GOA’S FEAR PSYCHOSIS – by Freddy Agnelo Fernandes, Dubai

The dreams and designs of the Marathi protagonists were defeated a long time ago, but today after years in hibernation and with the victory of the parents in the MOI issue, they have suddenly woken up to the reality that with grants for English medium, Marathi would be obsolete in Goa in the years to come and now in the name of protecting Konkani, are now trying their level best to protect Marathi.
Konkani survived over 450 years of Portuguese rule and around two decades of Marathi protagonists’ rule and, will not die even if English is made the MOI.
Right to the medium of instruction is the prerogative of the parents and it should not be politicized. The government has only approved grants for English medium which is a fundamental right of choice of the parents. Konkani and Marathi schools have not been forcefully closed down. The people who oppose grants to English medium schools are free not send their children or grand children or even great grandchildren to Konkani or Marathi Medium schools, it will be their choice and nobody can force it on to them.
After the Bali violence where the law order machinery was found missing during action, people have lost faith in the civil services and hence refrained from sending their children to school, though a lot of schools remained open especially in south Goa.
In some places the hired goons of the BBSM forcefully stopped buses and damaged them and even went to the extent of taking the students back to their homes. Is this democracy, where people are forced to do something that they do not want to do and call it success? This is infact anarchy and dictatorship and certainly not democracy. The opportunists Marathi protagonists may think the bundh was a success but analysis will show the result was due to the fear psychosis of Goans and not as support against English as a medium of instruction.
With the fear psychosis, we Goans have invited trouble in tons on ourselves because from here on this radical right wing BBSM will wield violence and hold us to ransom taking advantage of our fear psychosis, so it is of utmost importance that we carry on our fight without fear in what we believe is right.
Whatever the problem is, violence and bundhs are not the solution, it’s the only way for anti social elements and miscreants to spread a reign of terror to generate fear psychosis and push forth their own agendas.
The efficiency and the ingenuity of a government is measured by the way it handles chaotic situations or nips such situations at the bud by preventive measures, but the apathy of our government to handle such chaotic situations or prevent such situations was evident by their inaptness and their lack of fore sight, as two young men lost their lives at Bali and a good number of buses and other modes of transport damaged in the latest situation.
The laid back attitude of our CM is a curse on Goans, as he lets things happen and then cool down, before he thinks it’s prudent to act. How can a person with such irrational philosophy be the CM of Goa?
Wake up Goa, get rid of the fear psychosis, throw these scumbags out and show that Goa and Goans are rational people


Guest said...

I had a unique way of protesting in a civilised way against the irrational behaviour of thugs and vandals supported by BBSM and BJP. I pissed in public on their leaders photos which appeared in newspapers and let the dogs and crows do thier part on their droppings. And the BBSM did not dare to touch us...

Valmiki Naik said...

Excellent point, Mr. Fernandes. People need to recognize who is really behind the recent MOI chaos.

When did Konkani-Marathi become a hyphenated word? Goan people died while protecting Konkani from the Marathi invaders as recently as 1986. The new extremist breed are from the same cloth as Narayan Athavle, who whipped up communal tensions using Gomantak. Except now they pretend to be buddies with Konkani speakers and are out to "protect their culture"!! I am proud "konnkno", and feel angry when i see these idiots pretend to represent me and rest of the secular Goan.

Being a huge fan of Mr. Parrikar, I was shocked to see that even intelligent people stoop to the level of communal games (he was seen personally pulling down the shutters of Punjab National Bank in panjim, shame on him for being BJP's hired goon). If they're thinking they'll win elections with these gimmicks, looks like they didnt learn from past experience.

Propertysalegoa said...

Well done Freddy My warmest wishes are with you and your fellow villagers.
From all Chakwalians

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