power. Asking Parrikar to govern Goa on an open platter is committing suicide. Systematic ethnic cleansing will be inevitable in Goa, we need to weed  right wing thugs out of Goa. Moderate Hindus, Catholics and Muslims of Goan Origin must unite to save Goa from the clutches of disaster.   

Sabby said...

I fully agree with you.  All these years I have been talking about the hidden agenda of Bjp in goa.  Mr Parikar is not a clean administerator as he claims to be.  His party never got the majority in Goa but he came to power through the back door he tried to show  himself as good administrator but he was not, he is the agent of RSS parivar Goa will burn if his party gets majority in Goa.

Usko Goenkar said...

Bravo and well said Bab Rupert...

Omygoa said...

Kudos to RUPERT! Very well documented.What you wrote is indeed a reality.Mr Parrikar is a paramount for destruction of peace Loving Goa.During his tenure as Chief Minister 1 ) GOA was marketed in Delhi with big road show for development in Goa.This led to influx of Delhites in Goa and the Price of property was rocketed.We the Goans are made puppers in our own land.Can a GOAN buy a piece of land with his wages, when the price of land is so high 2) SEZ was implemented in Goa for the benifit of Non Goans. 3) Evil menace of CASINO came in existence during his regime. 4) Large scale illegal Minning started booming during his era.
How can this man be our leader.He is only good in providing lip service.He got his tem to provide him with knowledge in regard for any discussion in advance.In the eyes of public,he looks genius but in reality he is not.With a label of IIT he thinks untouchable.He does not have any principles as he is hungry only for power.He is instrumental in promoting communial differences.Since his era BAJRANG DAL,RSS entered in Goa, Anti PORTUGUESE slogans are shouted now an then for no reason.Infact we were better of during portuguese period than now.This is truth which is thought by our parents.Its time we teach this slut who sold our beloved Goa.His defeat will be a blessing for Goa.I think we need POLITICAL REVOLUTION. All 40 MLA should be changed.SPECIAL STATUS IS ONLY AN OPTION TO SAVE GOA.

Shambuswamy said...

Absolutely right Rupert, you have exposed the ugly head of the demon called Parrikar who is going all out with the help of his sangh Parivar to gain political mileage  from the MOI issue. I still cannot  understand that our so-called pink or red or blue intellectuals cannot see the true colours of this Narendra Modi of Goa inspite of his thugs wrecking havoc and terrorising people for the simplest of reasons but taking cover of sanskruti.

The sangh Parrikar speaks through differnt tongues at differnt times and different forums, including in this one through a high profile advocate more known for his nuisance value than for his skills in the court.

Usko Goenkar said...


 Usko Goenkar 1 day ago
Parrikar, just realized this now? Where was he at the time when illegally “English” was removed from Schools some years ago? If he is a Just person, why did he not cry then? Is he blind not to see the Mining Issues, Drug Issues? Crime’s not being solved, the Bali Issues and all the filth that’s spoiling Goa? No, he does not! Rather he has all the time in the world to fight over a patty issue – “MOI”   Correct me if I am wrong, when he (Blind Parrikar) & BJP was in Power they wanted to Cut down all the Trees in Panjim from Dempo house to Campal, just to make a Super Highway! Wherein these Trees have survived for over 100 of years and are very unique to Goa, as they are some of the only Trees found in Asia, called the “Rain Trees”…. How Stupid, can one get!  Then there was this issue with Him and his Gang of BJP Dogs, when they wanted to Demolish all the “Holy Crosses” found along the road sides, this also included Chapels,  Fundacao Oriente too was stopped from protecting and restoring the Goan Heritage Buildings including Churches?  One can go on and on, with these Stupid Goan Politicians on Corruptions, Irregularities, Illegalities, etc, etc. there is no end to it….    If you only “Google” his name “Parrikar” you can find some many Corruptions done during his Tenure as CM of Goa, and now he teaches the Common people of Goa what is right for their Children! Isn’t this Height of Stupidity?  Think it is time for Goans to wake up from their long slumber and open our eyes and be the Judge on what is Good for Goa and Good for our Future Generations to come, its never too late!

Mica1carvalho said...

I think we have reached the stage where we can burn him and all the political ar() oles along with him.

Mica1carvalho said...

These SOB's will not let Goans live in peace and let them study English but  it is ok with these BASTARDS when the Russians roam around showing their assets. All the prostitution and drugs is fine by them why even they must be part of the big party. Shame on you Parrikar and all you pig headed destroyers of humanity.

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