PANJIM: Union minister for parliamentary affairs Ashwani Kumar on Saturday said that the Congress in Goa is fully geared to fight the next assembly elections and that it will definitely win decisively. Addressing a press conference, Kumar said tickets will only be given to candidates "with clean records" with ability to win.
 When asked if tickets would be denied to several Goan ministers with charges against them, Kumar said he did not want to talk about specific "individuals".  Kumar said the tickets will first be decided by the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) and later finalized by the Congress central leadership.
Regarding the prospects of a coalition with the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in the wake of strident demands from local Congressmen to go it alone, Kumar said the GPCC will take a call on that.
When asked about Goan politicians seeking tickets to their family members and whether the Congress would honour their demands, Kumar said the Congress does not encourage more then one ticket in the same family.
Kumar also said that members of the Goa Pradesh Mahila Congress led by its president Monica Dias had met him and demanded assembly tickets for women in Goa. He said he would convey their demand to the Congress central leadership in Delhi. -TNN


Gobor said...

Churchill the first Goan MP to speak in English without Notice will now sing in Delhi the famous konkanni film song "Aum ekdom nitou, Sodanch Natam, Sumanak ek pavtt Kumsar Zatam".

Nizachogoenkar said...

In that case I wonder if Cogess will find any candidates

Anonymous the VIII said...

"With Clean Records" is a misnomer. He means winning ability by hook or by crook!

N.Fernandes-London said...

I doubt any Congress Ministers or MLA`s have a clean record anywhere.
Some may not have criminal cases pending,but rest assured all are extremely corrupt and are destined to be caught later.
Looks like the Lokpal /Lokayut Bill will go through this session of the Union Parliament.Perhaps the Corgress Party is pre-emptying all the scumbags within its Party to avoid bad publicity.
But India being India, it would be difficult to believe all that is said.
Corruption is another devout Indian Religion, practised by the Bureaucrats, at all levels of Administration.
I heard to day that Aboobakr Shaik, the Cansaulim Builder & buddy of Mauvin Godinho & PI Jivba Dalvi was in Dubai recently.No doubt he went over to look after his Black Money.Alternatively, he could have also gone to look after the interests of Mauvin Godinho`s black Money.

Perdro Lopes said...

This is not the first time congress is going to fool the Goans, we Goans like to be fooled and Congress is the right party for that.

In the last Election:-

Monserrat played with the congress, in the last minute he withdrew his papers and stood as an Indedendent candidate. Congress had no time to put up a new candidate as time was up, Monserrat won the election as an Independent, the award for Monserrat he was made a congress member and given a portfollio.

Churchill was or did not stand on the congress ticket, he is a GBA candidate, he won the election but could not join congress, but indirectly he moves around like a Congress team member, this self made chor was also given a Portfolio.

To make matters short, congress will try to put up some scapeGoat Goan fellows, when they will loose they will take the candidate who has won and make them as one of their own as per the above example. (No matter if this fellow is a chor or a full fledge devil)

Rane's son too is the same case.

We need Independence or at the least some Goan parties, non Indian parties to run our day to day Goan matter.

One day our GOA will be independent. Invaders have no right to stay in Goa and rule over us.

amchi goa said...

haha...gobor baab...Ur hilarious!!...:)

N.Fernandes-London said...


N.Fernandes-London said...

would appreciate a translation

Dalia said...

Congress everywhere is full of criminals and whom will they allow to contest on a clean ticket? They must be talking of some Cinema tickets. What a joke? We heard these jokes in the past.

dlp said...

For N.Fernandes' request for translation on Gobor's first comment.

This is a Konkani song by Jacinto Vaz from the film "Nirmon"

It means "I am very clean, Have bath everyday and once a week I go for confession". That would make him very clean indeed!

dlp said...

For N.Fernandes' request for translation on Gobor's first comment.

This is a Konkani song by Jacinto Vaz from the film "Nirmon"

It means "I am very clean, Have bath everyday and once a week I go for confession". That would make him very clean indeed!

N.Fernandes-London said...

Thanks DLP.
Sounds like the brute of Varca & his family of innaugurators.

Goanfirst said...

the congress is become worst then the congress grass brought by Indira Gandhi from Africa we have to weed it out completely.
The three M's money, muscle power, and migrants are the strength of congress,
lets cast our vote for a clean independent candidate and throw all siting MLA's to the dust bin.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Making such comments, that means all congress scoudrels will be out of congress ticket in the coming election. Delhi, babu let's see if your words translats into action and congress will be out of power next time.

Gobor said...

oops correction here. I meant to say " the first goan Mp to speak konkanni in parliament"

Anand Desai Mopa said...

Can the congress name one clean  elected minister in Goa. Neither the Congress or the BJP has any. As a matter of fact there are no clean candidates in the whole of India. Why do these non-Goan parties feed Goans all the bull shit? Goans are wise enough, but do some crumb eaters   have the will to change the Ministers? 

Nelson said...

Makes me laugh - tickets for people with clean records and what exactly does 'clean records' mean. Every citizen in India are hoping to become politicians in the hope of being able to make a quick buck.

Diogo Fichardo said...

  The definition of clean Records by Congress in  Goan politics can only mean, Cleaned the safe of Goan taxpayers money and leave no evidence. Use law enforcers to Clean  committed.Clean all   evidence after a crime is committed by politicians, before it reaches the doors of court. "Goans cannot be fooled except the crumb eaters".

dlp said...

The crumb eaters have become so familiar and used to eat the crumbs that they do not realilze there are other tasty foods outside their territory. All they care about is wag their tails and run after these chors licking the crumbs thrown at them.

Neville said...

Congress is a party of professional thieves & looters. They they utilise people like chandrakant salgaonkar to clean their records. They all excel in these criminal activities, but are miserable failures when it comes to good governance.

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