GOA, PORTUGAL By Lucio Mascarenhas

Goa was universally recognized by states around the world as a legitimate part of Greater Portugal from 1510 to 1961. Even the Indian Union recognized - recognizes - this fact, and had a diplomatic mission in Goa until 1954. India recognized that Goans were legitimately citizens of Portugal until after its Occupation of Goa in December 1961, and its subsequent pretense to "Indianize" Goans as "Indians Citizens."
The Question is: Did India have a moral or legal right to interfere, intrude, invade and occupy Goa?
From the moral and legal viewpoint, India had and has zero moral or legal right to interfere in, intrude into, invade and occupy Goa. India is in an illegal occupation of Goa. Goa was an integral part of Portugal.
The Next logical Question is: Did Goa have the right to Secede from Portugal? Did Goa Secede? The answer to both is NO!
The Next relevant fact is the alleged 1974 Treaty signed by the illegitimate, unelected military coupist regime that seized control of Portugal in 1974, by which it pretended to "cede" Goa to India, or at least to "recognize the legitimacy of Indian occupation of Goa."
This "treaty" has been taken on record by the United Nation thereby allegedly or purportedly conferring legitimacy upon this "treaty."
As against this alleged "treaty," the Next logical Question is: Does Lisbon or any other part of Portugal have the right to cede or gift away any other part of Portugal? The logical answer is NO!
The conclusion is: Goa not on WAS a legitimate part of Greater Portugal, IT REMAINS SO, facts on the ground to the contrary notwithstanding.
All actions by any and every party contrary to the legal fact that Goa was and remains an integral member of Greater Portugal is a crime and is punishable by law, regardless of by whomsoever perpetrated.
Goa's legal and constitutional status is not negotiable.
India says that what Pakistan did, and continues to do, in the "Northern Areas" and in "Azad Kashmir" is illegal. But apparently, while it is immoral and illegal when perpetrated by Pakistan, the same criminality when perpetrated against Goa is "moral and legal"!
In the English language, there is a precise descriptor for this kind of anti-social behavior: It is called HYPOCRISY.
Goans are "Millionaire Beggars." When Goa was invaded and occupied, India rejected Goan objections by claiming that Goa was not financially self-viable (as if Goans had gone to India begging to be invaded and "SUBSIDED" by India). Yet, it is also a fact that when India imposed an economic blockade along with terrorist strikes against Goa, 1954-1961, Portugal's Prime Minister Salazar invested in mining in Goa for the first time. Under the Indian Occupation, the PARASITE that is INDIA has sucked out billions of dollars from Goa in the form of taxes on minerals mined and exported (illegally) out of Goa to Japan, China, etc.
About ten years ago, I had computed how much in "Central Taxes" on the mining industry India has sucked out of Goa, and ended with the result that India owes each Goan man woman and child living wherever on the face of the earth a princely sum of Rs. 350 crores each, and that only in principal, without compounding and without including interest, restitutions, reparations, etc.
It is time for Goans to stop being Beggars and demand our financial rights by striking at India and seizing back our monies.


Perdro Lopes said...

Lucio Mascarenhas

You are a real son of Goa, your parents are blessed to have a son like you.

Unlike this crumb eater Aires, who never will or can write an Article of this calibre. There are many who support Aires, for me they are all traitors in disguise. I bet Aires to write any article on Indian invasion, he will rather write some bullshit regarding Babush or the mayor of Goa. Our main problem is to get rid of India in Goa. This idiot should write articles on "Quit Goa Movement" but this Crumb eater will never to that. His masters are Gandhi and consortium.

In reality Goa is still a part of Portugal as all Goans are citizens of Portugal. Indians are trying to Indianise us through Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, NCP and others , Our Goan traitors are trying to Indianise us through MGP:

One day Goa will be free from Indian Occupation, we only have to vote our local parties, not this Congress, BJP and other Indian Parties. If any local elected person joins BJP or Congress, this person should be paraded naked in Goa.

Mog assundi, amchi Goa amcha zai.
Dev borrem qorung.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Deeds speak louder than words!
Guess only the educated will understand it.

