SWINDON: THE Goan community in the town centre have called an urgent meeting after tensions heightened following the recent murder of one of its own. Members of the close-knit group are being asked to attend an event at the Broadgreen Community Centre, in Salisbury Street, at 11am on Sunday, and community leaders are expected to appeal for calm.
“There has been a lot of progress made in that area by the community to hold crime figures, which have fallen in recent years.''
- Derique Montaut
Tensions have grown within the community since the murder of family man Jose Pereira, who was stabbed to death in Manchester Road on May 20.
The 40-year-old father-of-one, known as Raymond, died at the scene after police and ambulance crews tried to give him first aid and leaves behind his wife Maria Fernandes and four-year-old son Samuel.  Edino Carvalho, 23, of Plymouth Street, has been charged with Mr Pereira’s murder and is set to appear at Bristol Crown Court on August 26. He has yet to enter a plea.
The meeting, which has been called by community leader Santana Souza comes after around 40 people packed the public gallery for Mr Carvalho’s first court appearance at Swindon Magistrates’ Court.
Mr Santana said he decided to thet the community together and clear the air.
Count Derique Montaut (Central, Lab) said recent incidents were a blow to the area after the community had worked hard to reduce crime.  “I think to some extent that people are disappointed,” he said.
“There has been a lot of progress made in that area by the community to hold crime figures, which have fallen in recent years.
“It is a very multi-cultural area and major inroads had been made. If any tensions will arise it will be in that area but the ramifications would not just impact Broad Green but the whole town.  “What we need to do is work even harder than we have done and get the elders in the community together. It is a good place to live and is a model for how the police in partnership with the community can drive down crime.  “It needs a more concerted effort by all of us.”
NIZ GOENKAR ADDS: We moved among the Goans but found no tension of any kind.  This is just a ploy by some publicity hungry persons to malign the Goan Community and to earn some false credits.  The Goan community in Swindon is perfectly at ease and at peace.  This is a false propaganda by some to get themselves glorified. For more read our article:


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Being Goans it only right for elders to  take the bull by its horn and regain their pride . Goans have a rich culture unlike other communities around them.

Luis Fernandes said...

Since beginning Mr SANTANA has tarnished the name of our community.He is always ready for the publicity.He was the first in creating divisions among Goans.How can our community be bullied by this leader.He has taken loan from most of the community members.Some members are still chasing him regarding their payments.How can this man do good to the community.He is talking about elders,who are elders?Those who arrived first in Swindon........!

N.Fernandes-London said...

I hope the different groups of Swindon Goans will now unite in harmony and promote peace.

Emediavoice said...

The world is not our home, we are strangers passing by through time. You will in days come to a sense of unity and once again peace will prevail dear strange Goans in strange lands. Think of over millions who still starve of justice and protection a minute due to the reasons of disunity around the world. Strive your best to set a good example in foreign lands and don't loose future of what has happened of the past. After all in every family there exist a "dark horse" and that is a purpose of life. Just be simple, remain simple and live by simplicity.Crimes occurs on the pattern of moon cycles of high and low tides and in the midst of waves, the human comes to its terms and repents on their crime against humanity.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Lets hope more Swindon Goans will confirm your views.
If Santana Sousa is acting in & for his own interests, than this must be exposed.
If anyone has had dealings with Santana that are negative, please let us know or expose them on NG.

The Devils Advocate said...

What ???? Clearly you were in some state of intoxication when you wrote this "masterpiece" considering that none of the chamchas of this site have understood a word and hence not bothered to reply! Why don't you give it a read again when you are sober? See no offence...write two words in issues at all...but let them make sense!!! Hahaha!
P.S: Please refer the Oxford dictionary for the difference between the words "Lose" and "Loose"!!!!

Pisso said...

Bravo Luis Fernandes. I totally agree with your views. This Santan is not St. Anne , he is a SOITAN (Head of Devil's). He is a total disgrace to Goans in Swindon. Ask any Goa Velha villager and he will tell you what  life he was leading in Goa prior to his arrival in Swindon. Even in Swindon he is engaged in gambling and playing cards. So much so he borrows money from other Goans and has got no capacity to pay back in time. I do not know who can trust him with club's money.  For any silly thing he runs to the press to get publicity. He is out to destroy Goans Unity by deviding them on Vilalge basis.

Floriano Pereira said...

I thought that Niz Goenkar stood for thruth.  What I notice now is that the comments passed by its viewrs are vanishing  no sooner than the are put. I do not know what pressures NG is going through. Is is political pressure ? Even the comment  passed by Luis Fernandes is censored. Is niz Goenkar trying to protect  the people who are corrup  &  who seeks pulicity at the drop of their hat  TO MAKE MORE MONEY?  Are they worthy of this ? If this is not rectified NIZ GOENKAR will soon lose its readership.


I spoke mind in all frankness, i was dubbed to be a cousin of BE77.I have emails from from menino ,topic is, do you want to know THE TRUTH,He himself does not know the truth, I AM NOT RELATED  battli DRINKERCALLED SURR/BE##
He believes I am related to ++DO. I have the last laugh...God Bless him for his innocence... what more can say...  FATHER FORGIVE HIM FOR HE KNOWS NOT WHAT HE IS DOING,,,,AND

Floriano Pereira said...

When Santana self declared himself as a LEADER of Goans, why is he not ready to take the negative comments?  A leader has to accept comments positive as well as negative when he becomes a leader.   I heard this man talk about Niz Goenkar comments.  I was very much present there for the meeting as well as their private meeting, I am saying that Santana and his group are for self publicity.  No one has elected them the leaders of Goans in Swindon or anywhere.  Social service is done without prejudice and publicity.  Jesus said your right hand must not know what your left hand is doing

Upyaars said...

Swindon sounds good...better than Dhobi Talao.

dlp said...

Yeah Dhobi Talao,

That's where this "Up Yours" washes his kaxtti when he spends one day there on his way to Jua or Dona Paula.

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