Question arises on the first newspaper of Goa “Workers friend” under the patronage of the colonist and how it was torn apart into bits and bytes. Press partiality was for the rulers and to their elite loyalty while general Goan public voice was suppressed by the saintly clergy.
Today it is printed in blood and sweat of Goan workers and public taxes illegally donated by the politicians to advertise them as “Rascal Workers”. Then was the exit of the lion of Goan freedom press, Editor Rajan Narayan because he always Heralded like the Alsatian of Bethlehem the birth of sharks and corruption. Until this day the Goans misses this lion, who embraced Goans with love against the mighty corrupt governments.
Today the daily Goan papers who hires and fires are like onion tomato wrappers. The reporters, photographers or journalist are professional security ghantis only saluting the Ctrl+V bosses’ .The workers friend, Herald or New India papers are like demonic scripture verses of politicians and toilet papers for the Goan public. Yes the kids are pissing on these papers with images of politicians and their accomplices.
“We need humans not leaders or monitor in our state to overcome us” answered a young kid in VIII class to us. We are not of your generation like lame dogs relying on the aid of USA, UK or from Portugal barked the other student. We are least bothered of development and need upgrading of our teachers to educate us on the current issues. We clean our blackboard with your newspaper and you media guys have no brains to protect the nature. At one stance we thought of lifting our skirts and retreating or resorted by jumping over the windows but we perspired to face this class until the end. Ultimately a shy child asked us, Teacher are you nervous like me? Our brains protruded out as she spoke to us “The inventor of bulb overhead still function at 99% and sweats out only 1%.
“Va re Va” we whispered among us of these students and we realized the boldness of new generation of unaided school. Yes these kids have the courage to speak rather than keeping silent like the parents hearing the sermons of the 1st century. Yes these shun kids will one day draw away the builders and Ghantis out of Goa. Today they are silent Goan Observers but tomorrow they will resort to action similar of what is happening in the Middle East and North African countries. What is happening in Libya due to Ghantis is a similar fate Goa will overcome decades later. What the Goan news paper reports is a half baked Pav, even the kids are fed up of media.
Freedom of press is not for you Goans any more to voice out your grievances. It’s only for the professional journalist or Ghantis, educated illiterate fools, goondas, and governments or for the influence elite. Your criticism is not welcomed at the doors of these news agencies. You cannot express the rule of your land or self but you are free to advertise with advance payment the births and deaths of your near and dear ones on Goan news papers.
Freedom was born out of blood and not a single nation can deny of it. Can the current Spanish, British or Irish Americans deny of the slaughter of over million red Indians sons and daughters of America? Can the British deny of the slaughter and slaving of the original aborigines of Australia? And so will it happen to our dear people of Goa. Not now but in a decade or later not of the similar fate because the press of Goa is reluctant and steadily erasing you and your problems. Not even your “workers friend” because the Master Shepherd at Altinho Palace languishes day and night with the veins and arteries of political organs. Yes Goa press was censored prior to 1961 by the dictators and until this day by the Governments is a reminder for the Goans the perils of their own existence. Reporting over and out.


Don Quixote said...

Herald is one newsline of Goa which will not print anyting that will annoy the government as it want to live on advertisements. rajan narain can write things only which are dear to his heart and Navhind Times is for the business lobby. There is no PRESs in Goa except now Gomantak Times and Times of India which are much better.

dlp said...

The Editor of Herald, always sits behind his desk and smiles and hallo's everyone. So evreyone thinks he is an angel. An Angel, he might be, as I know him well from childhood, but these Devil politicinas has turned him into the biggest Lucifer of all times. His father must be crying up there what these monkeys have turned him into.

Salvador Seraulim said...

There is no freedom of the press in Goa, Herald was forced to shut its comment section under political pressure. Because politicians and police  were being slashed for wrong doing. When different parties come to power, different papers take their political sides. 

Gobor said...

Herald's reporters are on the payroll of salcetes's politicians.  Thats where it circulates the most.   But the ill-gotten wealth from blackmoney adverts  has to be lost paying alimony  Mr. Raul.

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