GOGEL WHERE GOD AND THE DEAD LIVE TOGETHER!!!! by Abel Barreto exclusively for Niz Goenkar and Goan villagers.

Sadolxem is a God's own village, where Our Lady of Rosary and Devki goddess have made a permanent abode for themselves by the river Talpona which was enraged on 2nd October 2009.
This unspoilt village where no outsiders are found is unique in n numbers of ways and another wonder of this place which is kept a closely guarded secret and kept aloof from outside invasion is the Gogel on the hills of the Sadolxem village, where water flows directly from the heaven.
The ancestors of this village came from Salcete after their family and neighbors disowned them after conversion by the Portuguese.
These ancestors accidentally discovered Gogel when they were grazing their cattle on the hills of Sadolxem. Since then this Gogel has attracted picnickers to enjoy the heavenly waters in the company of earthly booze.
You can track the Gogel by foot or you can bring the Gogel on your desk by google satellite imagery or simply get glued to the still photos.
And if you decide to track it on foot, then you have to follow a local from a ward called Muthal in sadolxem. Gogel located at Pokolim is at five Km’s from this place. On the way the holly cross welcomes you and reminds you to be careful on your way up hill. A little ahead all type of birds sing for you till they leave you in the company of the dead at the now unused cemetery of Our Lady of Rosary Church. As you pass by the cemetery saying hello to all the dead, remembering your loved ones buried and saying a small prayer, in no time you realize that the gods own abode is not so far.
One of the unique nesses of Gogel lake which is ten meters deep and twenty meters wide is, no life is lost till today in this lake where water falls from a little height at the center and forces its way up in all directions, The divine water is also believed to be having some medical properties, as it comes from the springs from the upstream as it rubs with all types roots and stones enriching it with minerals.
As I come to the end of this article, I received a couple of phone calls not to throw this jewel open to the world, as Sadolxemkars are afraid that the picnickers may not abide by the thumb rule that all types of waste is to be taken while saying goodbye to the Gogel. The virgin untrampled Garden of Eden where the God and the dead party together and in the rainy season, the SADOXEKARS.
By Abel Barreto exclusively for Nizgoenkar and Goan villagers.


Abhi said...

I had been there once with my friends from Sadolxem Canacona, really its a paradise on earth
You have to witness it to believe it.

Abhijit Ponda

Avelino said...

Sadolxem is a tiny village and all Sadolxekars are
very proud of it. Dev Borem Korum Abel for your lovely article on GOGEL
.While reading  I felt like I am in their. For work reason this year
till today I am not able to visit this heavenly place but soon I will
manage. But now I am little worried after this your lovely article. Will
we able to enjoy the same way as we are enjoying,  as amount of other
villagers will now start to come and jump in this heavenly water? Abel
Keep writing.
Avelino Barreto

dlp said...

Beautiful, sentimental and heart warming article. This is the first time I am hearing of this place and make it a point to visit and see this paradise on earth (as described by Abhi).

Avelino, you don't have to worry either because of this article, the tourists might mess the place up. As the villagers have managed to maintain to its originality, they can still continue to do so. I only hope our young generation abides by the rules of the elders and don't give in to our corrupt ministers' developers, etc.

Superb Article Abel Barreto and thanks for making me/us aware of this Paradise on Earth. Viva Goa!!!

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