PANJIM: Bharatiya Bhasha Surkasha Manch (BBSM), Saturday, claimed that Congress government coalition partners including the Nationalist Congress party (NCP) and Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) have extended their support for June 6 bandh.  BBSM has appealed to all like-minded leaders, cutting across party lines, to join the protest and make their stand clear on the medium of instruction (MoI) issue. 
Addressing media persons BBSM convenor Shashikala Kakodkar said that political parties such as BJP, NCP, MGP and Shiv Sena (SS) supported their strike call.  “There are some legislators within the Congress too who have backed us,” she said adding that rather then just orally extending support these legislators should come on the road on the day of the bandh.
BBSM has called for a Goa Bandh on June 6, when new academic year begins to protest against the State government’s decision to provide English medium primary schools grants .
The former chief Minister claimed support from 67 institutions.   “We have been getting very good response from sections of people, who have welcomed our decision. We have also campaigned at the taluka and village levels requesting people to make the bandh a success,” Kakodkar said.
She said that they will protest peacefully and if required would sacrifice their lives to protect Indian languages from facing extinction.
Kakodkar denied that BBSM would make any last ditch effort to convince Chief Minister Digamber Kamat to revert his decision.  “Now there is no point in meeting him. The decision on MoI was taken in New Delhi and not here. Now we will speak through our actions forcing him to roll back his decision,” she said adding that if government does not reverse its stand after the bandh, the agitation will continue.”
BBSM said that they have excluded services such as pharmacies, ambulances and hospitals from the bandh so as not to inconvenience people. The Manch has also requested many schools across the State not to reopen on June 6. “We also appeal to parents not to send their children to school on June 6,” she said.
Sahitya Academy award winning Konkani writer, Pundalik Naik said that whenever there are agitations to save Indian languages, people have sacrificed their lives. “This time too, we are ready to lay down our lives. Indian languages have survived because of masses and not political patronage,” said Naik, a former chief of the Goa Konkani Academy and active member of BBSM. – HD


John said...

1) this shashikala kadodkar murdered her own brother so that she will become the chief minister after her dad but the dead will never let that happen ,till now she is like a man voice ugly woman with black glasses to hide those dangerous eyes.
2) the long 450 years of Portuguese rule did not change the culture and traditions of goa ,how can switching over medium of instruction change that.3) parikar has sent his son to America as if there are no colleges in india!!!!!!!!. some of these Brahmin's think only they are smart.4)most of those opposing the English medium are from mining belt and where tribal people live. these cunning MLAs want the people to remain with limited knowledge so that the mining and rape of goa is done before the people are literate. what theses MLAs want is more time to loot the minerals of goa. these mlas want drivers , cleaners , mechanics ,tea stall owners all for mining areas. with English as medium of instruction a flood of information will come and destroy these evil plans of cruel MLAs.5) take a look at the divide at west goa and east side of goa and you will see that these mlas have exploited these people because most of the people study only to get job in mining .they are given reservation in government jobs and in return the mlas have taken these people for a ride in the name of reservation and have suppressed their voices and aspirations. 6) BIN LADEN promised his suicide bombers that they will get chance to enjoy many virgin girls after they die in suicide attack but bin laden himself enjoyed more then 20 women here on earth.this is the truth that theses BBSM is involved in. they send their children to the best school and do not want the other children to get the same high quality education for free.7) many of those who are supporting the BBSM are associated in private English medium school who do business by taking donation of lakhs  of rupees .these people are fearing that their money making business is going to end now that English medium is free.8) it is up to a parent to decide now that a choice of medium of instruction is given to teach konkani, marathi or english.these shashlikala and velingkar are bin laden attitude people and we should not fall prey to their evil plans.9) most of the mlas who are supporting English are not very literate but know what they are lacking and the immense importance of English  and hence have used their mind better late then never. 10) these BBSM are people who want people to work in mines and want people to be less educated, they want to be masters all the time.most of these BBSM are making business running English medium school .the people want people to go to Taliban age.

Perdro Lopes said...

The Father, the daughter. The Father who was a Goan traitor, wanted to sell Goa to the Maharashtrian and sold Goa to the Indians. It was due to Bandorkar that the Portuguese couldn't help Goans in Goa. At that time the Government of Goa was anti Portugal, (Government means people of Goa) A wrong message was sent to Portugal and to the world, We have to change this message by changing the Government. The offspring is not better, Shashikala is a snake, threatening all the shops to have their shutter closed or their shops will be destroyed, This what Shiv Sena does in Bombay now Shashikala will practice this tactic on us Goans.We should have an Opinion poll for independence, if not for Independence then at least for MOI. Marathi was never a Goan language, any one who wants Marathi wants to kill Goan culture, it also goes for Devnagiri script.

Perdro Lopes said...

Now that every kido can study in any language for free, We should have lot's of Portuguese schools in Goa. By the way more people speak kannad then Marathi.


Pundalik Naik, Please don"t died like a dog on the Road on 6th.Instead of that you and parrikar make honey with shasikhala in some nice hotel.
MOI- will not be changed,
We the parents will sacrifice our lives for children, 
My request to all the Parents not to get threatened by this stupid people,   

If by chance any of PARIKAR'S or SHASIKHALA"S  gonda"s / tribes try to act you , kill them

Gobor said...

Surendra Sirsat is another loudi. All those who say they have become sucessfull even though they have studied in local languages do not know whatt is the importance of speaking and writing correct English.
Here is a classic example.
Mr. Sirsat has written a text book on General Foundation Course (GFC) which the Goa Board has prescribed as the text book for +2 level Vocational Students.

Read this book which is written in total fucked up English and you will know what mean from the above.
And this idiot was once the Principal of DM's Higher Secondary School, Mapusa.
 Any guesses why the Goa Board prescribed his book.
Because  the Goa Board officials'  English is fucked up as well.

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