It has become so simple to fool the Goans that every Tom, Dick and Harry tries to fool us nowadays. The biggest fraud and crook in Goa who is trying to fool Goans is the most idiotic and someone who can be called a dirt bag is Digamber Kamat the most idiotic Chief Minister of Goa.
This blind Digambar is playing with the law and the sentiments of the people. G. P. Naik, the dog of the faithful will be retiring on the 31st and has elevated to the present position after licking shoes from an ordinary Surveyor. This is to fool the people. Suspending GP Naik is an eyewash as he is the faithful dog of Digambar who has elevated him to today's position being faithful from an ordinary Surveyor. He is already 62 years after extra two deputed years.
This man Naik was supposed to retire two years back. How can he be working up to 62? There is a law that increased the age of retirement by two years. Then why four years for one man?
Niz Goenkar correspondent checked on the details minutely and it was learnt after enquiries that this episode to suspend Naik is a premeditated and well planned move by Digamber Kamat. The duo met two days back and Naik agreed with Kamat who is not fit to be called the chief minister of Goa and they both secretly planned that Naik (himself) should be suspended so that the image of the corrupt and lousy chief minister of Goa, Digambar Kamat be elevated before the people of Goa.
NG has also learnt that it was Digambar Kamat’s plan just to fool the Balli people that he is going to suspend the other crook called G. P. Naik just to satisfy and fool the people of Balli and Naik was told by Kamat that his salary would continue till he is reinstated from suspension. Which means the pet dog of the Thief of Goa Digambar Kamat will get extra extension in service till he is reinstated.
What a clever idea by Digambar Kamat. This crook Digambar Kamat has been playing with the Goans all along. But there is a feeling that people of Goa have not learnt lessons and are blind in trusting this crook Digambar Kamat.
This hairless, baldy Kamat has been fooling Goans for a long time. G. P. Naik served an additional term at the mercy of the corrupt and crooked chief minster of Goa Digambar Kamat.
Our correspondent visited the areas and interviewed the people and the sentiment is that the Goa government run by the stupid Digambar Kamat is useless and not of the Goans.
POLICE are inefficient and did not turn up at the site of trouble and are now declaring the villagers and tribals as "DRUNK" without testing the level of alcohol with Alcometer. Deshpande has been giving odd statements about the incident. Niz Goenkar would like to get an answer from Atmaram Deshpande whether he checked or medically examined any of the protesters for alcohol?
Is there any proof of the people being drunk? Next, the corrupt police of Goa will declare all the people of Goa as drunk at every opportunity when people protest against the corrupt government.
There is a huge wealth hidden in this village in the form of ore or otherwise. One can see the photos of the Govt. School of the rich village with 500 population and wealth worth of billions of rupees which is not to their advantage and does not belong to them? What a shame to loot that village in broad daylight.
People of Goa do not trust this BALDY chief minister Digambar Kamat. The drama he has enacted of suspending Naik the collector is a fake drama and a way to pull wool over the eyes of Goans.
My dear Goans ask this stupid and a very big idiot Digambar Kamat one question: WHY IS G. P. NAIK is still on duty when he should have be sitting at home retired after all the loot he has collected during his tenure now that he is 62. Where is the law? There could have been one more job for an youngster in the department why was that snatched? Are there no better people to run the administration? What if G. P. Naik had died, Goa would have been paralysed?
From the information received by NIZ GOENKAR G. P. Naik has paid 5 lakhs to Digambar Kamat to keep him in service for an extra period. Is this the law of India? Indians are too famous for law breaking.
Goans, you can judge what the situation is right now and how this one DIRT BAG Digambar Kamat has been fooling people all the time and it is very sad that we the Goans do not see through this crooks scams and evil plans.


Shyam Sawant said...

Niz Goenkar is the boldest and the honest site that Goa ever had and will ever have.  No one can match the boldness and frankness of Mr. Menino de Valpoi and I am proud that we have such a Goan amongst us who is rightfull, truthfull and honest in his dealings concerning mother Goa.  We are all with you Mr. Menino as you have truly dedicated yourself for Goa and is good.  This is the right picture of the chor digambar kamat and his gang specially the PIG of Varca Churchill alemao.  Down with Digambar Kamat and the 40 thieves

SnehaLata Joshi said...

