PANJIM: In 2010 only two government officials were booked by the Anti-Corruption Branch of the Goa Government. This has been revealed in the information furnished under the Right to Information Act to Adv. Aires Rodrigues by the Goa Government’s Directorate of Vigilance.
Adv. Rodrigues has been informed that the two officials booked are Mr. P.K.Patidar, Registrar of Co-operative Societies and Mr. Subhash Velip, a Talathi in the office of the Mamlatdar at Quepem.
Reacting to the information furnished to him, Adv. Aires Rodrigues has stated that it only goes to show that the Anti Corruption branch had become dysfunctional as it was being controlled and manipulated by the politicians in power.
Adv. Rodrigues has stated that Goa’s top most priority should be the setting up of a Lokayukta to curb the rampant corruption that has become the biggest obstacle to the State’s overall development and prosperity.
Meanwhile the Superintendent of Police F.A.M Fernandes has informed Adv. Aires Rodrigues under the Right to Information Act that in 2010 only seven cases of Economic Offences were registered by the Economic Offences Cell.


Sebastian Mesquita said...

Please inform us as to what action has been taken against the two booked for corruption. I had put an RTI application, 4 months back, seeking information on progress made and action taken against Mr Patidar. The reply I received is that investigation is still in progress. That was more than 6 months after his arrest.

Tulshidas Shirodkar said...

When those out to catch the corrupt are themselves corrupt then why not just two to make a case and sound as if they have caught somebody? Almost every govt servant is corrupt including the ladies who work in the govt sector. From ministers to the peons to the sweepers (Sweeper Naguesh Karmali is not included in it) are thieves and corrupts in Goa and india in general. How will the corrupt catch the corrupt?

N.Fernandes-London said...

Hi Sebastian:
Typical Goan scenario:
However on a lighter / jokier note, try and send a letter using the name A(r)ies Rodrigues, not A(i)res Rodrigues.
Considering many of Goa`s administrators are semi -literate, they will not see the difference in the name and perhaps issue you with a response in double quick time.

Salvador Seraulim said...

Only the ones within reach will be booked for corruption. If we had a strong and honest police force free to carry out their duties without any interference from politicians in Goa, a good percentage of Goans politicans would be booked for corruption. Due to the spineless law enforcement agencies Goa is in a bigger shambles.

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