Disguising as professional relatives of someone, we visited the island of Vanxim and our number of visit to this tiny island provides us a broad spectrum of Goan instability. During our previous visits, the people remained united and raised strong voice for any development on the island.
The visiting social activists and priest’s raised strong objections on any plans against the Bishop, Panchayat, related agencies and even against the corrupt MLA of Cumbarjua constituency. The said MLA is acting as the facilitator of land grabbing activities and is a prime aid to Mr. Gaunekar, Goa Bishop’s Palace and the Ozone group of companies.
Most of the Gram Sabhas held in Malar Panchayat were stormed by the Vanxecars. The panch (indulged in nefarious activities) of Vanxim, remained like a dumb skeleton with lips gummed by fevicol. The public were barking on illegal land grabbing while the Panchayat members including the Sarpanch remained tight lipped on this issue. Even the Panchayat members being all Goans have no voice to support the cause of their neighbors and acts like strangers. Why? (We presumes they are paid by the land grabbers)
With Vanxim Panch as a back door secret courier agent to the MLA, and loosing a grip with the public, the crooks have now appointed his gulf retiree brother (dreaming either for the panch post or to reelect his brother) as a link to convince the public. The island has a single road hardly in use and remains empty round the year has become a focal point to widen the eyes of development for the benefit of the master of Vanxim- Mr. Gaunekar and his Mega Project associates. The construction of Park just 3 meters apart to the Church is another issue dominating the island. The parish priest first raised the objection a year ago and is now facing transfer orders from within the Church. Why?
The brother of Panch is on signature campaign to broaden the road (for their own benefit and for Gaunekar) of Vanxim and the Children Park to accommodate the vehicles of Gaunekar. He has now leading the public of Vanxim on the path of divide and widens the roads of great uncertainty. This peaceful community is now on the contrast of great divide since the current panch was elected and will remain in existence with the blessings of their Shepherd- Bishop of Goa, MLA, Gaunekar and the likes of dissidents of Vanxim Panch. The elected ministers or even the Panchayat’s works hands in gloves and the voters in Goa are led into diasporas. With the election fast approaching the black money has begun to flow in advance to grab supports and illegal developments.
Goans had a great success during the period of Konkani language and on the moments of statehood. Today this small island preaches us how the fragility of Goans as a whole the vanishing of unity. Niz Goenkar writers and readers too pleads Goans for unity, the social activists are attacked and even brutally killed on the roads in Goa. Even the family members of activists are forced to severe warning and attacks. Why and what is the reason behind this nonsense developments? We feel the eyes to corruption and destruction to eco system are shut in Goa. For years we are voicing out stating, Goans are involved in corrupt policies, in secret conjunction with the elected authorities.


N.Fernandes-London said...

We know about the land grabbing crook and crimial Madkaikar.Can we have the name of the equally crooked Panchayat and his  brother, just retired from the Gulf.
The more aware Goans are aware of these criminals,that behave like Goa belongs to them and their families, the better we will be equipped to deal with these Land Monsters.

Don Quixote said...

The Bishop Palace never clarified to it's flock how the land was transferred to Ozone through the middlemen Gaunekar. In the bargain, Gaunekar became a billionaire overnight and the whole village is at the risk of disappearance in the coming years. It will be the World's best remote Golf Course. The Shepherd of Goa is good in delivering messages at Xmas, Easter and New Year. He will also become active during elections to tell his flock whom to vote through his emissaries though not openly. The people of Vanxim are suppressed by these Sheperds itself and who could help them?

Salvador Seraulim said...

 Silence is not golden but has its price, financial greed has turned religious institutors against good for evil. In the name of development once peaceful and beautiful villages are turned into Concrete Jungles. Church land being sold for mega development at the cost of villagers is a sacrilege. 

Diogo Fichardo said...

False promises and forced development is always a ploy by politicians all over, abut in Goa politicians take the cake in giving false hope to Goans during election campaim. Once elected all promises are broken.example Churchill's last election promise was he would not support Mopa Airport being built, but changed soon afterwards.

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