PANJIM: Excessive mining in Goa is proving to be a grave threat to the ecologically sensitive Western Ghats, the church warned in its World Environment Day message on Sunday.  In an official statement released here by the Council of Social Justice and Peace (CSJP), the social arm of the Roman Catholic church in the state, executive director Father Maverick Fernandes has said mining, deforestation and aggressive promotion of eco-tourism by the government was eating into Goa's green cover.
"Goa lies in the centre of the Western Ghats and is endowed with among the best forests in the country, which is dependent on this link for the health of its biodiversity. The forests of Goa are under severe attack due to mining for iron and manganese ore, indicating that among the greater threat to the entire Western Ghats is mining in Goa," Fernandes said.
Most of Goa's hundred odd legal mining leases ring the Mhadei, Netravali and the Bhagwaan Mahaveer wildlife sanctuaries located in the east and south of the states.  Fernandes also states that the Goa government's state forest policy needs serious overhauling vis-à-vis marking of forest buffer zones and banning diversion of forest land for mining purposes.
"The problems of mining, deforestation, pollution, loss of water resources and wildlife trade constitute the crucial issues to be dealt with while discussing the need of sustainable use of forests," the statement reads.
"Eco-tourism is completely against the interests of the forests of Goa in the present scenario. Moreover, monitoring and regulating transportation of forest produce through the forest gates are overlooked," Fernandes further said.
World Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly and has been celebrated June 05 regularly since 1973 in over 100 countries around the world. The purpose of celebrating the day is to show the world the importance of environment and provoke political attention towards it. – IANS


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

If you go to see Church in Goa is powerful Institution and can play powerful role among Goas masses. But they prefer to keep mute spectator in every aspect and more over some of the parish Priests who bow down to these corrupt scoundrels. Why not Church can play its role in educating it's public about politics to get rid of corrupt politicians. Church itself can finish these corrupt law makers once for all. If they could do it during Konkani agitation then why not now?. Take an example of worlds most populated Catholic nation Philipines, where Church involves in it's wrong doing then we have East Timor where due to powerful Church involvement today they got Independence from Indonesia. Why Church in Goa cannot educate it's own people to eradicate the menace of corruption through corrupt Govt. before it is too late.

Emediavoice said...

Yes Goa lies with the western Ghantis not Ghats is what this Maverick must speak of Goans. Is the Church not involved in selling or leasing huge chunks of Communidade lands to these miners? Is the Church not receiving the kick backs from these miners. What this useless priest boasting now of eco system? Is it to garner the support of the public and what great has he done as a director of this council with Goondas? All lies you speak of Mr. Maverick and we feel ashamed to call you even a Fr. What have you done to protect the island of Vanxim which your Bishop is a invisible master collaborator with the church land grabbers like Modkoikar and Gaunekar. When the people of Vanxim approached you " How much did you supported their cause". A fabricated lair is now speaking of protecting Goa's nature and deforestation.

Sacramenta Pinho said...

This Mr Maverick is a stooge of Diggu Kaka he was in and out of his house !!! This Mr maverick is an stooge of the Congress and see what he has done of the GBA he has reduced it to a paper tiger !!!! Mr Maverick has failed to stand up for the laity of Goa he sooner he is shunted out of the CSJP the better it will be !!!! A wolf in sheep clothing has stabbed the Goans on RP 2021 !!! His ego is as big as himself !!!! We awit what statement he will give the Goan laity before the elections !!!

dlp said...

I agree with Rego that Church plays a powerful role to educate its people, but in Goa even the Church has become the pawn of the God Fearing politicians. I fully support the views of Emediavoice when he talks about this so-called Mr. Maverick. He must have already received hefty kickbacks from Modkoikar for the Vanxim deal.

renoir said...

I totally agree you with you on your remarks.The church and our priest ( some of them) are the biggest culprits to bring the society down rather then uplift  it( I hope God forgives me here for my criticism). The church which can cripple and bring the Govt to its knees due to the vast support it enjoys has been a silent spectator in all the ill that has been committed by the Govt. Lets take a recent example of the medium of Instruction. Major educational Institutions are run by the church. If the Church had to make a single call to unite and tell the Govt either you have English as the MOI or we close down all our institutions what could the Digamber Kamat Govt do? Instead our church stayed put in this matter and as a result parents and innocent children were brought on the streets...No doubt we won that battle but wouldnt it have been easier if the church took the lead?Well having said this our church needs to get its acts together and fight for a cause and not be the worshipers of the politicians as has been many a case,they need to stand upright and stand for a cause and not for political affiliation.

Afeupgoan said...

The church has to clean its own backyard and then start talking about keeping somebody else s backyard.
most of the priest in Goa are sinners robbers molesters themselves how they can point a finger to someone else


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