Last week the newspapers were splashed with self inserted advertisements of MLAs and ministers, each trying to steal credit from deserving parents for including English as medium of instruction at the primary education level. Among those elected representatives trying to get maximum unmerited mileage was Varca muscle man and PWD minister Churchill Alemao and Benaulim MLA Mickky Pacheco each trying not only to outdo but also discredit the other. There is an old saying, “If we can get the crowd moving in the right direction the politicians will have no choice but to get in front.
Churchill’s full page advertisement screamed, “The man of the masses fulfils main demand of Medium of Instruction”. While front–quarter page advertisement sarcastically thanked Mickky for, “What mess the, “So called leader of masses” had done as Chief Architect of PDF Government in 1991, has been undone by you”.
None of these characters have the right to claim credit for the victory. As it is the parents of school going children who had upped their ante against the wrong policy of the then Progress Democratic Front (PDF) government in 1991- a government propped up by Churchill Alemao after dethroning Pratapsing Rane government. The reason for toppling the government was - he was not given a cabinet berth or not made a minister. Ironically he is in the Digambar Kamat government using the same tactics.
What credit can he claim when parents rose up to undo the wrong he had done? Does it take ‘Man of Masses’ 20 years to realize his mistake? It is an open secret that this same legislator did a volte facie on the same issue during the assembly session in March this year and that too after attending meeting of parents at Azad Maidan which forced the Education minister to maintain a status quo on the issue. Churchill has not even addressed the assembly on the issue. Where was the Varca strong man when members of FORCE and some parents were arrested by the Margao police. Infact he was agitated because Benaulim MLA was present at the police station with those arrested and remained till they were released. PWD minister was part of the delegation in Delhi, what could this man possibly do to convince HRD minister Kapil Sibal? Firstly if Alemao tried to speak in Konkani, Sibal would not understand and if Churchill tried to put forth his views in English he would confuse HRD minister further. Churchill Alemao has become a legend in his own mind and maybe his daughter’s.
On the other hand Mickky Pacheco attended quite a number of meetings called by FORCE to show his solidarity. He urged and made panchayats in his constituency pass resolutions in favour of English as MOI. He also debated on the issue in the last assembly session and demanded that parents be given a choice. However even these efforts are not enough to claim credit.
Only two MLAs who can claim credit for English being made MOI are Calangute MLA Agnelo Fernandes and Curtorim MLA Reginaldo Lourenco. Fernandes has been making this demand in the assembly since 2008 and he received support from Reginald in 2009 however they have not claimed any credit for the same as they know the victory is rightfully of the parents. And unlike Churchill, Mickky and a few others they have not inserted advertisements to claim credit.
People of this state especially from Navelim and Benaulim constituencies should not forget Churchill Alemao’s election manifesto of opposing airport at Mopa, six lanning of national highway. As of today he has gone against all the promises made to the people after he got elected. But then PWD minister has made a virtue of taking credit for everything and classic example is not only MOI but also electrification of street lights in Navelim constituency on his birthday in 2010. Incidently the decorative street light were installed during Luizinho Faleiro’s tenure.
Be that as it may no individual politician or for that matter even a parent can take the credit for forcing the government into submission of extending grants to English as medium of instruction at the primary level, it is the collective effort of the church, parents, associations and individuals who worked at different levels to achieve the goal. However though, one should not forget those who laid the ground work with the vision to make English the medium of instruction one day.
For example All Goa Unaided Schools Parents Association (AGUSPA) had raised the issue with Education minister Babush Monserrate way back in 2009. On impressing upon him that trend of commercialization of education in Goa by managements of private unaided schools run by businessmen can only be arrested by reverting back to English medium of instruction at the primary level in government run and aided schools. Convinced with AGUSPA’s point of view and foresight he promised to work towards it. AGUSPA also met the Opposition Leader Manohar Parrikar, he was courteous enough to point blank tell us that he supports primary education in the mother tongue. When pointed out that managements of private unaided schools are fleecing parents because of government’s policy of not extending grants to aided school, he categorically said that the matter has to be discussed.
Then there is Dinar Barros a national awardee who was instrumental in holding the first meeting between the managements and PTAs after which Archdiocese Board of Education and Diocesan Society members stepped in to urge parents to unify for the cause, due to which FORCE was born. However Barros did not stop at that. When he went to receive the award in Delhi at the hands of Union ministers, he grabbed the opportunity took up the matter with Union ministers like HRD minister Kapil Sibal and Water Resources minister Salman Khurshid through petitions which resulted in central emissary being sent to Goa to take stock of the situation.
Members of FORCE did the ground work of contacting and organising PTAs to galvanise parents from all over the state. This is the ground reality. It is the parents who worked for the cause. Each and every parent lent support to the cause in their own way. Therefore I say it is not the victory of any politician not even politicians who have spent huge amounts of money to get publicity through self inserted advertisements. It is the victory of the parents.
The advertisements are meant only to garner and attract votes. Parents who after 20 years have undone a wrong of the PDF government should cast their ballot intelligently.