Gobor said...

only an indegenous  people's movement can achieve this. Today indegenous goans are a minority. The UNO  resololtion about protection of indegenous peoples should be of great help. NIG GOENKAR SHOULD INITIATE THIS MOVEMENT.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Goa & Goans were never given the Right to "self determination".

This was partly due to "Cold War Politics", following World War 2 (WW2).
Many Countries,including India, following WW2, were fighting for Independence, from Imperial or Colonial Rule.
Many subsequently acheived this objective,either through the Ballot Box ,Self Determnation or through consensus.
Goa was not actively looking to become Independent.It was happy to remain a Province or enclave of Portugal.
The Freedom Fighters ( and plenty of fakes,illiterates and plain goondas & theives) were not looking for an Independent Goa either.

Many of the Freedom Fighters had "Grand Illusions" , that if ruled by India, they would be better off.
That illusion  has sadly, been proved to be negative & lacking in every aspect.

The Indians with the help of Freedom Fighters,took Goa , from the Frying pan & threw it into the fire of Corrupt Indian Bureaucracy.It is still visible 50 years later.It is far more Corrupt than the Freedom Fighters could ever imagine.

If Goans were given the choice of "Self Determination", of choosing between India and Portugal, I am sure ,they would overwhelmingly choose Portugal.

This theory was proved most obviously during the "merger" issue.The Konkani language agitation also proves that Goans did not want to be ruled by Maharastra or have Marathi as its main language.
Goans did not wish to merge with Maharastra and in the bargain, India.

Goans in every part of the world always view India as a very Corrupt country and entity.

Leaving Goans aside, every Country in the World, also views India as a very Corrupt country & full of RED TAPISM".
What is far worse, is that Indian`s themselves , in each and every State, view the Union Of India as CORRUPT.
I will go further and state ,that 1  Billion Indians, themselves think India is a very corrupt Country.
I am not writing here, about the Indian way of life, I am talking about "BLOODY INDIAN RULE".

It would be extremely difficult to find any Indian, to come here on Niz Goenkar, and confirm that, Indian Rule  or Indian Democracy is great , good and honest.

SO , in conclusion, I would say that, if Goans were given a choice to "SELF DETERMINATION", in the past or even today,they would opt to remain as part of Portugal or to be a  completely Independent Nation.

Goans,in my personal opinion and experience,do not have a BOND with India and never ever will. Goans are being being artificially,forced into a bond or BHARAT BONDAGE..

A vast majority of people from around the world also see this.
Tourists visiting Goa , including many of my friends, and also from what I read in Magazines & Newspapers,also  hold this view.
What Tourists experience in Goa, is, great "Goan" Hospitality & honesty..... & extreme "INDIAN" corruption & mis-rule.
In the 50 years of Indian Rule, Goa has been turned from a Paradise to a State full of Indian Parasitic rule . 

If I were to make my views , based on my experiences, I would prefer Goa to be Independent.
But considering this option may not be easily acheived,in the current environments, at least to get a "SPECIAL STATUS".

Lance Dias said...

I agree with Lucio that Goans are in fact citizens of Portugal upto the third generation! but then Why is it so difficult for us to get Portugese Citizenship? daily some or the other rule keeps us away from aquiring it and we have to compromise with third world Indian citizenship..
That money the Government has pocketed decades back and ispaying for those so called freedom fighters witha heafty pension and some or the other freedom fighter pops up even after 50 years since 1961 and are being patronised for thier shameful acts which were not in the better Interest of the Goan people.Further looking at the political situation in Goa at present it is a Supermarket of MLA's and voters are available at a wholesale rate mostly Ghantis who are thier votebanks.We goans are only 29% and they hardly vote I guess.

D.JUSTIN said...

Goans are in the hands of uncivilized Indians . I prefer to call my a Portuguese Goan than a bloody Indian Goan. We all should fight unitedly and seperate from India , let the crumb eaters lick the arse of the Indians. Long live Goa, Long live Portugal.

Perdro Lopes said...

