JUDAS WAS THEIR GUIDE by Rupert Coutinho, Dubai

Although some parents and family members will be proud of their acts of destruction, today some children in Goa will be ashamed to see the photos of their parents or some family members indulging in acts of vandalism/ resorting to bundh flashed on the front pages of local dailies.
These children themselves will be very fortunate to carry this distinguishing blot of the criminal nature of their known members in their hearts and will one day be proudly telling the stories to their grandchildren about the rise of criminals in their own families. The call by BJP-MGP-UGDP to the bundh resulted in terror, destruction, intimidation, injuring an innocent bus conductor, damage to private property and transport and birth of Axis of Evil in Goa.
They did not achieve anything constructive. They even disgraced themselves further by stooping and falling at the feet of the Konkani protagonists for support in all ways. Even a person begging for food or money will not stoop so low out of their own self respect. However for the Axis of Evil, Judas was their Guide and Judas’ kiss had a very strong influence on their Bharatiya Sonstha and their doings and so as disgraced Goans they turned their backs on Goans and prevented the children a right to education.
Are the people of Goa and the migrants ever going to elect these parties further in the future?
As for me, never. I have lost the faith in these pseudo opportunist leaders and if Goans are fortunate to have Hitler descend from his grave with a wish to contest in Goa, I would definitely vote and ask everyone to vote for him. At least he will be a new God sent reformer who will do away with the resurgent and terrorizing communal forces in the chambers.
This unsuccessful bundh proved how some of the leaders were scavenging on irrelevant issues to remain in limelight or to come to power. Some of them are too old and feeble even to walk or talk. The English and the Americans mock Indian democratic progress saying that India is ruled by Didi in the East, Amma in the South, Bhenji in North, Aunty in the Capital, Madam at the Centre and Nani at the Top.
I wonder why there was no reference to the Tai because Goa is more well known that India? I guess Tai to every Goan is supremacy to Marathi as the Official language but this reminds me a song ‘’The Day That Never Comes’’. Most of the so called leaders were unsuccessful contestants to the present tenure of Goa Legislative Assembly while the door of power has been slammed on the other few. While some were lame ducts even though in ruling and someone is harnessing a desire of CM in Waiting.
The MGP’s leadership is waning and the BJP’s influence at the centre is diminishing. Some of their leaders are old, some retired, others have revolted and shamelessly rejoined without any courage of conviction. And a septuagenarian has bitten the dust but is still PM in waiting or may be forever waiting till………..I guess I should be signing ‘’THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES’’. Now the UGDP is more synonymous with decay.
Why did the BJP support BBSM? I would dare their leaders to fight for making Konkani the official language in Goa? Can they Do that? Will they compensate for the damage and loss occurred including loss on productivity and earnings due to the irrational behavior of uncivilized people? Will they tender an apology to the injured bus conductor? The BJP should by now conclude that their days are numbered and Goans are fed up with their cheap gimmick. Some people were so fed up with the bundh that they organized a civilsed and peaceful protest against BBSM’s immaturity by pissing in full public on photos from the newspapers and allowing the dogs and crows to do the rest on the droppings.
The call for bundh did not result in the official language to be declared as Marathi which is perceived by most people as the purpose for their Bundh and lunatic agitation. Konkani has survived for many centuries and will continue to survive as the language of Goa and I’m very sure that many Goans will never say a prayer for the dying if it does not serve the interest of the Goans.
Now the unsuccessful leaders who called for the bundh should immediately retire from active politics and sincerely be dedicated towards starting Education as their profession to keep their culture alive because they see language/ culture as more critical issue for Goans survival while people’s aspirations for tacking other critical issues have fallen on deaf ears. As for Bhatikar, he should be reading the headlines in today's newspapers on the views by Principal's of some reputed schools in Margao including Model High School.


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

The bandh was definitely unsuccessful. The organizers and their supporters had to "enforce" the bandh through violence and the threat of violence.

The organizers cannot claim that the bandh was a success. They can claim that the acts of violence were a success.

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