David Leitao said...

All these politicians are on a self glorification trip !!! I am told that they also have  very fertile libidos  these fornicators and adulterers like Micckey, Monserate, Churchill, Mauvin, Agnelo Fernandes, Dayanand Narvekar, Vishwajeet Ranee to name a few have been known offenders asking for sexual favours !!! Check their passports they have all visited Bangkok for what???? They are on a trip to satisfy their lustful wants both in cash and kind !!! Beleive me the knock kneed old man from Varca doest not lag behind FORNICATOR of the first order !!!!
Do you think they are serious about education, Medium of Instruction, sanitary problems, employment issues, protection of ecology and enviroment etc.!!! Dear Goans these scoundrels are out to satisfy their greed and lust and gain political mileage from every honest issue !!! All serious thinking Goans now is the time to unite and break free from the shackles of these LUSTFUL FORNICATORS !!! GOD WILL SAVE GOA ONLY IF YOU ACT NOW !!!!!

N.Fernandes-London said...

IS Churchill Alemao the "Strongman of Varca" or the  "Dirty Pig of Varca".

Statistically 99% of Goans think Churchill is THE DIRTY PIG OF VARCA., along with his family
He is the biggest crook ,smuggler and 10% Commission agent ,par excellence, Goa has known; and when history is   written about him, this will be reflected there in.
Currently, he is being felicitated by about 000.1% of the the Goan Population , mostly residents of Varca and his adopted Constituency Navelim.These supporters are usually fondly, and, insultingly refered to as "Crumbeaters" .
Churchill is no man of vision.His vision is too blurred.
What Churchill sees through his cloudy eyes is MONEY and SELF FELICITATIONS, in notably the Herald Newspaper.
I do not blame Herald.They need the money through adverts.However the Herald should not give preferenece to Churchills self adverts over the general population.
There many occassions when the adverts of common man, mostly obituarys for their loved ones, get delayed due to the emphasis and preference given to  Churchill.
As rightly stated by Nisser, all credit for ther issue of MOI must go to the Parents and FORCE.
Mickky Pacheco did make a contribution by voicing his opinions.BUT Churchill....absolutely not.
He just jumped on the MOI Bandwagon to gain political mileage from the efforts of the Parents & FORCE at the very last minute.
I sincerly hope the voters of Navelim will ditch this DIRTY GOAN PIG & members of his family,at the next elections.

The Churchills, are the enemies of the GOAN PEOPLE & friends of  Corruption,Commissions and DIRTY MONEY. 

The are now stooping to the lowest of the low, by innagutating Toilets,hotmixing,slab laying,cemetery beautification etc.
Valanka Alemao is not going to fare any better as " BAD HABITS DIE HARD" & in her case also include "DIRTY ALEMAO HABITS"

Mathew said...

Amgalo Bab Churchill Toh" I heard one lady saying to
someone in the bus when I was on my way from Cavelossim to Margao. All I
can say "CHOR TOH", "NAAD TOH". Who will make this people understand?

Varca Piglet said...

