PANJIM: The extradition process to bring back bail-jumping Israeli drug dealer Yaniv Benaim alias Atala from Peru to Goa is on, state police chief Bhimsain Bassi said Tuesday.  Addressing a press conference here, Bassi also said that investigations by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into Goa's politician-police-drug mafia nexus would vindicate investigations conducted by the police.
'In Atala's case, the extradition process is on. The matter is before a judicial forum in Peru,' Bassi said of the 38-year-old Israeli drug dealer, who has been linked to Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik's son Roy, a charge which they have denied.
Arrested March 11, 2010 along with seven police officers for their links to the narcotics mafia, Atala fled India in August last year after being granted bail by a local court. He was arrested in Peru in January after an Interpol notice was issued. Bassi also said that once Atala was handed back to the Indian authorities, the police would probe how the Israeli escaped the country, especially when his passport was impounded by a local court. 'Once we get him here, we will probe him on those issues, otherwise we will be merely speculating,' he said. On the handing over of the drug nexus probe to the CBI, Bassi said: 'The CBI probe will only vindicate our own investigation. I have no doubt about it.' The police investigation into the drug nexus case has been criticized by both the Bombay High Court as well as political parties - both ruling and opposition - in Goa for slackness – IANS


Cirilo said...

The Home Minister is trying to fool Goans to get votes for nex assembly election. How a person who did not proper documents fled from the Country. Goan Corrupt ministers ( 40 Chors) help him to escape. Just to fool the Goans they made a story that they are trying to bring him back. Only foolish and ignorant goans would believe and vote for 40 chors for next assembly. This is the right time to kick their asses.

Cirilo Da Silva London

Dalia said...

Why is this idiot Bassi talking now on his exit to Delhi? Is he not the one who was protecting all thee criminals? Is his bag fully loaded with money and has no space to put in more? Is he now sour with the corrupt Matkawala Home Minister Ravi Naik? These are all non Goans who come to Goa to fill in their bags and loot Goa, protect the criminals and wash off their hands.

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