I would really like to ask just three questions to those that support and love Marathi a language of some other state in Valpoi Satari
1. Those 7 Parents that opted for Marathi? Were they Goan or Maharastrians?
2. Mr Dashrath Mandrekar! i have a Question for you? Since when did Marathi become Goa's Mother tongue? A Journalist huh, why don't you go to Maharastra and keep reporting on the Shiv Sena's there, Shame on you if you are a Goan, who does not call Konkani as your Mother Tongue...
3. Mr Ramdas Shirodker,Mother Tongue again? Shirodker meaning your ancestors came from Shiroda..., why Marathi my friend? When did it ever become the Mother Tongue of Goa? Shame on you too, your talking about Culture? So i guess you follow Shivaji Maharaj?
Mr. Abdulla Khan, really appreciate your hard work and hat’s off to you and the True Goan People of Valpoi,
I love my Konkani and am Proud of it too, if needed would even Die for my Mother Tongue “Konkani”, will want ever Goan Child to Read and Write Konkani, but where Education is Concern English is my first Choice…as I have brought Goa to the World, so will the Younger Generation and the Generations to come… Viva Goa, Viva Goenkar!


Lance Dias said...

These dogs should be kicked out of Goa the day they opt in for Marati Language who create a menace ! that should be the priority of the elected representative

Usko Goenkar said...

Totally agree with you, one's blood really comes to a boiling point when you read something like this...

Mica1carvalho said...

These so called Goans are arse lickers and will even support the Russian language.  All in the name of making this shitty Marathi as the local Goan language. These freaks only want money and favours from the politicians and if they are ready to sacrifice Goa and Konkani then I am sure they will easily sacrifice their wives, daughters and mothers (you know what I mean) for the currency.

Rajda6447 said...

The MOI forms filled by the parents across Goa should be read as a referendum regarding Medium Of Instruction.


N.Fernandes-London said...

Many Countries in the World today live within pre-defined or pre-determined borders.
Similarly in India there are pre-defined Borders between States.
Goa is mainly bordered by Maharatra and Karnataka.
Goa is no longer a Territory.It is a proper Indian State.
Goa should be allowed to decide  its own language, so it can have a unique and its own identity.
Most of India and Indians, clearly identify Goa as Konkani speakers.Hence Konkani should be given priority over all other languages.
The BBSM and BJP do not take pride in Goa.
They give us the impression that they are more proud of Maharastra than Goa.
The have their stomachs & practice their immorality in Goa, and their feet and allegiances & alliances  in Maharastra.
There is a saying  "if you try to sail on 2 boats, you are sure to drown".
There is nothing stopping lovers of Maharastra & everything Maharastrian from migrating to Maharastra. 
They should stop forcing Marathi on Goans.They should start making Goa a unique state within India and taking pride in it. 
If Goa is to have 2 languages due to a Historical linguistic  accident, one should not impose one language  over the other.
English is the new scape goat of the BJP & BBSM.Strangely in private the BBSM & BJP ,all love English .However in public and to keep the uneducated voters  loyal, they hate English.
Many of the BBSM & BJP leaders have their families educated in English Schools, but do not want their supporters to do so.So who are the TRAITORS?
English is not being forced upon students or parents.It is being offered as a choice.
Most of the parents, who by far, seem more practical and educated and with a greater foresight, than the leaders of the BBSM or BJP. They  see English as the way forward and more secure than Marathi , in a wide wide world.



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