IRONY OF THE MAN OF MASSES by Rupert Coutinho, Dubai

I read with great interest a big advertisement issued by some unknown Goans from Dubai congratulating the MEN of Masses in a Goan daily OHERALDO and was very sure that they don’t mean it to the CM after all I have see all the previous advertisements and can only conclude that the people refer this MAN to the Varca strongman Churchill Alemao.
I was having a big laugh because the ad was from a very new unheard association named as the Dubai Goans and a self Crowned President of whom I never heard before unlike my previous close encounters with a Charlie Chaplin from Qatar and a Labrador at the Global Goans Convention in Kuwait who have no limit to what they like doing the best.
So I made some calls to Dubai, the paradise of some of the most infamous MLAs in Goa and personally spoke to some of these people whom I knew from the ad and many were caught unaware of their names appearing to glorify a person who they can never ever trust. When I read to them their names some of them were taken aback when there was no entry of the Bandit whom they are suspecting to be the brains behind the ad.
What surprised me the most was that the number of people in the ad was not even 100 which were in sharp contrast to the word Masses. That’s the irony of the phrase ‘’MAN OF THE MASSES’’ and never again a CM which many of his faithful followers cannot digest for the 20th year in running ever since 1990-1991. No doubt that he has been a force to reckon with and he has rocked the Kodel with his G5 and G7 but the golden Codel has always eluded him despite being proclaimed as Man of the Masses.
The incidents of 6th June 2011 proved that the 1 Lakh followers of the Man of Masses were outnumbered by a few hooligans from the Axis of Evil. Interesting on that day there was a Woman of greater Masses whose regional language believers overshadowed and paralysed the respective constituencies of the Men of the Masses and this incident should once and for all put to rest the myth and misconception of Man of the Masses.
Rupert Coutinho


Emediavoice said...

Your Newspapers in Goa published in all languages are paid agencies operating on the payrolls of Gondas and party leaders. We faces numerous times stiff oppositions and even thrown out of their offices or our articles were thrown in dustbins. We feels ashamed of news media in Goa and thinks papers like TOI, Goan Observers and Goan blogs are 100 times better for electronic media voices to speak the truths and lies of Goan leaders. Ask your Churchill whether he charges 1lakh rupees from Goans for the job of a seamen or for the cleaner vacancy in Dubai or middle east?.

Chorchill Kamat 69 said...

Dubai Goans = Made of chamcha's of the PWD minister.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Those who put an add are bigots and tammed dog's of this self proclaimed man of the masses. These people have brains in their knees and not head, inspite of aware of what is happening in our beautiful Goa these bas...rds are glorifying their masters, they can see and yet blind. And I am sure this add must have paid by the same man of the masses and in case if anyone can come out saying their name has been included in the add without their knowledge then the very same people should come out clear. This is pure election publicity. This very same Man was responsible to implement MOI in Konkani way back in 1991 when he brought down Congress Govt.

SPY 13 said...

Arre baba, that is a slight English variation of the Konkani swear word "M*** - Asses"

Waiting for an Answer said...

who is the Badit there? Is it the Benedict Lobo? Someone Please clear my doubt.......

David Leitao said...

Arhe Baba this Chorchill, big lips Valanka Alemao alongwith Yuri Alemao and the illegal mning king Joking Alemao are on a self glorification trip their EGOS are as big as their ARSES!!! Their knees cannot take their weight, weight that they have gained robbing the Goan masses !!!! Everyone knows wanted these CHORS owned 30 years back a few catholic priests out of pity supported them and these 'LITTLE MEN " the Alemaos of Varca wrecked havoc into the Goan masses !!! These evil men have 'CONNED" the Bishop of Goa to pose with them inaugrating some Chor project of their recently in the Navhind Times !!!! Keep away from Chorchill and his evil CLAN and forget his " Tarvottachem Bondollaem "

dlp said...

This Chorchill is called Man of the Masses because he claims to be God fearing and goes for Mass everyday. If this is true, then 365 Masses per year, and 366 in the leap year. Hence the title "Man of the Masses".

N.Fernandes-London said...

Benedict Lobo is "allegedly", a well known & staunch supporter of Churchill Alemao.As a Disc Jockey (DJ)of Radio Goa in Dubai,he believes there is no other like DJ like him.How mistaken can he be.
The minute Churchill Alemao arives in Dubai, with looted money from Goa, Benedict Lobo is known to greet him on bended knees.I believe Radio Goa is sponsored by the likes of Churchill .
He thinks and behaves like a lothario, when women call to request konkani songs.They use their charms to get a song played by him.But he thinks they fancy him & LOVE HIM.
From what I hear they are much wiser & see him as a "RAT".
He hates criticism and threatens to sue everyone & anyone. So I am not sure why he is in the "Public" arena.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Ruoert:
Thanks for the link to the advert published in Herald and sponsored by Dubai Goans, praising Churchill & Kamat.
Once again it seems like Churchills " GOAN SLAVES", condemned & sent to work in Dubai, have failed to see who were the true Fighters for getting grants for MOI.
Churchill was not present at any of the Rallies held in GOA by FORCE demanding grants for English Medium education or MOI .
The person and persons  that deserved an accolade is Savio Lopes and the Parents.
Churchill only decided to make " grunting noises", when he heard that  Mickky Pacheco was active in support of MOI.
While the Rallies were taking place,Churchill was busy doing his arithmetics in Commissions, along with Big Lips Valanka ( a Social working Accountant & paper Advocate).
I hope the Goan public will view this advertisment, by the Goan  Clowns of Dubai, named in the Advert, as an insult to their humble and sterling efforts.
These Goan Dubai Clowns, are no more than a shameful lot & should hide their faces in shame.


Gobor said...



There was an old Smuggler.

Who lived off the coast,

He usually wore white,

That in the pitch of the night,

Looked more like his father’s ghost


Even for a funeral, he would raise a toast


“I can win from any where”

With a growl, he did boast.

Said, none can fight,

His power and his might,

Always party-hopping, from pillar to post.


O’ght to be hanged, to the nearest lamp-post


She is the apple, of his eye

An advocate, for a daughter.

Her lips like buttercup,

And the hot-mixed make-up,

When callipered, an was inch and a quarter


Her daddy drinks scotch, and we putrid water.

dlp said...


You are great Man! Either with your articles or poetries. Keep them coming. Let' FIRE!!!!!!!

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