Vow Menino Sir, wonderful article.  You have pictured the correct picture of the crook Digambar Kamand and the collector G. P. Naik.  Digambar Kamat the thief of Margao has been fooling the people for a long time.  Now it is time that he is exposed to the whole Goan world.  Kamat is nothing but a bag of rubbish who is only feeding the ghanttis of Margao.  It is high time that somebody does away with Digambar Kamat first.

Gobor said...

I know this chutiya person a decade back.
Charchill, digu and he are bum-chums.
Suspension is nothing but a summer vacation with paid salary. Meanwhile people  going to collectorate will suffer.

Anonymous the VIII said...

Well done Niz Goenkar Babush; This is what is Niz Goenkarponn.
What Digambar is displaying is Ghanti Raj, which is miles distant from Goenkarponn; and detested by most Goans. Except those who like street dogs have lived on crumbs throws at them.
Wake up Goans! Stand up for our Goan culture of standing up for what is RIGHT! Or live like Ghantis for the rest of generations.

Perdro Lopes said...

Thank you Menino Bab for your time, patience and above all the personal resource you use to help us Goans world wide, God bless you and your family. The whole of Goa thanks you and for me personly you are a living saint. If Goa becomes independent I personaly will replace all Gandhi statues with your statues.  In this way every person will know what you have done for Goa.

Mog assundi

N.Fernandes-London said...

Here is something very amusing I have read about this Balli incident.
It is from Atmaran Desphande.

  "“You could get from their body language that they were drunk. One can gauge by their action, speech, breath and overall behaviour. It is not feasible to conduct breath test on 4,000 agitators”, Deshpande said in reply to media question asking him to establish that the agitators were drunk. "

Suely , Mr. Atmaran Desphande....alll you needed to do is, go after the ones that displayed starange actions,speech and behaviour.
Are the your  Police so inefficien,t as to be unable to estimatewho  the drunks were.?
4000 Drunks in this agitation must be considered for the "Guiness Book of Records".
No doubt, Mr Digamber Kamat, will ,over the next few days consider going to New Delhi , holding hands with his boyfriend ,Churchill Alemao, to find a solution to this problem.
All solutions & resolutions, to Goa`s problems are contained in a type of Biblical or Vedic book, held under lock & key at the High Command, in New Delhi.
There are no Telephone lines out of Goa to New Delhi.Only aircraft.And if the budget does not permit...Volvo Buses.  

Gobor said...

This Tom's Dick at 62 is still Hairy, even thou his head is almost bald. Who says you can't fuck at 62. He fucked the Poor Velips at 62. His last big fuck before the exit.  Maybe he's planning to  have babies after retiring.

D.JUSTIN said...

DiGandu Kamat is the biggest clown of Goa, the time is come for him to act in the circus  along with the 2 PIGS of varca.

Dalia said...

Digambar kamat is a person of loos maorality ruling Goa with his holy image. He is fooling Goans and we rightly deserve this as we do not try to see the state of affairs in Goa worsening on a daily basis. Give Congress another chance and we will see that Goa may be non-existent commodity.

Dalia said...

In a sudden development, South Goa district Collector, G P Naik on Sunday evening hospitalized in a city-based hospital here following high blood pressure.
Naik was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit and was under observation. Naik was under tension and stress since last night after the government announced that he would be placed under suspension in connection with the Balli violence.
Senior government officials, who had called on the district Collector at his residence, since Sunday morning said that Naik appeared dejected and demoralised after he was conveyed the government’s decision last night. Incidentally, Naik retires two days from now.
Meanwhile, the government’s decision to place the district Collector under suspension appears to have been questioned by Goa Civil Services officers. In fact, moments after the Chief Minister announced his decision to place Naik under suspension, Goa Civil Services officers sought to know the grounds and the rationale behind the decision to suspend the district collector.
Sources in the know did not rule out the possibility of a delegation of the Association of Goa Civil Services officers calling on the Chief Secretary Sanjay Srivastava either on Monday or Tuesday. Kamat, you are getting exposed re Chora!

