PANJIM: The Health Minister, Mr Vishwajeet Rane, said that a strong school-alumni connection is healthy and the basis of a positive working relationship. Mr Rane, who is an alumni of the People’s High School, Panjim, was speaking after inaugurating the upgraded premises of the People’s High School on Sunday.
He asked the school to locate all their alumni who are in high places and give them some responsibilities of the school. He also said that students play an important role in upgradation of their institution by their performances.
He opined that counseling of parents along with the child is also important as the environment in which the child lives at home also contributes to his or her success or failure.  Speaking further the Health Minister observed that the experts should deal with the changes in educational system and not the politicians.
Management trustee, Dr Vinay Surlikar in his welcome address said that this educational institute was the first English medium school in Panjim and completes its 75 years, this year, in imparting first class education to students.
The school has four sections namely the primary, secondary, the higher secondary and a section for special children - the School for Appropriate Learning (SFAL).  The entire re-development of the institute has been masterminded and voluntarily designed by Mr Rahul Deshpande, a parent and the grandson of the founder, late Mangesh alias Daji Surlacar.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Deshpande said that catering to the needs of the education of tomorrow, all classrooms have been modernised with state-of-the-art writing boards, which are made of eco-friendly material and are not depressingly black, but green. Classes have been provided with pin-up boards and arrangement for on-line teaching facilities, in the future. Sick room for students and a counselling /meeting room have also been provided.
He said that all classrooms have been fitted with closed circuit television cameras for surveillance. Two new audio-visual rooms have been build, which in the future will house the best equipment to impart teaching to students. The upgradation has been facilitated by contributions from parents and the active part played by the Parents Teachers Association.
Ms Lucette da Silva Virgincar, the newly appointed headmistress of secondary section said that the modernisation is designed to facilitate the students perform well in a conducive, bright, well ventilated environment.
"With our innovative teaching techniques and the latest teaching aids we plan to use, our students would be equipped better, intellectually," she said, adding that since its inception, People’s High School has always shown the way, and the tradition continues. Ms Ann Pereira proposed the vote of thanks. – NT


Shambuswamy said...

Who is this HIV infected person to preach on the medium of instruction. These idiots live in luxury and send their children to elite English medium schools while representing remote and under-developed constituencies in sattari. His father is representing his constituency for the last 30 years but it still remains as the most under developed areas of Goa, inspite of him being the CM for most of that time.

This father-son duo wants to keep thier region undeveloped and illiterate so that they can brainwash and continue threatening them to vote for them. They think that by giving them govt jobs as drivers and peons they contribute to their development.

They should first live in Sattari to understand their difficulties and then think of neddling with the issues of developed regions. They have looted and divided the people of Goa for 2 long.Now they should just shut-up.

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