We eat raw worms, wild ants or grasshoppers phoned our” friend, a mother of 3 of Goan origin married and settled in Libya”. “Tell our friends (in Europe or in Goa) to save Libya and not disintegrate like India and Pakistan. It’s healthy and there are no WTO market’s standards over here”. The mad dogs are bombing us and the Vatican City is enjoying with Italian wine of Roman Emperors”
Friends we write biblical psalm but today help us to expand this article on Goa and evil practices of democratic world. Ever since the Arab uprising hundreds per day Goans are loosing jobs and returning back on a one way ticket from Middle East to the Goan soil. It was a morgue hospital in bambolim but with the western aid the hospital was turned into a management institute in Ribandar. MBA Degrees to rule the world and India was bestowed on human beings by politicians. Today where are you Goan? Kids of NG (Niz Goenkar) we ask you to research on this article and source out why the Ribandar hospital is now a management institute! What is the use of a helipad for Goans at Old Goa? Is the helipad a life line for Goans or it is for your drunken Politicians, their concubines or for safari tourism?
Greece public shits on Europe or on USA for bailout or austerity measures and there are many to help Greece like Russia, China under the cloudy Indians. As we said earlier, the world was fooled by the western imposter norms of ISO or ISI. Today you get cucumber or ISO 420 at instant cash or ISI logo in India for “charso bees”. Unlike you Goans most of the Greeks were educated to be butlers, cooks or MBA hotel management graduates to serve tourism industry and today they are forced to eat leftover euro bones from the Euro dishes.
We live in a Satan, Cain, Barracuda, Ravan or western colonialism WTO world. We don’t believe on fundamentalism democraticism Islamicism, Radicalism, fascism or communalism or forced “ism” world. Western eye is disintegrating MENA and so to you by western vultures aiding local governments to disintegrating Goa as a whole. Think Goans lessons of current Greece tourism Industry. Yes today the Goan Clubs in Mumbai are at full capacities starving for green pastures whereby your politicians roam above you on luxury helicopters


David Leitao said...

Emedia Voice ou seem to be a radical in a hurry we Goans are all aware of what you have written but my friend what is the solution how do we tackle this problem whats the solution or the corrective measure we Goans have to take its not enough to voice the problem. We all know for the last 30 years the Government  headed by these CONMEN  - actually taking the Goans into confidence and then tricking them have wrecked heavy damage on the society of Goans. Goans are at a hobson's choice a catch 22 situation between  the devil and the deep sea they have to choose between the very corrupt Congress and the rabid BJP in the bargin the GOAN has become a political scapegoat of these political parties. The regional parties that claim to stand for Goan causes actually play into the hands of these political heavyweights and the Goan and his causes are sold down the river with the leaders of the regional parties laughing all the way to the banks !!! Goans have to choose betwween what they think is the lesser evil radical leaders like you should throw up other options to the honest law abiding Goans and my friend EmediaVoice thats not happening. The need of the hour is for like minded people to take charge of their destiny and unite and stand up to these spineless corrupt forces and rabid communal forces!!! The honest and brave Goans need to take their rightfull places in the legialative assembly and voice their concerns and protect their very existence as a Goan community which according to me is on the brink of extinction. The honest and law abiding Goan is steadily and surely being targetted and persecuted by the corrupt congress and the communal BJP!!! Goans its time you stand up and be counted or very soon you will be history !!!!! Hope and pray this prophecy never comes true !!!!

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