Anonymous the VIII said...

Churchill and Digamber are first trying hard to find out who's this unknown millionaire who could supply booze to 4,000 people to get drunk. It breats the record of their own personal function held recently.

Vicente E. Do Rego said...

This suspension is nothing but a big hype in the eyes of people, Gandu kamat thinks he is smart while fooling the people of Goa. This after suspension salary what Naik will get till his suspension is reinsteated will be divided between both. This is dirty and filthy law of bloody crook India.

Mathew said...

The school looks like a Toilet. It is a shame. The Goa Chief
Minister and the Education Minister are both big Thief’s, they only know
to loot and fool the people of Goa and take the looted money out of the
country. Now they have their own Couriers to take the loot money out of
the country.


A to Z said...

Pedro bab, there is no need to remove Gandhi's statues. He was a wonderful man who practised what he preached unlike our  present  so called leaders.   It  would be better if we remove and replace Bandodkar's (trator's)  statues.

Papa Razi said...

I understand the condition of the school at Maina bu seeing the photos. I can imagine that condition of AC Toilets of Digambar for the Ghantis must be much better. Anyway, ghantis are his votebank today. What he cares about Goenkars? Digu should sit in these toilets and kha-guu-re of these ghantis, AC toilets for them andour government schools are in diaplated condition!

Sandesh Gaonkar said...

Cowmuth is busy entertaining his pets by getting them admitted in the hospitals and faking suspensions, giving extension to their services, where he will get time to repair the schools etc.  He is fit to build airconditioned toilets and he neglects the fundamental institutions that need a look into.  Scoundrel!

Perdro Lopes said...

Hi A to Z
Gandhi was from a rich family, an Advocate who first travelled to Great Britain and then to South Africa, knowing that there was apartheid, he was a supporter of apartheid, he himself for me was an racist who did not won't to mingle with the Poor and blacks of Africa.
Only after being kicked out of the train he became a sanyasi, for me a racist remains always a racist. Most of the time after he returned to India he was in prison, this made him a freedom fighter, just like those smugglers from Goa when caught at the border would shout for Independence, and these smugglers like traitor Bandorkar  and the freedole farters like Karmali became freedom fighter of Goa but all were just criminals.
Gandhi is the sole reason for the separation of the sub-continent of India, he is the sole reason that millions of lives were lost at the Border from Gujarat to Kashmir. For this SIN he paid with his life with just one bullet, he is the reason that millions died with lot's of bullets, were burnt alive or were lynched.
The British left because of the Americans, because of the War in Europe, because Churchill's party lost the election. The Britisher's had no money and resources to help themselves, you can't expect them to run the sub-continent when they themselves had problems maintaining their cities and villages.
Independence of India was not due to BABU or CHACHA, it was for the above reasons.
But these invaders have tortured history by showing only these two were the best, it's also because from 1947 to 1977 Indians were brainwashed by the congress, the same way congress is brain washing our Goans today and as Menino Bab rightly quoted {"It has become so simple to fool the Goans that every Tom, Dick and Harry tries to fool us nowadays."} including you A to Z
By the way I don 't understand why Gandhi's statue should be still standing at old Goa, is this racist competing with our Goencho Saib St. Francis Xavier? or is congress also trying to manipulate us the way they did with the Indians!!!
Once we get independence the statue of traitor Bandorkar will be replaced with Dr. Jack de Sequeira, this place is reserved for him, if it's Ok with you A to Z

dlp said...


Superb article and the photographs are really explanatory of what is happening or going to happen. It is also a good thing you did to have a Copyright on the NG photographs, because vultures are just roaming to copy Niz Goenkar and get free publicity for themselves which I have notcied during the past few days. Real amusing.

And my Dalia from Portugal, after a long, long time. Where have you been?? The Cowmuth is not only of loose morality but everyday he is having loose motions through his mouth, not from the backside, to cover up and feed all his Pigs starting from the Pig of Varca. He has a habit of switching from mice to pigs.

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