PANJIM: The Education Minister, Mr Atanasio Monserrate on Tuesday said that although the government machinery at the education department has started working towards implementing the cabinet decision to provide grants to the existing unaided English primary schools, and facilitate the required shifting, it would take a while for the implementation process to be complete.
The Education Minister further said the exercise of formulation of guidelines for the purpose has already started, with the consultative committee regularly holding meetings. "As also we will have to see if substantial number of students from schools is opting for English medium, which could create an infrastructural problem like additional classes," he observed, maintaining that in such cases, the government would stand behind these schools and provide the required funds for the same.
Mr Monserrate also maintained that some of the schools around the state are distributing forms to the parents of the primary students, to assess the desire of the parents. "However, the department of education has nothing to do with the distribution of these forms," he clarified, hoping that the MoI decision of the government would witness a smooth transition, wherever necessary.
The consultative committee under the chairmanship of the education secretary, Mr V P Rao had met at the secretariat last week, and discussed modalities of implementing the government decision. It appears that this committee has to come out with some guidelines before June 18, as that is the deadline set by the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch for government to announce status quo on the MoI issue.
The Goa Pradesh Congress Committee president, Mr Subhash Shirodkar on Tuesday said the decision to give grants to the English primary schools around Goa was not of the state government alone, and was taken in consultation with the Congress high command. "Therefore, as of now, there is no question of going back on this decision," he said.
The GPCC president said the decision to provide grants to the English primary schools was taken with a view to give an option to the parents.  "Now they are free to send their children to whichever primary school they desire, without burden on their pockets," he added.


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