PANJIM: Former Cortalim MLA Matanhy Saldanha has demanded that the Goa government strongly pursue the ministry of defence with the shifting of the naval training centre at Dabolim to the Karwar naval base.  Pointing out that the government is preparing to spend Rs 10,000 crore on the Karwar naval base expansion, he said the Goa government should demand that the naval training centre be shifted there and be made a part of the expansion programme.
He said that shifting the training centre to Karwar can make way for the return of Dabolim airport to civilian authority as it was prior to Goa's liberation by the Indian Armed Forces in Operation Vijay. "The Dabolim airport was seized by the Indian Armed Forces during Operation Vijay and has remained in its custody as war booty since then," he said adding that now was the time to demand it back as a Golden Jubilee gift to Goa by the forces that liberated it.
He also pointed out that the Indian Armed Forces have sizeable land in Goa in its possession which is nearly 10% of the total area in Goa. The expansion of Karwar naval base is undertaken as a check to the proposed construction of a naval base at Gwadar in Pakistan by China which will give Pakistan direct access to the Gulf region, Saldanha said.


Gobor said...

all goans particularly vascoites must start a movement and  free vasco one and for all. The airport problem would also be solved.

Anand Desai Mopa said...

It is about time    Goans stand up and support Mr Saldana in Getting the Navy out of Goa, The navy has dominated Goans for too long and is illegally occupying Dabolim Civilian airport.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Ver good initiative Mathany, my hats off to you!!. I feel along with Mathany rest of the elected members should give backing to this proposal and with collective initiative, definately Govt. has to bow down to this demand. Goa is small state and having Navy occupying such a wast prime land does not make any sense which can be utilised for the expansion of current Airport. There is no need to go to Mopa, Dabolim land itself is enough to develop the Airport to it's International standard.
Actually Navy and Military are occupying Goa's vast land illigally after so called liberation. They invaded Goa without consent of Goans, people of Goa did not request Indian Govt. to liberate us rather it was pure stupidity of Nehru the crook man who did not live to see the prosperity nor the future of  his own family nor his Country. Now these 40 bigot's and agent of New Delhi are celebrating the Golden Jubilee but all these years not a single MLA had or have gut's to raise the issue with the Indian Govt. These shows how selfish these people are and their love for Goa and Goans. LONG LIVE GOA!!! VIVA GOA!! GOA IS GOA and DOES NOT BELONG TO INDIA.

Shambuswamy said...

Matanhy as alaways is absolutely right, no doubt about it. It is ridiculous that the armed forces who are supposed to protect its citizens, should infact hold 10% of the total area of Goa when land is so scarce in our tiny state. The defence forces are holding huge tracts of prime property all over Goa and these apart from depriving land for development of the state are becoming an eyesore.

The defence forces like all central govt departments treat Goa as a holiday posting and so build all guest houses, training institutes, academies etc. It is understood if the facilities are strictly for defence purpose, but certainly not for leisure activities and academies.

The illegal occupation of Goan property by the defence forces should be stopped and land which is badly required for the state's development should be got vacated by the Goa government.

But what we see all these years is Matanhy waging a lone battle and not getting the support of our spineless Goan CMs including the mega corrupt and communal Parrikar as well as our ministers, educated as well as uneducated.

Of late only the hnourable MP Shantaram Naik has made forceful pleas in the Parliament in this regard.

D.JUSTIN said...

Who will listen ot Gua Government as the Gua Government is a puppet in the hands of Delhi Masters. The bloody Indian Governnment still treats Goans like second class citizens.

dlp said...

If we Goans, majority of us, were true sons and daughters of Goa, we would not have had a Gua Government. These looters of Goa by calling themselves they are the true lovers of Goa, has put us Goans to shame of the map of the world where we had, and still have, high respect not as Indians but GOANS!

Lance Dias said...

The bullshit Indian Navy is scared of something for sure that 's why they occupy 10% of our motherland.The people in Delhi are just visiting Goa as tourists and do not look afterthe development of the state

Pisso said...

-What a irony; the smallest state in the Indian Union got the highest desity of the Armed forces. This clearly proves that this part of the territory is definately the occupied part of another country.

Perdro Lopes said...

It's not Liberation, It's  INVASION, the rest is war bounty.

All traitors maybe Cortalim MLA Matanhy Saldanha think and believe it's liberation, but it's 100 % Invasion.

Why people always fool us by saying Liberation!!!!, the answer is we Goans like to be fooled, We don't like to stand up.

NG should forbid this word "Liberation" it's an insult to Goa, just like NG wouldn't allow badwords on it's site.

An Independent Goa is the answer for all our problems.

Neville said...

And they call it liberation. Its all war booty for the armed forces and the indians.

Emediavoice said...

If we wakes up you Goans on Mathany and his policies, you will be  stunned like a stone. All these are gimmicks dear Goans.Don't be a fool or carried away by a small remarks of these idiots.

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