CANACONA: The entire business establishments including the fish and vegetable market at the Chaudi town wore a deserted look for the entire Monday. At about 8.00 in the morning a group of ex teachers and few others, all Hindus, totaling around twenty were seen entering the headmasters office of St. Thereza de Jesus church at chaudi Canacona. However the headmaster refused to declare bandh at the school and just like most of the schools in Canacona it was a regular day at the school.
However since it was Monday all the business community got another off day and went for a outing as far as Murdeshwar. people were heard saying that bandhs are called on Monday as the business community is more then willing to down their shutters on Monday.
Most of the business in Canacona is owned by Hindus who are inclined towards Marathi since ages and whole heartedly supported the bandh but most of the participants children have studied in English. Prominent amongst the bandh enforces was Mr. Shantaji Desai who himself a retired headmaster of a school which was imparting education in Marathi ten years before and now switched over to English and now runs a primary school in English. Another ex maths teacher of Cuncolim higher secondary Mr. Anant Sawant whose wife is a double M.A. in English and sending all his three children to English school was seen at the forefront of the agitation.
A few (hardly 5 to6) catholic businessnessman who wanted to keep their shops open were not provided security by the police inspite of asking telephonicaly and were forced to down their shutters.
At about 9.00 A.M. the same group of protesters were seen squating on the middle of the highway No. 17 at Chaudi and a group of around twenty armed policemen were mere spectators. As there was no public transport the parents were seen transporting their wards to and fro.
The Catholic community was feeling betrayed by their Hindu brothers because they felt all these years by sacrificing their family they earned money, ultimately it was spent on the shops owned by Hindus and now in place of supporting them they have opposed which they say will be remembered for long – C. Dias for NG


Anand Desai Mopa. said...

Who are the BBSM to dictate in the Indian Occupied Goa? They are a bunch of terrorists that are to destroy harmony in Goa and must be fumigated from being in Goa. The police and the congress are a spineless bunch of Ball-less traitors. Goan Voters have a long memory (or do they??) when the next elections are up.

Afedupgoan said...

Its a shame for all the catholic community of Goa
Catholics in Goa comprise of 26% of the Goa s population and i want to seek an answer from them for the following questions.

1)why no catholics open or run a shop in Goa? why it is given on rent to a non catholic or outsider.
2)more then half two and four wheelers are owned by Catholics in Goa. why almost all petrol pumps and  auto dealers are non catholics?
3)most of the land in Salcete is owned by catholics. the names of the buildings are catholic, but why the builders are non catholics?
 the list is endless.

all the writers have directly or indirectly hinted at making the catholic in particular and goans in general a strong community.
but quick results are not coming.
a day is not far when we will loose everything including our daughters and wives the outsiders ganthis are given houses on rent the rent after ten years from now will remain the same and the ganthis will become the masters
they have already started to run away with the daughters and wives from Goa.
Goa will have its dooms day a day before all the world is doomed.
iam fed up but still  see a ray of hope .


Joaquim Correia Afonso said...

So the so-called "successful" bandh was enforced? it was made "successful" through coercion and threats?

The duplicity and hypocrisy of the business community of Canacona has been exposed - they "whole heartedly" support Marathi, but send their children to English medium schools. They even impart education in English at the primary level. Because that's where their whole heart lies (the pun is intended). And they support bandhs on Mondays as it gives them an extended holiday, while it is the people who suffer when shops are closed for two consecutive days.

I congratulate the Headmaster of St Theresa school for his firmness and refusal to bend to the demands to close the school.

Usko Goenkar said...

Hope is what we all need at this hour.... and I totally agree with what you had to question? as I keep asking myself the same questions day in and day out, why we true “Goenkar’s irrespective of our Caste and Religion, just join hands and save what’s left of Goa…. Why? Why can we not do this? Why are we so divided?  

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