History is proof that evil regimes were eventually destroyed by the enslaved society and the perpetrators were made to pay for all the harassment they caused to the people. Recently even the Arab region witnessed severe turmoil and governance verging on the borders of Dictatorship, were uprooted and sent reeling causing severe damage to life and property.

It is said that learning from other people’s mistakes is considered wisdom and a sign of maturity, but seems like our Democratic political system is hell bent on testing the patience of the people. The politicians are out to destroy our lovely motherland and everybody in the government machinery is taking their chance to make money and get rich quick at the cost of the common man.
The crime rate was very low a few decades ago and murders were one off cases. Nowadays murders have become the norm to settle scores as they know that the police and the judiciary can be bought very easily. This is no way tarnishing the whole machinery but just pointing out the flaws and bad parts in the machinery which have to be rectified and dealt with at the earliest. The bad parts have to be removed and burnt so no more copies are made of the same.
We are all living on the same planet so there is no room for compromise on our freedom. We live only once and when somebody is murdered and taken before his time, a lot of lives are affected and lot of sorrow caused to the family. When the culprits are not made to pay for the murder by the judicial system, then it creates a kind of fear for the victim’s family and a sense of might in the murderer and he will do it again until he is shot down like a rabid dog. The victim’s family will eventually forget the pain the pain and move on, as time heals the wound and life keeps you busy with its never ending surprises.
But sometimes it also kicks a family or a friend so hard for the loss that it creates a sort of a void in them and makes them go to the extreme to bring to culprit to justice. Initially they might try the police and the courts and when that fails a vigilante is born. Though morally and lawfully wrong, they do a kind of service to the human race of cleansing the filth in our society.
Now coming to the scenario in Goa at the moment, where police is corrupt and justice is dead, it looks like we are heading towards the law of the Wild Wild West. With a lot of people coming on to the streets to get their rights i.e. education, anti mining, Drug issues, fight for justice etc. it is but obvious that the local Goans are fed up with the state of affairs in Goa. This unity of fighting for our rights constantly will one day burn down everyone who is taking the Goans for granted and for a ride.
It is high time the police forces mends its ways and stops being the political dog and does their job righteously. Remember you took an oath and live by it before the public takes an oath and do the needful for you sleep alone. Then there will be no mercy and all you have taken will be paid back a 100 fold.
As for the politicians, it’s a pity your time is near. The elections are near and soon you will be at our doorstep begging for our votes. I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. All these issues the Goans are fighting for are making the people aware of your false promises and incompetence. You might feel very strong and tough now but remember the people have made you and so they can and will break you.
So to surmise it all, it seems that the wave of change is slowly moving in to our Goa. Goans being hot blooded and hot tempered will bring in the change like we have seen in Thailand, Levant and GCC.  Viva Goa !


David Leitao said...

For the last 30 years the Government  headed by these CONMEN  - actually taking the Goans into confidence and then tricking them have wrecked heavy damage on the society of Goans.
Goans are at a hobson's choice a catch 22 situation between  the devil and the deep sea they have to choose between the very corrupt Congress and the rabid BJP in the bargin the GOAN has become a political scapegoat of these political parties. The regional parties that claim to stand for Goan causes actually play into the hands of these political heavyweights and the Goan and his causes are sold down the river with the leaders of the regional parties laughing all the way to the banks !!!
The need of the hour is for like minded people to take charge of their destiny and unite and stand up to these spineless corrupt forces and rabid communal forces!!! The honest and brave Goans need to take their rightfull places in the legialative assembly and voice their concerns and protect their very existence as a Goan community which according to me is on the brink of extinction. The honest and law abiding Goan is steadily and surely being targetted and persecuted by the corrupt congress and the communal BJP!!! Goans its time you stand up and be counted or very soon you will be history !!!!! Hope and pray this prophecy never comes true !!!!

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