The advertisement on Herald dated 15th June’11 by a group of so called Dubai Goans has created a flutter all over Dubai. I begin to wonder if this Dubai Goans body is a joke or a secession of the elite. I myself was taken back reading the crap that was mentioned in the advertisement. It potentially shows the degrading mentality of a few bootlickers who are forever under obligation or look forward to being under obligation to our corrupt politicians.
Now this particular advertisement has put forth two theories, one, it’s the bootlickers who are glorifying these corrupt politicians or second, the politicians sanctifying themselves and both very much possible, as from past experience there isn’t shortage of bootlickers in Dubai, infact they are in abundance, where these “abstract notions” are made chief guests, sponsors and even interviewed for their benefit. When ever these guys come to Dubai you’ll always find the ample stooges falling all over themselves to be of service to these corrupt inapt politicians. As for glorifying themselves, it’s been running in their veins for decades and today it has embalmed in their genes too.
I was more than shocked with the contents of the advertisement, my sympathies with them for they do not know what they are doing or saying . What I cannot understand is when was this Dubai Goans body formed and how and when were these honoraries elected? Most of the Goans I know residing in Dubai do not have any idea about the existence of this body, leave alone the luminaries. It is indeed confusing but then it’s nothing new as most of what’s happening with Dubai Goans has always been confusing! Isn’t that right?


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