MARGAO: The PWD Minister, Mr Churchill Alemao, on Tuesday, categorically ruled out the possibility of the government reversing its decision on the grants to the English medium primary schools.  Addressing a press conference in Margao, Mr Alemao said that nobody has the right to withdraw the grants to English medium primary schools and even though the BBSM has given a deadline, the government will not withdraw the grants to the English medium primary schools.
He also said that the parents have now been empowered to choose the language of their choice to educate their children, keeping in mind their future. The PWD Minister said that the parents have shown that they want English as medium of instruction by defying the bandh call and taking their children to schools and charged the BJP and MGP of politicising the issue. He said that markets remaining closed means nothing and the people stayed away because of the fear of possible attacks from the activists who tried to threaten and forced shops and business establishments to close down.
He further said that the parents too can do a show of strength and keep the markets closed, however, will not resort to such an act and the parents will respond during the elections.
"It’s not only the Catholic community that wants English as the medium of instruction, but also the Hindu community and the Muslim community," said Mr Alemao, adding that the ‘dadagiri of some will not work in preventing people from the backward community, who want to educate their children in English, to do so. He further said that he will demand from the Chief Minister a proper inquiry as to why the private bus operators stayed off the roads letting down hundreds of students, who were ready to go to schools.
He warned the private bus owners that they will have to think a 100 times before resorting to such an act as the government will not need them if they cannot provide services to the people. Replying to a query on the MGP, he said that as a part of the government, the Congress high command will look into the issue of MGP supporting the bandh, and act accordingly.
Meanwhile, the writ petition number 316 of 2011 on the medium of instruction issue filed before the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court by 5 parents from Anjuna, Ms Luiza Fernandes, Mr Kumar Chavnimani, Mr John Fernandes, Ms Fatima D’ Souza and Ms Maria Estella D’ Souza against the state of Goa and the Union of India will be heard for admission on Wednesday.


Anand Desai Mopa. said...

Where the hell was this man Dokor without ball yesterday when Goa was terrorized by "right wing Hindu terrorists"? Our innocent children were terrorized by these Terrorists and He has woken up after the storm has died down. Somebody set a Hosnay ( Fire Bomb) up his backside, and every congress gutless ministers backside too. 

David Leitao said...

There was a man called Alemao Churchill
Who piggy back rode on the Goans for a while
So they got together and in whose arse they put a gelatine pill
As a result his arse and knees exploded his balls corroded
He found his cock on the Monte hill !!!

Viva English MOI !!! Can we have some more English Limmericks on this Churchill Dukor

Usko Goenkar said...

hehehehe totall agree, These guys when they saw the problem arise, chickened out, when they saw which side was winning they decided to join the band wagon, but I bet Goan People are no fools to not see the reality, where was that back stabbing CM of ours when Margao was occupied on Monday by the BJP hoodlums, I bet he was cooling his back side in one of the AC Toilets he built  

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