Sorry Mr. Nisser if i'm a bit harsh on this..
MLA Agnelo Fernandes? - someone who glorifies prostitution rackets in the south and most famously in the club he owns?
MLA Reginald? - someone who supports the mega projects on the quieter side?
The present lot of 40 representatives in the assembly are nothing else but a bunch of jokers.

Varca Piglet said...

From my previous comment..MLA Agnelo glorifies prostitutes in the north and not in the south.

By the way, the piglet of varca had created a facebook group in her name in 2010.there are around 200 plus members in the group. Unfortunately there is a fake member in the group who has disclosed everything about the alemao family.the worst part being the piglet sleeping with famous people from goa and outside goa to get her a ticket for the forthcoming elections.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Nobody deserves any credit for forcing the Govt. to accept it as MOI, except parents and those people who showed up during FORCE meeting. Politicians are bigots and so as their dog's who put up an adverts in local daily immediately after the anouncement. Chorchil and rest of rogue politicians have not done anything, were forced to accept it sue to fear of Congress loosing forthcoming election.

Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

Full credit for getting the State Cabinet to approve grant in aid to schools with English as the medium of instruction goes entirely to the parents and others who unitedly fought for it. The appeal to the High Command was only a diversionary tactic - to divert the responsibility for the action from an indecisive State government to the centre.

It did not take "Man of Masses" 20 years to realize his mistake. All it took was just a few months - that's the time left for the next elections. All of a sudden the topic turned into a "do or die" issue to improve the dwindling chances for a further innings, so where 30000 or 40000 were gathered in the name of English, there he was at the head of them.

It is now left to the parents who worked wholeheartedly to undo the wrong done 20 years ago, along with their major children with voting rights, if any, to make sure they vote intelligently at the next elections that are due in a few months.

D.JUSTIN said...

chorchill  do not deserve any credit for MOI as he has done nothing . chorchill only gets credit in looting Goans, helping Rahegas, pimpinig for his daughter, illegal mining, smuggling and for his famous gondagiri and helping his beggars family at the cost of Goans.

GOBOR said...


dlp said...

Nisser, Of course Chorchill deserves the credit for MOI, that is, "Master Of Instigaters". He is Numero Uno at instigating everyone and turning the tables upside down and sometimes downside up.

Diogo Fichardo said...

The Goan politican thrives on taking credit for work done by others in this case it  is the parents who have worked hard to achive better for their children. This a benchbark set up for all future parents. As far as the politicans are concerned they an all go to  hell and fry to ashes.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Piglets do not sleep. They just roll in the muck with the others. :-)

Anonymous the VIII said...

Think so? I hope I am proved wrong. But my contention is the people of Goa love Leitão de Alemão !!

GOBOR said...


Neville said...

Simple, the name says it all...Bang Cock... so they flock to Thailund

Papa Razi said...

Charchill takes credit for everyting that smell rot!

dlp said...

Because he likes nothing but the rotten smell that he is used. Garbage dumps, potholes roads and eveything else. When he reads the comments on MOI, he will say "Maka Oslo Isuldo?"

Buyarantlomonis said...

Joaquim this message should reach the masses, the fact that  people cast their votes & elect idiots & chors , these same people should realize and accept responsibility for the situation we are in today. Come November , Goans should ensure not to commit the same mistakes. The same people should never be voted. New people will take time to know how to loot. they might be scared also with the fear of  veteran chors & crumb eaters might expose them.

Cabinet now says no funds were budgeted for the Year 2011 towards grants for MOI in English. These same idiots nor Goa s invaders never cry about funds when it comes to sudden assembly elections when Govt is toppled & new elections are called for. where this money is generated from ? given by Delhi ? these money comes from the tax payer.
Ali Baba along with his forting thieves should be thrown in the Mandovi river. If they are smart enough they should realize that their full family s are cursed.
Viva Goa 

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Anonymous viii:
I hope I can disagree with you.
Looking at Goa over all, the Churchills only command loyalty in Benaulim and Navelim.
This Loyalty is not earned by respectful means.It is earned by purchasing and taking advantage of poor people or those in distress from administrative or civic  troubles.
Another method used these days by nearly all Politicians is the "Vote BANK Politics.
The Alemao family is driven by two form factors.....Extreme greed and Extreme Egos.
There are times when Churchill thinks his daughters and notably Valanka is the only highly educated Goan Girl in all Goa.
Regretably , I must confess that there are far more Educated Goan Girls than Valanka.
She is using her education to gain "pecuniary advantage."She has created a false  image  for this prupose along with her Fater.

