PANJIM: Several freedom fighters and activists were arrested across the state today after protests against English as the Medium of Instruction (MOI) turned tense and louder on Goa Revolution Day.  Around 100 people including famous writers, theatre artists and even a former IAS officer were arrested near Azad Maidan, where a state function was being addressed by the Governor and the Chief Minister Digambar Kamat.
Protests have erupted across the state against government's decision to recognise English as MOI.  Kamat was booed during his speech by protesters and freedom fighters today at the Azad Maidan, even as several other freedom fighters were felicitated for their contribution to Goa's liberation in the function.
Several activists were arrested by police as protests became louder.  In South Goa's Margao town, 50 agitating people including more than 10 freedom fighters were arrested outside the Lohia Maidan, from where freedom fighter Ram Manohar Lohia in 1946 gave a clarion call to the people of the state to oppose the colonialists in Goa.
Condemning the police action, Naguesh Karmali, President, All Goa Freedom Fighters Association said, "This is shameful that bunch of politicians are governing the state without being concerned about sentiments of people. Its only because of our struggle that Goa is liberated now and these politicians including the CM are enjoying the fruits." – PTI


N.Fernandes-London said...

Looing at the news, these protestors looked like goondas and paid ruffians.

Neville said...

Karmali must be talking about the coconuts fruits he used to steal. This nut thinks he is mighty important to the so called freedom of goa. Because of him  & others of his ilk, goa is sliding backwards into deep shit just 50 years from the so called liberation.

Gobor said...

Being arrested like this if far dignified compared to  getting arrested while robbing Coconuts.  

Gobor said...

Let's put some "GHARRANNIM" on this rascals"    Please repeat/say "HOI SAIBA"

1.."Deva   hea narll chorpeamchea  burgeank  fukot serkar sirvis dita, ani amchea bhurgeank sirvis mellpak English magllear te "Bandh" kortat"   hea chorank bhud xikoi ==  "HOI SAIBA"

2.. "Deva hea haramkorank  amchea ghamechea  taxache  poixe khaun modh marla,  Tancho modh nuiddai"  == "HOI SAIBA"

3. "Ze osmitain  hea moxanank "bhembrem" mhunn navn dillem, osli osmitai he dushvaxi  monis rakhunk sodtat"  Tanchem bhembrem amkam launaka"  === "HOI SAIBA"

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