NH 17 BLOCKED AT BALI FOR 30 MINUTES by NG Reporter – C. Dias, Canacona

CANACONA: This time it was natures turn to block the national highway at Bali on the national highway no 17 leading to Canacona. At 8.00 in the morning due to heavy rains and winds a roadside tree got uprooted and fell on the national highway at condimoll exactly one kilometer from Bali leading to disruption of traffic for more then 30 minutes. A serpentine line of hundreds of vehicles got caught in the block till 8.30 AM.
At about 8.15 a electricity department vehicle came and started clearing the fallen tree from the road, and immediately two police jeeps also descended on the site and cleared the tree.
The stranded people were heard saying that they are surprised by the quick action of the Govt dept in clearing the road.
At the same time a VIP was seen stranded in the blockade and must have used his influence to clear the road so fast. other wise they come when everything gets over as depicted in the Bollywood movies said a well dressed person in a local bus traveling to Canacona. – C. Dias reporting from Canacona for NG


N.Fernandes-London said...

We will all have to now wait, for The Pig Of Varca to lay claim that ,the quick removal of the fallen trees, was all due to him & Valanka.
He & Valanka (by his side)must be disappointed they were was not able to innaugurate this incident, with his usual fanfare.

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