PANJIM: The crime branch has submitted a report to the deputy inspector general of police (DIG) claiming that constable Chandru Gawas "must have consumed poison due to personal reasons". The report, submitted by crime branch DySP Chandrakant Salgaonkar to the DIG states, "From Gawas' mobile phone details and other relevant information, it appears that the driver must have consumed poison due to personal reasons.
He never expressed his difficulties to any of the superior officers at any time. His earned leave application dated June 22, 2011, was forwarded to DySP M T Section on the very next day—on June 23—with a remark 'recommended replacement driver may please be deputed'." The Police officers of dirty nature like Chandrakant Salgaoncar have got the habit of creating documents as per their requirements and must have done this to save their skins.
Chandrakant Salgaoncar is a known culprit in harassing the officers of lower rank specially the constables and is even known to loot them. This he has been doing ever since he became a PSI. He has been womanizing all the time too. He used to give dirtiest badwords to the police constable on their mothers and sisters and fathers. These have been heard by quite a lot of people says a head constable who asked us not to use his name. The head constable also had his doubts that it could well be Chandrakant Salgaoncar and Pravinkumar Vast who forcible administered Ratol to Chandru Gawas who knew quite a lot of their dirty secrets.
Following Gawas' death, the DGP had instructed crime branch officials to find out why he had consumed poison. In this connection, they had gone through the call details on Gawas' mobile phone. "He had only spoken to one woman for a long time on the intervening night," sources said. The report also states that Gawas was admitted to Campal hospital for treatment under a bogus name—Samir Naik. Gawas had consumed Ratol on the morning of June 25 while on duty as he was "upset and irritated" with life. Besides being denied leave for his wedding, he was unhappy with the working conditions and had reportedly blamed three crime branch officials for this, sources said.
He expired on June 28. Gawas, from Nanora, Bardez, who was on duty on June 24, consumed poison on June 25 between 12am and 12.30am and went to sleep. A little later, he received a call from his cousin informing him about an aunt's death. The cousin suggested that Gawas and she should together go to their aunt's house, but found that he was not responding to her queries. Soon after, she heard him vomiting and asked him where he was. He responded saying he was at the crime branch and then switched off his mobile phone.


D.JUSTIN said...

The time has come for the people of Goa to take the law in their own hands . The corrupt congress government failed us in all the ways. The corrupt police and politicians working hand in gloves to loot and terrorise the innocent citizens.

Shyam Sawant said...

Chandrakant Salgaonkar is a big womaniser, as a PSI he was busy enjoying with the ladies where ever he went.  This crook and thief must be done away with along with Jivba Dalvi.

Dalia said...

It should be common justice for all. Why are these criminal cops not yet arrested? They shouod be arrested without delay. When the whole police family are chors, they will protect each other. Goa has become a lawless state.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Yes Goa has become a lawless state like Bihar, there is no law here these so called ruthless corrupt police officers should be wiped off one by one to give stern warning to rest of the dogs in Police force. What Arya is talking about that Gawaas should have gone to him at least to complain. Whom he is trying to fool, do you think any lower rank police constable has courage and entry into DGP Office?. And if at all Gawas had done it do you think these three named dirty Police Officers would have allowed him to live in peace, his rest of working life would have been misrable. Home Ministrer himself is dirty bas..rd CHOR and how department under him would expect to be honest.
Goa surely need revolution and regional party is need of the hour. Goans Please wake up, give up your dirty mentality and elect new honest integrity people. No need to blame when it is too late.

Dalia said...

It is the lower cadre in police that suffers. One could see the traffic cop standing at traffic islands with no shade over his roof for a full day. A little higher ups are busy issuing fake chalans and earning money. Some policemen are posted at MLA's door steps to salute these criminals as a form of punishment because they are no good in saluting at the boss. Some police of the lower cadre are busy dropping the wives of their officers to work or shopping including cleaning their personal vehicles. The lower cadre suffers specially those who are helpless after paying a hefty sum to get the job. The higher ups from ASI onwards are reaping fruits. It is their birth-right to reap fruits, they think. Some lower cadre is used to collect haftas for their bosses to avert direct detection in case there is a conflict. The living conditions of these lower cadre who stays in barracks is pitiable but the higher ones enjoys in Star hotels since they have earned their right through crime by helping these hotels to commit different sorts of crime. Matka is played in front of police stations and no one will dare to stop that as each bookie pays a hefty sum of at least Rs. 10000. Policemen in higher ranks normally don't buy fish or vegetables by dipping their hands in their pockets as it is supplied to them free at home as protection gift. However, the lower cadre who are on a patrolling round does not spare the omlette gaddas, get what they can for free is the norm of the Goa police.

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