PANJIM: The All India Congress Committee general secretary in charge of Goa desk, Mr Gurmeet Singh Brar has said that the meetings with those advocating English as medium of instruction and those opposing it in the state have not been fixed as yet but expressed confidence that they would be held by May 14.
He said that he along with his colleague, Mr P Sudhakar Reddy, was busy preparing ground work for holding the meetings to find solution to the medium of instruction issue. He said that meetings would be called once the appointments were sought from the Union Human Resource Development Minister, Mr Kapil Sibal and the Union Minority Affairs Minister, Mr Salman Khursheed.
Mr Brar further said that he was confident that the party leadership would be able to work out a solution to the vexed medium of instruction issue by May 20 in consultation with all concerned. He also expressed hope that the solution worked out by Congress leadership would be acceptable to all concerned.


Dalia said...

Who is Gurmeet Singh Brar to decide about our need of the hour? This bas***D Digambar Kamat should be shot in the blls for asking advice from his high command every time. The decision of the hour should be the demands of the parents and majority of Goans in general. Why the party leadership of the Congress should decide what we want? Goans, beware, throw this corrupt, ineffecient, corrupt and incompetent Congress party in the dustbin in the coming elections and show our unity as Goans who have patience but will not tolerate over our heads. Wake up and let us show Congress the way to the exit.
What Goans want should be acceptable to the government and not what a few bunch of crooks think is right is not the acceptable fodder for Goans.

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Dalia:
Digamber Kamat is none other than a Lap Dog or poodle or puppet of the Congress Party henchmen based in New Delhi.
He is unable to make decisions for Goa.If he cannot make decisions for Goa he should not stand as an MLA.
Can you imagine President Barack Obama going to Osama Bin Laden for advice on how to run the USA?...or the reverse!!

Gurudas Lotlikar Margao said...

Gurmeent Singh Brar is "Just one Singh" a puppet of the congress government sent to meet other fellow puppets in Goa. The congress has a vision of destroying Goa by picking illiterate and corrupt persons to be elected. Neither is the BJP a party of Goan interest. The UGDP has let Goans down, Well we ever be able to raise a third party of Goan origin to serve the purpose of Goa?

Delphine Pereira Navelim said...

the 40 chors cannot decide Goa's future so they have to send a Panjabi to deal with the puppet pimps. Shame on the Goan politicians licking backsides of Non-Goan Parties.

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