MARGAO: Orlim villagers are up in arms against moves of the government to revive the long abandoned land acquisition proceedings for road-widening, ostensibly to suit the interests of a mega-construction project. A group of villagers on Wednesday told media persons about their determination to oppose the project through "every legal and democratic means" open to them.
It may be recalled that villagers have persistently opposed the proposed mega project that envisages construction of 66 flats and a swimming pool. Villagers are sore that the traditional access to the farmers has been blocked by the construction activities being carried out in the fields.
"The builder has been misrepresenting facts in order to get approvals for the project from the authorities, despite there being no proper access to the site. Pile foundations have been laid in the paddy fields, and the low lying areas and ponds are being filled without obtaining any approvals under the town and country planning Act," Wilma Martins, an Orlim resident said. Villagers said that the builder has now "got the PWD and the land acquisition authorities to reopen a long abandoned process for land acquisition for road widening, purportedly to show it as an access to his project."
The villagers informed that the land acquisition process for road widening was opposed by the villagers then, as it would have led to demolition of houses and other structures.  "Now after 12 years, the builder has sought to resurrect the file and got the authorities to revive the acquisition," the villagers said. - TNN


D.JUSTIN said...

The villagers should take some courage and unitedly set the builders on fire along with the pwd and land acquisition officials and set an example to others. To achieve the goal , you need to show your guts to our corrupt congress government.

Emediavoice said...

The Builder is piling up the foundation for the tombs for all the minsters of Goa. Remain united Orlim people or else you will loose Goa. Your action will be a vision and courage for your fellow Goans. Step forward from your houses and root out these menace. We are with you.

Gobor said...

how come NISSER DIAS DE ORLIM is not saying anthing on this  matter. 

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