PANJIM: The government and the marathi supportig Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM) leaders along with freedom fighters and others supporting the cause of regional languages are on collision course over the issue of grants to the English medium primary schools, even as the state would observe the 66th Revolution Day on Saturday.
Even as the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat said that the government would go ahead with the planned programme to mark the Revolution Day and that the day would be observed as per the programme drawn by the government, those opposed to the government policy on medium of instruction announced the second phase of agitation against the government decision on Saturday.
The writers and artistes announced an agitation against the “controversial” medium of instruction decision of the state government and said that they would launch a fight for Goa’s second liberation, beginning from June 18.
The Chief Minister said that the day was being observed to pay respects to those who gave us the freedom by participating in the agitation on this day, 65 years ago. “Those who want to agitate could well do so,” he said adding that the government would not try to stop them.
The BBSM along with the writers in regional languages and freedom fighters’ bodies have planned agitation to protest against the government decision to give grants to English medium primary schools in the state.
The BBSM, writers, artistes and the Freedom fighters’ organisations had given time to the government till June 18 to reverse its decision and with no sign of government relenting, their leaders were expected to hold agitation in the city. The freedom fighters have announced that they would hold their own function to mark the occasion after the government function was over.
Meanwhile, freedom fighters from Ponda on Friday informed that they would not attend the government programme at Kranti Maidan, Ponda on Saturday in order to protest against the government decision of giving grants to English primary schools.  “We will not attend the programme to show the government that we are against its decision on the medium of instruction. We will stand outside and when the official programme of the government is over, we will enter in and pay our respects at the martyrs’ memorial,” said Mr Rohidas Naik, a freedom fighter. He added that introducing a foreign language at the primary level would wipe out the Goan culture.
Informing that every year around 15 freedom fighters attend the Goa Revolution Day programme, some freedom fighters said that as they are not attending the government programme this year, it would embarrass the government as it prepares to celebrate 50 years of liberation this year. Reacting to the freedom fighters’ statement, the state Home Minister, Mr Ravi Naik said that in a democracy ever citizen has a right to protest. “We have nothing to say on that. The programme would, however, be held as usual,” he said.
The Governor, Dr S S Sidhu and the Chief Minister, Mr Digambar Kamat extended warm greetings to the people of Goa on the occasion of Goa Revolution Day. In his message, the Governor said, “I deem it an honour to join the people of Goa in commemorating the Goa Revolution Day. It was 65 years ago on June 18 that patriotic Goans rose in mass revolt under the leadership of the well-known freedom fighter, Dr Ram Manohar Lohia against the atrocities being perpetrated on them by the then colonial Portuguese regime. The importance of the day could be judged from the fact that the uprising not only shook the foundation of the alien rule, but eventually it led to the Liberation of Goa on December 19, 1961.”
In his message, the Governor further said, “Goa is in the midst of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of its Liberation and Silver Jubilee of the full-fledged statehood. This state has made tremendous progress since the attainment of Liberation while maintaining its tradition of communal harmony and co-existence. I extend my best wishes to the people of Goa on this solemn occasion and express the hope that they would continue to work hard to make their homeland a model state in the country while keeping in mind the need of inclusive growth.”
In his message, the Chief Minister said, “On the occasion of June 18, this year we are honouring 16 freedom fighters, 11 posthumous and 5 living who participated in the freedom struggle and sacrificed their precious lives for Goa’s liberation. The government’s appreciation to honour freedom fighters will
encourage students and youth to understand the heroic struggle by freedom fighters and martyrs for the cause of freedom. On this occasion let us rededicate ourselves and work hand in hand to maintain the rich traditions and communal harmony in the state.”


Shyam Sawant said...

It is high time these marath-waddes are kicked out of Goa.  First of all the divorcee Tai should be kicked out.  She is an opportunist trying to take the advantage of the situation to promote marathi which will never happen.  We are Goans and our mother tongue is Konkani and it will live forever. LONG LIVE KONKANI

Joe Rebello said...

Marathi is a scrap language, when someone talks marathi it looks like a ghanti talking.  Tai is a ghanti herself of an illegitmate father.  Dump her into the Mandovi river along with Naguesh Karmali and Uday Bhembro (mucous from the nose)

Nisha Pednekar said...

BBSM is fighting for Marathi and not Konkani.  They should not be supported at all.  Konkani is our mother tongue just as Mr. Sawant said above.  It should be Konkani all the way and Marathi should be shown back door and all the lovers of Marathi should be asked to quit Goa.

A to Z said...

TAI  shouldn't lecture goans on culture and regionalism. What culture does she belong. She is of a mixed blood. Her father  it is beleived was  an illegitimate son of a PAKLO. Soon after liberation there were headlines on Portuguese dailys in Portugal which said " PORTUGUESE MAY HAVE LEFT GOA BUT PORTUGUESE BLOOD  IS STILL RULING GOA". The people who has  seen Bandodkar will know the colour of his skin and how he was looking. No resemblence to Goan Culture. The freedom fighters are running around her  but they should remember that her father called all the freedom fighters as smugglers,  otherwise they should check the Assembly records.

Shambuswamy said...

You said it Nisha, exactly --BBSM is not at all worried about Konkanni, they are only fighting to prevent all Bahujan samaj from sending their children to English medium schools and thus spell doom for this maharastrian language. The movement of BBSM is backed and funded by Maharshtrian elements like the old bitch Tai, RSS ghantti Velingkar etc... These people have manged to brainwash uneducated MLAs like Babu Azgaonkar, Nilkanth Halarnkar etc. For BJP it is a God send opportunity to do what they are best doing at-- to divide the people among communal lines and to polarise people before next elections.

It is a pity that morons like Uday bhemmbre, Vishu Wagh, and even a respected gentleman like Arvind Bhatikar do not understand this gameplan of the Marathi lobby.

In this game of dirty politics the losers will be the  common people from bahujan Samaj as they have been all these years since liberation. Their so called leaders want them to remain illiterate and continue to blackmail into voting for them--'amchea shivallach mat ghal, zalach payje''.

D.JUSTIN said...

Marathi speaking Goans should be dipped in Indian Ocean to clean their hearts. Dr Jack Sequira had cleaned their mind but not heart. If these IDIOTS really have love for marathi than they have to settle in maharasthra with people like Bal Thackerry and do their chewing pan business.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Very much on Target

Neville said...

How long do we have to tolerate this bull shit from these freedom fighters? Is MOI in english all they can fight against? And how imposing marathi on goans will uphold the culture? Fast against the corruption in goa, the garbage problems, ghantti problems, the illegal land sale, so many worthy causes, you idiots. Together with tai witch, you freedom fighters must move to maharastra, where you wont have any trouble speaking marathi daily. The so called liberation is a load of crap imposed on us by the invader indians

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