GOA VOTES: VOTE 4,500 RUPIA OR 420 MLA by Emediavoices, Goa

For weeks we are observing unique heat of wild voices and angered scripts by the readers and writers of Niz Goenkars based not on hatred but on angered voices to blog on the future path for a clean government in your state. For universe a billion year is equivalent to a day and for you friends it’s less than a year to structure the steps to walk on the booths. In a matter of seconds you will then decide the diversion to shape self and the path for your children’s.
For a decades we have observe in your state, the absence of conducting a common platform election whereby the politicians can be quizzed, ask their agenda. What we discovered are the microphones, loudspeakers, recorded slogans with their well-wishers barking like scavengers and yelling as if they are starved for months without food. Why are the press conferences not held prior to the election with the current contesting candidates (sorry to state candidates, they are fit to be hyenas). The only art we see in your candidates is bowing in front of the public houses as if adoring the Devi’s or Devchars. Why? Least they should LIE flat on the ground similar we saw in Tamilnadu.
From prior elections, we had instant reports of voter’s names and for whom they have cast or castrate before COUNTING. Is this remote cigarette balloting or secret butting? We have reports of your candidates crooks (including panchayat members) distributing 500 Rupees per vote in Divar, Charao, Malar, Narao, Vanxim, Akdar, St.Estevam, Old Goa and parts of Goa and adjoining areas of Cumbarjua and yet the people receives with pride and votes the candidate with a venomous smile.
Are the 420 MLA’s paying the rents in advance for next 5 years for St. Francis balcony or Bom Jesus guest house? What is the purpose of the automatic balloting machines? Is it a not a better option for the election commission to introduce blending, vending or ATM machines for Goan voters to debit bailout for the default ministers.


Anand Desai Mopa said...

Goan Politicians are pimps to of the Congress and the BJP alike, as neither party is in the interest of Goans. As Pimps politicians purchase votes of crumb eaters, and when in power sell parts off Goa including Jobs to outsiders. It is the true Goans that have to suffer due to the Crumb eaters. 

Dalia said...

Fully agree with Emedia, unless the Crumb Eaters succumb to these politicians, Goans will not be able to change Goa. It is the duty of every Goan not to vote for notes. Let us be vigilant and counsel the crumb eaters to reject money for votes. Until the next elections, whe have a chance to educate the fallen people who are dictated by these corrupt politicians and their crumb eaters.

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