In Special Status, you have to sing Jana Gana mana, at the least four times a year. in Theathers everyday. do you want this?

Forget this Jana Gana mana, my brother don't give up your dream of independence. If we give up our future generation will.

The fire of Independence which is lit by NG, let it burn for ever, but without this special status. Special Status is just an eye-wash or still worse, it will be we are giving in or confirming the invasion was legal. Do you want that?

Perdro Lopes said...

United we can achieve it. We have to educate the masses, through Electronic media (NG), through gossips, we have to be bold and say as I do when I see an Indian in Europe, not just tourist but business men together with the European. "I boldly say India invaded us on the 19 of December 1961" many Indian and even european will say thats not true as Goa was always a part of India. This is what is taught to them or they take it for granted.

After a strong argument from my side and from the lots of knowlege that I acquired from NG; I can say with determination that India invaded us, with some facts and prove they all aggree specially the Indians. In the end they say it's true Goa is different, could be possible that Nehru chor the destroyer of Indian culture did invade Goa, Many try to research and are thankfull to me.

We all should do mouth to mouth advertisment, we have to show the true colour of Nehru and Gandhi.

GOBOR said...



N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Pedro:
I fully understand your sentiments.I am sure it is the wishe of every Goan.
Goans today are much more aware of Indian mis-rule.
However Special Status could be, a good springboard to Independence.

Lance Dias said...

I wish there was a Legal status  arrangement like Madeira and Azores islands for Goa ! we would have not been looked as third class citizens ,at least and have the dignity of living a life withour heads high! Viva Goa !Viva Portugal ! and for Independance Timor is the best example who did not give in to Inodnesia like Goa which was forcefully taken over by the Indian cowards.And one more thing the statues of Gandhi ,shivaji etc should be demolished into garbage from Old Goa and Ponda as it is not worth Idolising these unwanted plagues .and those so called freedom fighters why don't you start a new revolution altogather for the Quit Goa movement possibly ! you will be praised much more than just taking a pension back home .

Perdro Lopes said...

I wish you were right, I doubt it.

Perdro Lopes said...

God bless you Lance Dias. I don't know how, but there should be a way to start the "quit Goa movement" We should not get scared of these invaders. these invaders are nothing but cowards.

Lance Dias said...

Sr.Pedro ,I read somewhere for the UN to consider a State to be independant or form a country ,it has to be self governing and not rely on Nova Delhi for fiannacial aid or any aiid thereof ,I recently read about New Calendonia which is about to be granted Independance by 2015 from France ! by the UN through a referandum . What is currently needed is the current leaders have to open thier eyes in the betterment of the  people of Goa and not just think of them selfs.

Perdro Lopes said...

You are right, as long we Goans love congress we will be doomed for ever.

I don't trust Babush, a stomach feeling is, he is the only person who can at present fight for a Independent Goa. I'll support any one, even a crook, if this crook is for independance I'm with him.

There are always people like aires, who will divert our cause, with some stupid topics or thee other, The only cause which should engage our thoughts should be how to get rid of Indian rule and be independent. Goa for Goans. Or Goa ruled by Goans.

Lance Dias said...

Some of the things I can think of are importance and should be the base roots in place for the welfare of Amche Goa :

We have to clear the BIG garbage from Vidhan Bhavan at Porvorim and elect those Individuals who have the Guts and Money to Fight for Independance and speak out in the open and not go with what is existing .

We have to be self governing and not take funds from the central government.

We have to provide our Goan people with Medical and other Social security and ensure thier welfare although at present ther are some plans in place they are just not enough .

We have to root /weed out Ghantis ,not issue them with ration cards,not give them the right to vote and last of all clean Queeny Nagar in vasco with bulldozers .

We have to honestly pay our taxes .

We should not sell our farmlands,hills and other properties to outsiders.

Our local self government has to work for the betterment of our people not Ghantis.

Our Police and other government offices and officers have to be honest enough and not be corrupt .

Our Mines and natural resources should be used for development of the people and not fill the treasury of the centre or a bunch of Individuals.

Once the above things are in place even the world and UN will look upon us a s eligible for self rule !

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