PANJIM: The Goa Police in collaboration with Muktangan Rehabilitation Center of Pune and state unit of Narcotics Control Bureau will launch a year-long awareness campaign against drugs on June 27, as part of the 'International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking', which is observed every year on June 26.
The campaign will be kicked off at a function to be held at Gazetted Officers' Institute Hall at Altinho, an official release said here today.
The statistics for the past five years show that problem of substance abuse is increasing amongst young children, adolescents and women, and the average age of substance users is decreasing.  The main reason behind this trend is social acceptance and changing attitude within the society about the usage of alcohol and smoking.
To achieve the desirable results and positive environment, Muktangan with support from Goa Police and NCB would be conducting awareness programme and lifestyle guidance at various schools and colleges all across the state.
This year's theme is ''Think Health - Not Drugs''. There will be modules on addiction, stress management, career guidance and personality development to reach out to the young generation.  Director General of Police and other officers of the Anti-Narcotics Cell along with with Sanjay Bhagat, coordinator of Muktangan Mitra, have chalked out the year-long programme, the release added. – UNI


Vicente E. Do Rego said...

Is this a joke? or black cloth over the eyes?. Police department itself is a joke

Shyam Sawant said...

Goa police department is in itself a joke.  The foolish idiots the higher officers from the rank of DySP and up are showing their foolishnes by trying to fool the people when from top to the bottom from the DG to the Constable get hafta distributed from the drug dealears and it is the Goa police that promote the drug trade in Goa.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Why all this uneccessary "AWARENESS" programme.
As far as everyone knows and as per the wisdom of the Hairless Monkey MLA from Ponda, Ravi Naik, there are no drugs in Goa. His walkabout on the beaches of Goa , along with the other monkey Bhim Bassi made this claim.
Now considering that Goa Police are the best in India and possibly around the world & ALSO THE RICHEST;I would recomend 2 outstanding Policeman to Chair this awareness Programme...AHSHISH SHIRODKAR AND SUNIL GUDLAR. 
Any demonstrations will not be complete without "white ants" & termites.
All the guys named "ROY" in Goa, should be taken around on roadshows, to act as assistants.
Chief Guest & Guest of Honour could be ATALA or DUDU.
Do not forget that Churchill Alemao and Big Lip Valanka will only be, too happy to Innagurate this occasion.
Simon D`Silva , President of GWA Doha -Qatar, should also be present, if the Almeao`s inagurate the Drug Awarness programme to ensure they are suitable to be Chief Guests & sponsors of the Next May Queen Ball.

Gobor said...

Okay, so they want to conficaste more drugs because all that was there in their possession is SOLD OUT!

N.Fernandes-London said...

If they do confiscate any drugs, be assured it will end up in Ravi Naiks own go-downs in Ponda.
This has to be done, to prove there are no drugs in Goa!!

Anand Desai Mopa. said...

Ha Ha Ha How serious are the Goan Police?

Neville said...

Hoodwinking the goan public. Come on they cannot be serious. After all, the Naiks (Ravi n Roy) along with the recycling Policemen will loose some serious moolah

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Anand:
Very serious........about becoming Public Comedians & clowns.

Don Quixote said...

This must be the biggest JOKE OF THE YEAR 2011 or they are running acute shortage in their warehouse for recirculation as pointed by Niz Goenkars above in this forum. I can't stop laughing LOL.

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