PANJIM: Land crunch in Goa could force real estate developers in the state to look for better options elsewhere in the country, an investment advisory firm said on Wednesday.   Speaking to reporters after announcing the opening of a Goa branch of the Neostar Posiview Capital Advisors (NPCA), the firm's managing director Vineet Deo said the obvious areas for real estate majors from Goa were Pune or coastal Maharashtra.
"The real estate industry in Goa is facing a land crunch. The most obvious route for them is to look for other areas near Goa like Pune or coastal Maharashtra where volumes are high," Deo said.
Mega housing projects have faced stiff resistance in Goa from civil society groups who have objected to the fact that the real estate lobby has converted Goa into a market for investment-oriented second homes.
The Goa government was also forced to cancel seven special economic zone ( SEZ )) projects in 2008, several of which were promoted by real estate companies, in face of public opposition to the real estate intensive projects.
Deo also said that Goa's tourism industry players also needed to look at investment in other larger and developing tourism-oriented regions like Rajasthan and the beach belt of Maharashtra to replicate the success which tourism enterprises in Goa had attained over the years.
He added that Goa was a logical extension for small and medium enterprises (SME) because of the state's proximity to Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.  "Goa being in close proximity to Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune has substantial growth potential in the SME industrial expansion space," Deo said.  "The fast-growing next generation of Goan entrepreneurs present tremendous excitement to investment bankers looking to take Goan businesses beyond its geographical boundaries," he added.


Oliver Masky said...

Please Please Go outside Goa and seek your land to develop. Goa is well developed with Criminal  and Corrupt ministers. 

Afedupgoan said...

I have 1 hacter agri land for which one bengali offered Rs. 260.00 per mt2 since he was a ghanti i refused the offer

David Leitao said...

Maximisation of profits is the sole objectives of the real estate lobby who in connivance with the elected CHOR representatives and bureaucrats these evil forces attack the FIXED ASSET of Goa which is their land. Once land is lost all is lost. We do not want to make Mumbai, Bangalore Pune or Singapore out of Goa GOA has to remain GOA !!!! These 40 chor MLAs have no vision !!!  Goans chase away these real estate lobby be vigilant and do not part away with your FIXED ASSET ----  GOAN LAND !!! GOAN LAND NOT FOR SALE !!!! GOAN POLITICIANS ALL FOR SALE !!!!!

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

I think Goa is too small for "development" as brought about by the real estate industry or for SEZs. It seems more suitable for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Tourism should also be developed. Maybe government should give a try to "home stays". I myself stayed at a home stay in Fort Kochi area, last year, along with my family. And we enjoyed the stay. 

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

This is the good news for Goan and Ghanti Indians please get out from Goa, there is no place left for you in Goa. Please! Please! get out you builders at least Goans will have space and effordability to build decent house.

Shambuswamy said...

Dear Sir, God will bless you and all Goans like me are very very grateful for you cause by refusing to sell your land to Ghanttis you have contributed greatly to prserve our culture and our identity as the very essence of Gaoenkarponn that we are so emotionally attached.

I wish all Goan landowners were like you and thought of the future generations of niz-goenkars before selling thier land to non-goans or even builders, as eventually the high priced flats are bought mostly by Ghanntis loaded with ill-gotten wealth.

I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart and it does leave me with some hopefor the future of Goa and Goans. Now we all have to support Matanhy Saldanha in the struggle to achieve special status for Goa which alone can protect Goan land and identity.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Was this Bengali guy a JOKER? or a TIATRIST?
Rs 260.00 per sq mtr is plain crazy.
Point him in the direction of the Konkan Railway stations, and ask him to try his luck in Bengal. 

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi FEDUPGOAN; I just thought I would mention another trick.
If you are approached again by this or any other an idiot offering you such a low figure to purchase your land,Play a trick on him.
Just tell him that  plenty of Gold has been discovered recently, following a geographical survey and it has been in the news to.
You may get a higher rate. 

Emediavoice said...

 Goa space is still vacant for these builders and for their collaborators. The master builder lavishing at Altinho Palace, with his stink of clergy bodyguards must be sobbing to say farewell to their Ghantis. Hope the collaborators like Modkoikars and Gaunekars will be flying high of the wealth if the builders like ozone group from Madras planing for a mega city in Vanxim with 1000+ villas for Ghanttis  may vanishes in the sky.

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