To assist some readers, here is a meaning of pecuniary:


1. Of or relating to money: a
pecuniary loss; pecuniary motives.
2. Requiring payment of money: a pecuniary offense.

These girls pursue their chosen vocatins and careers with pride and dignity.
Valanka has never proven herself as an Advocate of any merit.She just uses this so called Advocate "crap" and "Bullshit",as a means to intimidate lesser uneducated Goans.
Realising her training as an Advocate is all a shamble and fake or of no great signifance, she is using "Social Work " as a means to gain attention.
Many Goans perform Social work quietly and with dignity.Valanka has chosen to advertis her version of Social Work."Donkeys are known to praise their own tails"
It is also my belief , that in order to gain even more attention, she uses "SKIN WHITENERS" , as recomended by her sister who is supposed to be a Beautician.
Will Valanka ever look like a Bollywood starlet too?....I would say absolutely not.
Try she may...succeed she will never.Her LIPS are disproportnoate to standard human facial attirbutes.
She should continue to pursue her enjoyable hobby of opening toilets and innagurating hot mixing and beautification of Cemetrys.
whatever next?
I am quite sure, many readers will have some recomendations.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Neville: dont forget, thay all have shares in Hotels in Dubai too.
In these hotels, they have a supply of concubines and East European whores and hustlers to service them.
The Indian waiters in these Hotels will confirm this.And all for free.

Emediavoice said...

For the Goans, your politicians shows a unique image, on papers and meetings they criticizes each other like scavengers but on phones they speak " Hello Honey, today no money". We have mingled with the inner circle of all your politicians including Churchill and we knows how much they love their fellow donkeys (politicians). When your Churchill is himself ILLITERATE! he will move a step to make Goans excellent EDUCATED ILLITERATE.

Mathew said...

Hi Gobor Proth Mother is from Cavelossim and Father is from
Sirvodem Navelim, both are dead. Hope the Navelim MLA Bab Churchill will take
care of him. I will be grateful to him.


John14pereira said...

The whole credit goes to the people of Goa i.e. the parents and the people who gave their time for this cause. All the illiterate political AR53HOLES  who are trying to gain mileage go drown yourselves as the people do not need you. This fight has been for the people and by the people. Let  me tell you, you morons your days are numbered and you rogues should look now for a hasty retreat. The people are awakening and they have tasted blood. The people of Goa have now realised their folly and learnt to take care of themselves and fend for their rights. We will correct the wrongs done by you and make you pay back all the monies you have stolen from us.
People of Goa I salute you for this victory and remember we have many more fights ahead. We have won it on our own even though we had Sashicola Shent-tod-kar opposing our cause. We have secured our children's right to education, now let us go get  our glorious life back and secure our golden Goa for our future generations.
If we could make this happen, we know we can bring in a new healthy govt. which will do more for us and we wont have to come out on to the streets toget our rights. Let us unite again and finish what we have started and chase away all the ghattis, goondas and our illiterate politicians who have taken us for granted. Viva Niz-Goenkar, FORCE and all the parents of Goa. Amchem Goem Amkan Zai.

Neville said...

Absolutely correct Mr. Fernande's. Some of my friends work in hotels in UAE , Qatar. They have informed me of the sleaze going on

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Neville: Dont forgt these "sexual Limpets" , now also have a new weapon in their arsenal or pant pockets.
I imagine Churchill rquires "MUSLI POWER" and Mickky , Mauvin & Monseratte are consumers of "VIAGRA" 

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